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					                       SAMPLE NURSING JOB DESCRIPTION

Position : __________________________________________

Hospital : __________________________________________

Location : __________________________________________

Area    : __________________________________________

Job Description:

                      Knows and applies the Nursing in carrying nursing functions.

                      Implements the medical and nursing care plans in medical-
                       surgical adult care in coordination with other members of health

                      Makes patients rounds particular attention to assessment of the
                       patient’s condition, reaction to treatment etc.

                      Condition of Contraptions: IV Fluids, catheter, dressing pertinent
                       information for and/or from the patient and/ or doctor.
                       Interacting with patients and relatives.

                      Renders direct nursing activities: assessment ; vital signs;
                       medication; facilities carrying out of diagnostics procedures;
                       treatment/IV fluids; observation, recording and reporting of
                       progress of patient’s condition; hygiene/ bathing and comfort
                       measures; instructions/ health teachings; interacts and relatives.

                      Evaluates functions delegated to nursing assistants.

                      Attends to doctor rounds.

                      Assist the doctor in procedures (including life support)
                       and plans with them the continuity of care.

                      Prepares accurate documentation of treatment, procedure, and
                       progress notes.

                      Assists Charge Nurse and Unit Manager in the physical
                       management of the unit; updating the emergency cart and other
    units stocks/supplies; requests for patients medicines;
    preparation of diet list, monitoring of the implementation of
    policies on waste management, water and energy conservation,
    clean and safe environment workplace.

   Carries out discharge procedure/process setting of Hospital bill,
    clearance, discharge notice, take home Medications and/or
    instructions; checking of things in the room/unit.

   Attends unit meetings and other hospital activities.

   Performs other tasks delegated          by   the   Charge   Nurse,
    Unit Manager and Section Manager.

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