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									Mrs. Mata’s Computer Lab
  Doedyns Elementary

                     Hi, my name is Noelia Mata
                     and I am the Computer Lab
    Insert a Photo   Manager for Doedyns
      (optional)     Elementary. Please feel free
                     to explore my page and e-
                     mail me if you have any
                     questions or concerns about
                                               the Computer Lab’s daily

1. Enter and leave lab quietly
2. No students allowed in lab without teacher
3. No gum, food, drinks or candy allowed by students in lab
4. Please use bathroom & drink water before entering lab
5. Keep hands feet, and objects to yourself
6. Keep hands on your own mouse, keyboard & computer
7. Follow directions
8. Keep your area clean
9. Only one student at a time may be out of the room
10. Raise hand to speak, or get help
11. Please DO NOT change computer settings, such as desktop, screensavers,
    etc., without teachers permission
12. Respect equipment & those around you
13. Push chair back in place when leaving

           Computer Lab Schedule

       Time                      Lab A                        Lab B
     8:30-9:30                  Ms. Garza
NCS Learn
SuccessMaker Enterprise-SME
NCS Learn SuccessMaker Enterprise - Educational software and prek-8 curriculum

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