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									Vagator Beach, north of Anjuna, is the center of Goa's trance party scene. The beach itself is located at
the bottom of a steep cliff, and is divided into three sections -- Big Vagtor (the main stretch of beach,
overrun by Indian tourists), Little Vagator (past the rocks, known as Tel Aviv Beach due to the number of
Israelis there) and Ozran (Spagetthi Beach in the far south, dominated by Italians). Disco Valley is nearby.
Accommodations at Vagator are inland instead of on the beach, with many people staying there long-
term. Head to Nine Bar, high above Ozran beach, at sunset for early evening partying.

Location: North Goa, 9 kilometers (5 miles) from Mapusa and 22 kilometers (14 miles) from Panaji. The
closest railway station is Thivim.


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