Impacts of the National Quality Framework on Outside School Hours

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					Fact sheet from the series

National Quality Framework

  Information for services
  Supplementary information for outside school hours services

  In December 2009, the Council of Australian           The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) will
  Governments agreed to establish a National            provide for services catering for children aged birth-
  Quality Framework (NQF) for early childhood           five years and a new framework is currently being
  education and care. From 1 January 2012, the          developed for school aged children. The draft My
  NQF will introduce a new quality rating system        Time, Our Place – framework for school age care in
  for all early childhood services.                     Australia has been released for consultation and is
                                                        designed to inform the development of a program
  New national standards including more                 that enhances children’s experiences and
  educators to educate and care for children and        development through planned leisure activities.
  enhanced educator qualification requirements
  will apply to the long day care, family day care      The Framework acknowledges the importance of
  and kindergarten services. Current                    play and leisure in children’s learning and
  requirements in these areas will remain for           development and that this is not limited to a
  outside school hours care services (OSHC).            particular time or place. The acquisition of life skills
                                                        and a sense of enjoyment are emphasised. The
  National Quality Standard                             Framework recognises the importance of social and
  The NQF includes a National Quality Standard          emotional development and communication in play
  (NQS) which all services will be assessed             and leisure and it forms the foundation for ensuring
  against from 1 January 2012.                          that children in all school age care settings engage
                                                        in quality experiences for personal development and
  Current school age care service qualifications        citizenship opportunities. The draft Framework has
  and ratios include:                                   been designed for use by school age care
                                                        educators working in partnership with children, their
     Group leader – Diploma in Children’s              families and the community, including schools.
      Services under the Australian Qualifications
      Framework (AQF) or a two year qualification       Services will need to continue to meet current state
      in the relevant areas of study.                   and territory licensing requirements until the new
                                                        standard is enforced from 1 January 2012.
     Assistant – a Certificate III or IV in
      Children’s Services under the AQF, a one          New streamlined approach
      year qualification in the relevant areas of       The current state regulatory requirements and
      study, or a qualification for a group leader in   national accreditation processes are being replaced
      a school age care service.                        by one streamlined system administered in
                                                        Queensland by the Department of Education and
  The educator-to-child ratio is 1:15.                  Training. By only having to deal with one agency
                                                        duplication will be eliminated and the administrative
  The process for assessing services against the        burden will be reduced.
  NQS is being tested in 2010 and will be refined for
  implementation from 2012. Around four                 More Information
  Queensland OSHC services are participating in a       This brochure should be read in conjunction with
  test of the assessment process in 2010.               the Information for services fact sheet which
                                                        provides more detail on the NQF. Further
  OSHC Framework                                        information can also be found at
  Under the NQS, all services will be required to or by
  use an approved learning framework.                   emailing For the latest
                                                        information on the NQF sign up to the Office’s e-
                                                        newsletter, A-Z of Early Childhood .

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