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Vagator beach in Goa is not very crowded and this Goa beach is proud of its talcum-powdered beaches,
doted with black rocks and swaying coconut and palm trees. If you want to spend some time with
yourself, then Vagator beach in Goa comes as an ideal beach to be.

When you are at this Goa beach, you will come across small villages where the fishing community
resides. The fishermen set out to the sea as brightly dressed women see them off and wait for their
return. When they come back with their catch, there is excitement all around, children running about to
see what the Goan fishermen have caught. If you go and speak to them, they will be only eager to talk to
you about the day's catch and if you are interested and they agree, you can also be a part of their team
when they leave for the sea the next day.

Besides the breath-taking beaches, Vagator has other attractions also to offer. From Vagator beach in
Goa, you can see the 500-year-old Portuguese Fort. It takes you down the memory lane depicting the
Old Portuguese era. If you want to hike up to this fort, you are welcome…climb up those black rocks and
reach this fort, once inside the fort, you won't mind the fatigue you are feeling because The view from
this fort is absolutely stunning, you get to see wide expanse of greenery and the blue sea till your eyes
can reach.


The one thing that you can shop to your heart's content is fish; there is a market nearby where you can
purchase them. Apart from fish, one can buy artefacts like candelabras made of exquisite blue china
woven baskets and earthen pots. People with sweet tooth get the chance to enjoy coconuts, bananas
"Bebinca", a Goan delicacy made from tender coconuts.


If you are planning to use flights to Goa, the nearest airport is at Dabolim, which is 29 km away from
Panaji. Panaji is just 22 km away from Vagator beach in Goa. If you are travelling by road, Goa Vagator
beach is at a distance of 9 km from Mapusa, and 22 km far from the state capital Panaji. There are
frequent buses to Panaji and Mapusa from Vagator.

Source: http://www.goa-and-hotels.com/goa-vagator-beach.html

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