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Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) Treatment by Dr. Gerald Grubbs in
Sarasota FL
The rapidly growing specialty of Interventional Radiology offers those with uterine
fibroid tumors a new minimally invasive approach for diagnosis and treatment
that holds the promise of less pain, a quicker recovery and a better quality of life.

A number of treatment options for Fibroid Tumors are available and should be
considered in consultation with your gynecologist.

1. Watchful waiting: Because fibroids are not cancerous and do not interfere with
pregnancy, watchful       waiting is often the best course of action if you exhibit
no Uterine Fibroid symptoms.

 2. Medications: While they do not destroy fibroids, a number of medications are
available that can help regulate your menstrual cycle, treating heavy bleeding,
clotting and pelvic pressure.

  3. Hysterectomy: While it is the only confirmed explanation to eliminating
fibroids, it is major surgery and ends the possibility of pregnancy. If you also
choose to take away your ovaries, it will bring on menopause.

 4. Myomectomy: While this surgery preserves the uterus and the option of
behavior children, there is the risk of fibroids recurring.

Our office will be happy to try to accommodate any special needs you may have
and will inform you of any special preparations you need to make before your

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