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Chapter 18


									   Chapter 18

Technology Advancements
    in the Workplace
        Today’s Schedule
 Homework Check
 9.1.06 Quiz Review
 Assignment of Homework
 Chapter 18
 Quiz
           Quiz Review 9.1.06
   _______ is equal to the total assets of the
    business minus the total liabilities (4 points)
   An accounting period for a company is a(n)
    ________ (3 points)
   A report on the financial state of a company on
    a certain date is called ______ (3 points)
   Extra Credit – Who is the chairman of De La
    Salle’s Board of Directors (extra point for his
    graduating class year).
   Page 294
       Using Business Keywords

   Page 295
     Review What You Learned
     Understanding Business Concepts
     Critical Thinking

   Homework can be viewed online
Chapter 18 Learning Objectives
 Describe the role of information
  technology (IT) in business
 Name different ways technology has
  changed the workplace
 Identify how businesses share knowledge
    The Importance of Technology
 The advent & progression of businesses
  using technology has changed the
  workplace in numerous ways, often
  making it more efficient & productive
 Why?
Role of Information Technology
   Information Technology (IT)
       Definition
          Hardware  and software for creating, processing,
          storing & communication information
   Examples
       Computers, telephones, fax machines, cell
 Wireless communication
 Everyone uses IT
        Changes in the Workplace
   Shift from on-site use to use everywhere

   De La Salle as an example

   Different examples of Change
       Telecommuting, Wearable Computers,
        Technology Manufacturing, Expert Systems,
        Electronic Information Transfer, Virtual
   Definition
       A work arrangement that allows employees to work
        away from the workplace using technology to stay in
   About 29.7 million Americans frequently work
    from home
       Some full time & some part time
   Center-based telecommuting
       Uses office space close to an employees home
        without direct supervision
   Downside
     Lack of contact with other workers
     Distractions in the workplace
     More equipment is necessary
         Adds   costs
           Wearable Computers
   Definition
       Small, lightweight computers that workers
        carry with them
 They understand & record speech
 Can check info on a miniature screen
 Can be used while walking or working with
  one’s hands
                 Expert Systems
   Definition
     Computer software that stores and uses
      knowledge that a human expert would have
      on the same subject
     Examples on page 286
Electronic Information Transfer
   Gives businesses info quickly & easily
   Paychecks to employee’s bank accounts
   Email, fax, electronic fund transfer

   Consumers use Electronic Transfers too
   ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
       Uses a terminal, network, computer, transaction
        processing, ATM card, PIN
   Banking online, Stock market trading, shopping,
    paying bills
                Virtual Training
 Simulate real situations through a
  computer (Ex. Flight Simulator)
 Computer based Science Labs
 De La Salle’s Laptop program
 Virtual Reality
       Used by surgeons to practice medicine
    Sharing Business Knowledge
 The Internet
 Web Browser
 Intranet
       Like Internet but closed to public
   Extranet
     Semi-private
     Allows more than one company to access
              Managing Threats
 Hackers
 Privacy Issues
       Cookies
         Pieces  of info about a computer, stored on the
          hard drive and accessed by a server when
          connecting to a web site
         Info can be stored every time you visit a web site
         Purchase of software can prevent this

 Viruses
 Firewall
   ________ is a work arrangement that allows
    employees to work away from the workplace (3
   Give an example of an Electronic Information
    Transfer (4 Points)
   ______ is a person who breaks into computer
    systems for illegal purposes and vandalizes Web
    sites, hard drives, & govt. agencies (3 Points)
   Extra Credit – Who is De La Salle’s Vice
    President of Finance (1 Point)

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