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					                            HORRABRIDGE PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 14 July 2009 in the Village Hall,

PRESENT Cllrs Cox, Eldridge, Hawkins, Masoli, Moorhead, Mulholland, Spencer, Yendle.
APOLOGIES Cllrs Andrews, Cooper, Yeo.

IN ATTENDANCE Mandy Kenyon, West Devon Citizens Advice Bureau
              Cllr Cloke (WDBC)
              3 members of the public

DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST No declarations were made.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The minutes were approved and signed.

68/09 WEST DEVON CAB Mandy Kenyon spoke about the work of the CAB and advised that
the service is well used by the people of Horrabridge. The Bureau would like to be able to offer a
surgery in the village, although this would depend on the availability of funding and sufficient
volunteers. It was suggested that the Bureau might wish to consider offering an outreach service
from the village Drop-in Centre on a Thursday, and the Chairman offered use of the Village Hall
free of charge for a CAB fund-raising event.

69/09 PUBLIC TIME Mr Turk of Whitchurch Road expressed concern about the dangers
caused by traffic speeding out of the village past the Old Chapel blind bend and he asked for
advice on the best way for residents to campaign for a flashing 30mph sign. It was suggested that
individual letters to the Highways Department would hold more weight than a petition and the
Chairman asked Mr Turk to keep the Council informed of any responses received.

A member of the public asked whether the bus shelter in Chapel Lane could be removed as it is
no longer used and has become a meeting place for young people until late at night. It was
agreed to look at this request and ask Highways whether there would be any objection to moving
the shelter to Pencreber Road where children wait for the school bus. (Mrs Spencer declared an
interest). The damage to the street light in Weir Park was also raised.
Action: The Clerk to write to Highways and contact Western Power about replacement of
the street light.

Reverend Lloyd reported that the Clock Tower fund-raising had gone very well and the repair
work should start at the end of September.
As a member of the Recreation Field Trust, Reverend Lloyd considered that the Trust and the
Council should present a united front to the Environment Agency about the repairs needed to the
gabion baskets, and he suggested a joint discussion at an Open Spaces Committee meeting. Mr
Cloke reported that he had received an email regarding a meeting with the Borough Council
about the problem and it was agreed that two members of the Parish Council would wish to
Reverend Lloyd also explained the reasons for the Drop-in vehicle being parked in front of the
Village Hall.
Action: Mr Masoli and Mr Mulholland/Mrs Hawkins to attend the meeting about the
gabion baskets and the Chairman to ask for permission for the Drop-in van to park on the
land beside the Hall.

Councillor Cloke reported that the School test results and the OFSTED inspection had gone well,
and he advised that the results of the Boundary Committee Review would not be published until
at least 2011. He also stated that he and Councillor Sellis would be contacting the Police
Superintendent about the problems in the village.

PCSO Rob Walsh and representatives of the Youth Club then joined the meeting. A member of
the Club spoke about the Youth Challenge fund-raising event on 26/27 September and it was
agreed that sponsorship forms would be brought to the September Council meeting. The Youth
Leader advised that there were many activities being arranged for the summer including day trips.
It was suggested that a Social Club was needed in Horrabridge that adults and children could
enjoy, and that this could be raised at the Youth Club AGM on Thursday.

PCSO Walsh stated that there is a very small minority of young people causing problems, not
necessarily from the village, and he needed people to come forward with names and evidence so
that they could be dealt with. The Neighbourhood Team was already visiting the families of
every youngster found out after midnight. He also advised that Alcohol Designation Orders only
apply to people over 18 and the police do not need powers to take alcohol from children under
18. He stated that he and the Youth Leader were working closely together to get the message
through to the children and the Chairman thanked them for the excellent work they do.

70/09 OPEN SPACES COMMITTEE Mr Cox reported on the Open Spaces meetings of 16
June and 7 July.
Recreation Field Footpath Agreed that the grasscutting contractor will thoroughly clear the
footpath in the winter charging an hourly rate.
Old metal railings The railings need to be removed.
Lychgate Action: Mr Cox to obtain a quotation for repair of the gates.
Weir Park Shelter Agreed to go ahead with the new design for the shelter providing the price
comes within budget. Action: The Chairman to ring round to members with the price, check
that the insurance will cover the new design and make arrangements for parents to sign an
agreement for their child to participate.
Bus Shelter The shelter roof had been vandalised again – it was suggested that anti-vandal paint
should be used on the perimeter. Action: Mr Cox to obtain a quotation for the repair.
Compost Bin Action: Mr Cox to look at providing a wooden structure near the lychgate.
Consecration It was agreed to go ahead with the consecration of the burial ground extension.
Walkham Meadows Field Action: The Chairman to speak to an Architect about layout.
Play Equipment The results of the grant application were awaited.
Hydro Scheme Mr Cox reported that the owner of Foxhams Weir was in favour in principle.
Village Hall It was agreed to go ahead with the Electrical Safety Test.


1 DNP – the results of the Parish Housing survey would support up to 8 additional affordable
  homes in Horrabridge, whatever their tenure.
2 Recreation Field Trust – reporting that there are two clumps of knotweed near the gateway.
  It was also reported that there is knotweed beside the footpath through the recreation field.
  Action: The Chairman to look into dealing with the knotweed beside the footpath.
3 The Maristow Estate – there has never been any suggestion by anyone that the public had a
  general ‘right of access’ to the copse.
4 DCC – a hedge paring notice has been sent to Walkhampton Cottage - work completed.
5 DCC – under current national and county policies it is not possible to introduce a 20 mph
  speed limit in Horrabridge village. Also enclosing speed/volume data for Sortridge.
6 Land Registry – requesting further information to clarify whether the Rural District Council
  has any claim to ownership of the Memorial Ground.
  Action: The Clerk to check old records.
7 Internal Audit Report 2008-9 – excellent standard of record keeping.
8 Audit Commission – no issues raised.
9 Monitoring Officer, WD – Registers of Interests for persons who are no longer members of the
  Council may be destroyed.

10 Mr & Mrs Farrell – six trees in Weir Park are becoming a problem to their property.
   Action: The Clerk to reply that he is welcome to trim the trees along his boundary.
11 Planning Permissions: Construction of boundary walls at Sortridge Manor.
                         New pool house, kitchen garden and tractor shed at Sortridge Manor.
                         Parking space and single storey extension at 45 Fillace Park.
                         Erection of detached agricultural dwelling at Sortridge Farm.
12 DCC – the planning application for the bridge across the Walkham (cycle trail) will be
   submitted shortly.
13 WDBC – Sport England funding – questionnaire on sports provision in Horrabridge.
   Action: The Chairman to complete.
14 National Childbirth Trust/Vitalise – requesting donations – referred to January meeting.
15 DCC – the overgrown shrubs adj to the A386 and the repair works to the bridge at Youldon
   Way have been added to the works programme.
16 WDBC – request from resident for her back garden to be used as an informal allotment.
   Action: The Clerk to reply offering to pass her telephone number to the next person on
   the allotment waiting list, or alternatively she could put an article in the ‘Bridge’.

72/09 FINANCIAL MATTERS The following cheques were approved and signed:-

South West Water Ltd              Water charges – Cemetery                          6.71
Ken Abraham                       Internal Audit for 2008/9                       135.00
Audit Commission                  Audit fee 2009                                  327.75
Devon Assn of Parish Councils     Annual subscription                             380.50
Konica Minolta                    Photocopying charges                             13.49
Stuart Cox                        Materials for swing repair                       16.00
S J Jewell                        Salary – June                                   428.50
S J Jewell                        Expenses                                         16.73
S J Jewell                        Wages – Burial Clerk Apr/May/June                55.00
West Devon Borough Council        Rates Village Hall 3 months                     174.00
EDF Energy 1 Ltd                  Electricity Village Hall                        171.59
S Moorhead                        Caretaking – June                               205.00
Moorheads DIY                     Supplies – Village Hall                          33.79


Mrs Hawkins reported on Festival Committee and Twinning events.

Mr Moorhead offered to sand and varnish the Village Hall floor – it was agreed that the Council
would pay for hire of the sanding machine and materials.

The next meeting of the Council would take place on 8 September.

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