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					                    Estonian National Committee for Geology
                    Annual Report 2009 to the IUGS and IGCP

Technical introduction:

1. Country/region: Estonia
2. Name of IUGS Adhering Organization (or National Committee): Estonian National
   Committee for Geology (below EstNCG). The committee is also acting as a
   national representative for the IGCP.
   NB: The above statement has been true from the very beginning when Estonia
   joined the IUGS and IGCP in early 90-s. We declared then that for a small country
   like Estonia there is no sense to have two national committees. Several last years
   these reports have been sent also to the IGCP secretary, but no comments or
   activities followed - the Estonia is not shown in the list of the IGCP contacts,
   despite of work done for years.
3. Name and address of person preparing report: Prof. Dimitri Kaljo,
   Institute of Geology, Tallinn University of Technology, 5 Ehitajate tee, 19086,
   Tallinn, Estonia. Tel: 372 6203016; fax: 372 6203011; e-mail:
4. Number of people on Committee: nine (the membership was last revised in Dec.
   2002 and will be revised in 2010). In the committee all the most important
   geological bodies (two university institutes, geological survey, geological society
   and academy of sciences) are represented with top level persons.
5. Number of meetings in 2009: two. Committee's discussions are performed mainly
   through electronic channels.

Main activities and results related to IUGS and IGCP in 2009

1. This year highlights were the final years of the IYPE and of the IGCP project 503
   where Estonian geologists took active part as organisers (projects homepage is
   kept in the server of the Institute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology)
   and scientific participants. Thanks to financial support of the Estonian Academy
   of Sciences our membership category is now 2 instead of 1 and we are receiving 4
   copies of the Episodes. Thanks to that we can distribute messages from the IUGS
   and IGCP wider than earlier years. Also we appreciate distribution of the IUGS
   electronic bulletins greatly facilitating being well informed about IUGS activities.

2. International Year of Planet Earth. The Estonian Academy of Sciences in co-
   operation with the Estonian UNESCO committee formed the local organising
   committee chaired now by Prof. Tõnu Meidla, Tartu University. Several grants
   were received for support of activities in 2008 that continued also in 2009. From
   our rather diverse program we note here only meetings in Tallinn and Tartu
   devoted to Charles Darwin and his fundamental “Origin of species”. Ideas and
   tasks of the IYPE were discussed through different media channels in context of
   sustainable use of georessources and global climate change, including also Baltic
   sea environment and comments to the Nord Stream project.

3. In order to highlight some results of the ending IYPE the Estonian Journal of
   Earth Sciences published a double sized special issue (2009, No 4) with a brief

   introduction by A. Soesoo called “The International Year of Planet Earth is
   finishing – some results and developments in Estonia”. This publication was
   supported besides Estonian Academy of Sciences by geological institutes of
   Tallinn University of Technology and Tartu University and Estonian Geological
   Survey. Within our outreach programme and according to the project “Geotourism
   advancement in Estonia and southern Finland: discovering past geologic history”
   GEOGuide Baltoscandia together with geological departments of the Tallinn
   University of Technology and Turku University published this year a guide book
   “Geotourism highlights of the Saaremaa and Hiiumaa Islands”. The project was
   supported by the European Union regional development fund.

4. Dr Leho Ainsaar (Tartu University) and Dr. Tiiu Märss (Tallinn University
   Technology) continue activities as members of the Scientific Board of the IGCP.
   Dr Peep Männik (Tallinn University Technology) serves from September 2008 as
   a vice-chairman of the Silurian Subcommission, IUGS. Several colleagues are
   active in different subcommissions of the ICS as corresponding members and also
   in the INHIGEO and ProGEO. Delegations of Estonian geologists were active at
   SSS meeting in Sardinia (June) and IGCP 503 meeting in Copenhagen

5. Links to the IYPE, IUGS and IGCP 503 are available at . Our Institute
   of Geology, Tallinn University of Technology is hosting the homepage of the
   IGCP 503.

   Dimitri Kaljo
   Chairman, EstNCG


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