Tekriti at DrupalCon Denver 2012: Community, Conversations and Coffe by ashishtekriti


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									Tekriti At DrupalCon Denver, 2012: Community, Conversations and


Tekriti enhances its Drupal Development engagement by being a sponsor at
    DrupalCon Denver,2012


Plainsboro, New Jersey (PRWEB) April 26, 2012
With over 3,500 participants, DrupalCon Denver, 2012 has been a rip roaring success.
The largest event for Drupal itself and by far the biggest event for any open source
For Tekriti Software this was the most opportune time to participate in the community by
sponsoring the event, being the only firm with an onsite US as well as an offsite India
base to do so.
Ashish Gupta, CMO, represented Tekriti at this event and had this to say “While our
association with Drupal Development goes back more than 5 years, this is the first time
we made a financial investment into the community & I couldn’t be happier with the
The sponsorship really helped us extend our reach in the community and enhance our
interaction with thought leaders as well as newcomers that seek guidance.”
He Adds “As a dynamic company in the field of web and mobile development, Tekriti has
always been keen on exploring opportunities to lower costs and improve speed to market
for its clients. This is how we got on to Drupal 5 years ago and it has slowly but steadily
taken a lion’s share of our center of excellence for consumer websites. With over 40
Drupal Ninja’s in our team, Drupal is now our default platform with others utilized only
for certain niches; such as Magento for Ecommerce; Movable Type for Publishing and
Sharepoint for Intranets.”
“With the buzz around Drupal 8, we hope that Drupal will start to become a key part of
our mobile strategy too, which has been so far focused on Mobile App Development for
iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile”
When asked about Tekriti’s participation in the community, he responds “We are a
committed evangelist of Drupal and have been advocating the use of Drupal to
businesses for a long time. Our code contributions go way back to the OG module that
was the first module where a Tekriti Employee contributed and today we maintain
numerous modules.
We have sponsored events such as Drupal Camp, Delhi (Dries’ first visit to India) and are
already registered to sponsor events such as DrupalCon Munich and will most certainly
sponsor DrupalCon Portland as well.
But I do feel that we haven’t scratched the surface yet. The Indian Drupal community is
still not evolved and we would like to spearhead the evolution of the same. A lot needs to
be done to promote Drupal from a marketing and branding perspective as well. There is
indeed a lot to do yet”
About Tekriti Software: Tekriti is a 200+ people strong global software services company
with operations in the USA and India. Tekriti services are focused on web and mobile
development both in the form of outsourced product development as well as staff
augmentation. Tekriti is a pioneer in domains such as Web 2.0 Design, Cloud Computing,
Mobile Application Development, Content Management Systems, E-commerce, and
Microsoft Office Solutions. Tekriti has been an early adopter of Drupal Development and
has a 40+ people strong team of Drupal Developers.
About Drupal: Created by programmer Dries Buytaert as a message board in 1999,
Drupal (pronounced droo-puhl) has become one of the most widely used website content
management systems today. Being Free and open-source, Drupal serves as the
framework for websites of all sizes and scale.


Ashish Gupta
CMO, Tekriti Software
+1 (609) 920 0393

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