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									Stacy L. Coogle
Bullitt East High School / Exceptional Child Education (Alternate Assessment)
 Week of Oct         Monday               Tuesday                Wednesday                  Thursday                   Friday

   1st Block        *Fall Break*   *Recycling Pickup        *Marquee Job              *Recycling Pickup        *Marquee Job
Vocational Skills                  *Marquee Job             * News 2 You (World       *Marquee Job             *News 2 You (World
                                                            Series)                                            Series Cont./Wrap Up)
   2nd Block        *Fall Break*             Math                     Math                      Math                     Math
 Domestic/Daily                    G1 – C$ Pg. 107-108;     G1 – C$ Pg. 112 (Which    G1 – C$ Pg. 113 (Which   G1 – C$ Pg. 117; Mixed
  Living Skills                    Mixed Practice MC/Quiz   is More); Practice/Quiz   is More); Mixed          Counting/Buying and
                                   G2 & G3 – DB Pg. 81-82   G2 & G3 – DB Pg. 83-84    Counting Practice/Quiz   Quiz
                                   G4 – Various Act.        G4 – Various Act.         G2 & G3 – DB Pg. 85-86   G2 & G3 – DB Pg. 87-88
                                   **Supp Math Skill Dev    **Supp Math Skill Dev     G4 – Various Act.        G4 – Various Act.
                                   (Time Telling;           (Time Telling;            **Supp Math Skill Dev    **Supp Math Skill Dev
                                   Budgeting;               Budgeting;                (Time Telling;           (Time Telling;
                                   Reading/Using Ads)       Reading/Using Ads)        Budgeting;               Budgeting;
                                           Reading                                    Reading/Using Ads)       Reading/Using Ads)
                                   G1/G2 – RWR2 Pg. 88-             Reading                    Reading                 Reading
                                     89 (Cable Bill)        G1/G2 – RWR2 Pg. 90-91    G1/G2 – RWR2 Pg. 92-     G1/G2 – RWR2 Pg. 94-
                                   G3 – EdMark Job Words      (Car Loan Statement)       93 (Credit Card         95 (Mortgage Loan
                                     Pg. 26A; Foldable      G3 – EdMark Job Words        Statement)              Statement)
                                     Book Review              Pg. 26B-26C; Update     G3 – EdMark Job Words    G3 – EdMark Job Words
                                   G4 – Various Act.          Foldable                   Pg. 27A; Foldable       Pg. 27B-27C; Foldable
                                   **Technology Rotation    G4 – Various Act.            Book Review             Book Review
                                     and Skill              **Technology Rotation     G4 – Various Act.        G4 – Various Act.
                                     Development              and Skill                **Technology Rotation      *Cooking Activity
                                                              Development                      and Skill
    3rd Block       *Fall Break*   *Teacher Planning        *Teacher Planning             *Teacher Planning       *Teacher Planning
    4th Block       *Fall Break*        Social Studies           Social Studies            Social Studies           Social Studies
 Academic Skills                   * Branches of            * Branches of             * Branches of            * Branches of
                                   Government (PreTest)     Government Teaching       Government Teaching      Government Teaching
                                           Science          Wkst                      Wkst                     Wkst
                                   *Periodic Table                  Science                   Science                  Science
                                   (PreTest)                *Periodic Table           *Periodic Table          *Periodic Table
                                                            Teaching Wkst             Teaching Wkst            Teaching Wkst
         Curriculum                                                         Learning Targets
DB – Deluxe Banking             *Students   will   be able to communicate real life experiences [for a variety of purposes]. WR-HS-AA1
C$ - Counting Money             *Students   will   be able to use technology. WR-HS-AA4
RWR2 – Real World Reading 2     *Students   will   be able to determine the meanings of words and phrases. R-HS-AA1
                                *Students   will   be able to solve equations. M-HS-AA5
                                *Students   will   explain how growth changes nations. SS 12.1
                                *Students   will   demonstrate an understanding of the Periodic Table of Elements. SC 11.1

Flashbacks and Individualized Curriculum (1st 15 Minutes of 2nd Block)
Target Spelling 180
      Pg. 1-4 (with a PreTest and Post-Test) – BM, CH, AS
Comprehension Builders
      Gills and Bills Story 1 (Pg. 4-7) – JE, EH, TK
Following Directions
      Unit 1-4 – CB, MW

Write Every Day (All Students/Large Group Activity) (1st 15 Minutes of 4th Block)
      T-The food I hate the most is…
      W-When I can’t sleep, I…
      Th-If I were an animal, I would be…
      F – The Witch’s Grocery List

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