Application form for PhD-students by Xs89U9


									                                                                    Application Form

                Johan Gadolin Scholarship
           Åbo Akademi Process Chemistry Centre

Stay at Åbo Akademi Process Chemistry Centre:

I am planning to stay         months (3 - 12)
From         until        (dd/mm/yyyy)
I would like to join the following group:

    Wood and Paper Chemistry                        Process Analytical Chemistry

    Combustion and Materials Chemistry              Industrial Chemistry and
                                                    Reaction Engineering

Personal data
Family name:                                First name(s):

Date of birth:                              Nationality:
Office address:

E-mail address:

Language competence - talking
  Language       Native       Fluent               Good      Intermediate      Poor

Language competence - writing
  Language       Native       Fluent               Good      Intermediate      Poor
Place(s) of education/working activity during the past three (3) years:
               Country                  From (dd/mm/yyyy) Until (dd/mm/yyyy)

Previous and current studies:

I received my Master’s degree:            (dd/mm/yyyy)


I started my doctoral studies:        (dd/mm/yyyy)

Doctoral degree for which I am currently studying:

Expected date of award of my doctorate:              (dd/mm/yyyy)

At which institution:

NB! Please remember to include a plan of your doctoral studies from your home

Suggestion for a project I would like to pursue at ÅA-PCC:

Date:                            Place:

Student’s signature:
 Sending institution:

 We confirm that this proposed part of the doctoral studies is approved.

 Departmental coordinator’s name and signature:

 Institutional coordinator’s name and signature:

Please, read page 4 carefully and return the application form, the plan of your
doctoral studies, a current CV and a photocopy of your passport to:

                           Professor Mikko Hupa
                           c/o Lotta Österholm
                           Åbo Akademi - Process Chemistry Centre
                           Biskopsgatan 8
                           FI-20500 Åbo, Finland

                           Phone: +358-2-215-4449

The Fellow will be given access to research facilities necessary to carry out the research
training. The research funding will be decided by Åbo Akademi Process Chemistry Centre
(ÅA-PCC) depending on the type and the length of the research project.

Fellows will be reimbursed for a ticket home (Åbo-home town, one-way) restricted to econ-
omy class air and/or rail fare; up to 100 EUR/month in total. For example: After a 4 month
stay your return ticket can be reimbursed by a maximum of 400 EUR.

Doctoral scholars will receive a stipend of 1500 EUR/month.

Our requirements for the Johan Gadolin Scholarship Programme’s doctoral students
are the following:

Fellows may not carry out their fellowship in the country of their nationality. Fellows must
have a valid passport and must be allowed to travel to Finland.

Research Experience:
The scheme is directed to postgraduate researchers pursuing doctoral studies in a subject
area similar to that of the ÅA-PCC. The stay must be directly relevant to the doctoral studies
pursued. The stay at the ÅA-PCC must be recognized as an integral part of the doctoral stud-
ies in writing by the research supervisor of the doctoral studies in the home university.

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