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Velthec Rope                  ®

    V20RP – air space 20 mm.
    V25RP – air space 25 mm.

    Tilting and lifting of the blind
    Manual control through a rope, on right or left position

In the Velthec Rope panel the slats are controlled by a manual system with rope positioned on the top of
the panel that allows the tilting and lifting of the Venetian blind.
The manual control, that has a magnetic rotor inside, is installed on the glass surface with special adhesive.
The aesthetic of this type of unit control, as well as for all the other accessories Velthec, was realised by a
famous designer in order to make the panel suitable for applications where the aesthetic is required.
The tilting and lifting motion of the blind through the rope system is similar to the traditional systems but
this system with an air space of 20mm can be installed on frames with small sections.

NB:      The VRP model can be changed in motorised system It is only sufficient to substitute the external
         accessory (see the VEMS model)

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