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                      CIN 502 Information Systems in Organization
Duration: 50 minutes              Test #1                         (10% towards final)

Section A                 Multiple Choice                                            (15 Marks)

Read each question carefully before circling your best answer.

1.   The single most important resource in any organization is its

a.   People
b.   Hardware
c.   Software
d.   Procedures and policy

2. External information describes

a.   Specific operational aspects of an organization
b.   The environments surrounding the organization
c.   Quantifiable describes something that is known
d.   Attempts to describe something that is not known

3. Which of the following would best describe ethics?

a.   Require and prohibit an action
b.   Knows how and when to obtain information
c.   The principles and standards that guide our behavior toward other people.
d.   The right to be left alone when you want to be, to have control over your own personal

4. Which of the following best describes business intelligence?

a. Data that have a particular meaning within a specific context
b. Collection of information – about your customers, competitors, business partners,
   competitive environments and your own internal operations giving you the ability to make
   effective, important and strategic management decisions.
c. Processed facts
d. Raw facts that describes a particular phenomenon such as the current temperature, price of
   movie , your age)

5. Supply chain management
a. Tracks inventory and information among business processes and across companies.
b. The path a product or service follows from the originator of the product of service to the end

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 c. Tracks hardware and software used in the supply chain management system
 d. None of the above

 6. Customer relationship management

 a. Uses information about the product and services to gain insights into new products and services
 b. Uses information about customers to gain insights into their needs, and wants and
    behaviors in order to serve them better.
 c. Uses their software to gain insights into customers needs
 d. Uses hardware to gain insights into managers needs

 7. There are four data mining tools. Which of the following lists all the four tools?

 a.   Query and reporting, intelligent agents, multidimensional analysis, and statistical tools
 b.   Query and reporting, intelligent agents, tables, files
 c.   Multidimensional analysis, statistical tools, tables, and files
 d.   Tables, files, records, and data marts

 8. Geographic information system (GIS)

 a.   Performs the function of storing and maintaining the information that you want
 b.   Is a decision support system designed specifically to analyze spatial information
 c.   Consists of the user interface and the user interface management system
 d.   Is highly flexible and interactive IT system

9.    Expert system is

 a.   Is an artificial intelligence system that applies reasoning capabilities to reach a conclusion
 b.   Is an artificial intelligence system that is capable of finding and differentiating pattern
 c.   An artificial intelligence that mimics evolutionary
 d.   Is a decision support system designed specifically to analyze spatial information

 10. Privacy

 a. Is to have control over your own personal possessions, and not to be observed without your
 b. Is the right to be left alone when you want to be
 c. Is allowing individuals to guard his/her own personal sensitive data
 d. All of the above

 11. Hardware is

 a.   the physical devices that make up a computer
 b.   the set of instructions that is needed to carry out specific tasks
 c.   decisions made by management to operate the computer
 d.   needs by the employees to make them more productive
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12. Three important organizational resources within management information systems are

a.   People, software and hardware
b.   People, procedure and information
c.   People, data and procedure
d.   People, information, and information technology

13. Within an organization information flows

a.   Upward and downward
b.   Horizontal
c.   Outward/inward
d.   All of the above

14. A data warehouse is a

a. logical collection of information – gathered from many different operational databases?
b. collection of unrelated records
c. Collection of all employees data in an organization
d. Physical collection of information from different sources.

15. Information is

a.   Processed data
b.   Raw facts
c.   Decision
d.   A tool

Section B.                Fill in the blanks                                        (15 marks)

Read each statement carefully and write down your best answer from the list provided.

Locking in customers and suppliers, raising barriers to entry, sustaining competitive advantage,
knowledge management system, knowledge creating company, value chain, developing a strategic
information base, strategic information system, competitive forces, software piracy, responsible
end-user, denial of service, data mining, database management system, data

1.    A business must deal with customers, suppliers, competitors, new entrants, and substitutes.
      __competitive forces_______

2.    Information systems that improve operational efficiency or promote business innovation are
      examples. ___strategic information system_____

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3.     Information systems can help a business develop a strategic base of information.
      ___developing strategic information base____

4.    Highlights how strategic information systems can be applied to a firm’s business processes
      and support activities for competitive advantage. ___value chain____

5.    Learning organizations that focus on creating, disseminating, and managing business
      knowledge. ___knowledge creating company___

6.    Information systems that manage the creating and dissemination of organizational knowledge.
      __knowledge management system____

7.    The competitive advantage of IT will disappear unless management implements strategies
      such as exploiting knowledge management. ---sustaining competitive advantage-----

8.    Using investment in technology to keep firms out of an industry. __raising barriers to

9.    Making it unattractive for a firm’s customers or suppliers to switch to its competitors.
      ___locking in customers and suppliers____

10.    Unauthorized copying of software. ___software privacy______

11.    End-user should act with integrity and competence in their use of information technology.
       __responsible end user_____

12.    Overwhelming a website with requests from captive computers. __denial of service______

13.    Processing data in a data warehouse to discover key business factors and trends. ___data

14.    The main software package that supports a database management approach.
       ________database management system_________

15.    Facts or observations. ________data______

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Trimester 1 2010

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