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					                       SAMPLE NURSING JOB DESCRIPTION

Position : __________________________________________

Hospital : __________________________________________

Location : __________________________________________

Area    : __________________________________________

Job Description:

                      Applies the nursing process in carrying out nursing functions.

                      Receives incoming patients, and ushers them to designated
                       cubicles, interviews for pertinent data and records them in
                       patient’s abstract.

                      Performs assessment, gets vital signs and refers to ER consultant /
                       resident on duty.

                      Informs/ explains to patients and/ or relatives and carries out
                       accurately and promptly initial orders for diagnostic and
                       therapeutic procedures and makes accurate documentation.

                      Gives assurance to patients when procedures or admission
                       process takes too long or delayed.

                      Conducts patients to room and makes accurate endorsement to
                       unit staff.

                      Takes care to provide privacy and respect for patients while
                       attending to them.

                      Assist the head nurse in the physical management of the area and
                       in the implementation of the hospital policies on waste
                       segregation, water and energy conservation, clean and safe
                       environment / workplace, etc.

                      Carries out discharge procedures: settling the bills, clearance,
                       discharges notice, take home medications and or instructions;
                       checking of things in the room/ unit.
   Performs other tasks delegated from time to time.

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