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									Colva Beach

Location: 6 kilometers from the city of Margao, south Goa

Highlights: White sandy shores, oldest beach of Goa best beach resorts in Goa

How to Reach: Colva beach can be easily reached by hiring a cab, auto or even a bus that plies from
Margao or any other major city of south Goa.

Located at a distance of 6 kilometers from Margao, the Colva beach is a wonder of nature. This beautiful
beach extends to nearly 20 kilometers and is supposed to be the oldest beach in Goa. The beach has
natural white sand of very fine quality, tall coconut trees, turquoise blue water and some of the best
resorts that you can find in Goa. If you want to see a scenery that is absolutely picture perfect and looks
like a canvas painting, come to Colva beach in India.

The entire stretch of the Colva beach is beautiful and marvelous to look at. It is a favorite among tourists
and they come here to spend a nice holiday and pamper themselves in the resorts that are lined up near
the beach. The evenings at the beach are truly mesmerizing with sun setting at a distance into the sea
and small fishing boats sailing on the calm water coming back home after collecting their catch of the
day. The natural splendor of nature at Colva beach can inspire many people to even paint or write

You will find some of the best beach resorts at Colva. You will also find some very good hotels near the
Colva beach that provide world class service and attend to every need of a visitor. On the beach, you will
find a variety of things that will keep you amused like souvenir stalls, snack bars, small restaurants, etc.
The beach is a delight for shell collectors and you will find beautiful patterned shells over here. People
can also enjoy themselves by swimming in the shallow waters as the current is not that strong here and
it is considered quite safe to swim in the sea. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime in this Colva
beach which is sure to win your heart and make you come again and again!


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