Contract serial by O9VzCtX


									                                  LINKDSL SERVICE AGREEMENT
 Contract serial #:                                                            UCID:
      Username:                                                            Password: LDNLDN
Subscriber Information:
                Reseller    Reseller/Company Name:
                Company     Subscriber Name:
                Residential            Email:                                                            Mobile:
                                         ID#:                                                Preferred Language: English
LINKDSL will be activated on:
Connection type:          Normal telephone line (Default)                     Local loop
ADSL telephone:                        Telephone line owner name:
  ADSL Address:
LINKDSL package options:
                     Speed options                                                          Router options
Unlimited packages 1:4                                                           Router type:     No router              1 port
   512/128kbps                  1024/256kbps                                                      Wireless + 4 ports
   2048/512kbps                 4096/1024kbps                              Supplied on basis:     Sold                   Rent
Unlimited packages 1:2                                                 Brand “if sold router”:
   512/256kbps                  1024/512kbps
   2048/1024kbps                                                                           Installation options
                                                                        Self installation
                         Fixed IP options                               Installation visit for 1 PC
   Dynamic            1 IP            8 IP’s            16 IP’s         Installation visit for 2 or more PC’s
LINKDSL payment options (following trial month):
This agreement is automatically renewed every payment cycle, unless a service cancelation request is sent to LINKdotNET
   Payment cycle:      Every month             Every 3 months                   Every 12 months
Payment method:        Cash/Credit card payment                                 Automatic credit card deduction
Contact person for billing & collection
   Same as above
   Other:       Name:                                                                                 Telephone:
                Email:                                                                                   Mobile:
      Billing address:
LINKDSL service cost:
                      One time fees:       Admin. Fees           Installation         Sold router                  Sub Total
                                             30.0 LE                 0.0 LE              0.0 LE
                                         Speed deference        Router rental          Fixed IP’s
                                              0.0 LE                 0.0 LE              0.0 LE                    30.0 LE
                                                             Local loop fees (paid every 12 months):                0.0 LE
                                                                        Total downpayment amount:                  30.0 LE
     Monthly fees due after trial:             Speed              Router rental         Fixed IP’s                  Total
                         month:                0.0 LE                0.0 LE               0.0 LE                    0.0 LE
Customer signature ____________________________                       LINKdotNET ____________________________
                                               Terms And Conditions
General terms
 All subscription fees paid for due invoices cannot be refunded.
 customer agrees to pay the fixed subscription fees in advance as described in the service agreement form, failure to do so, LINKdotNET shall have
    the right to immediately terminate the service and all sums due shall immediately become payable.
 LINKdotNET has the right to add, amend or cancel any clause of this agreement without prior notice to the customer, as long as it’s in conformity
    and not conflicting with the telecom regulatory law in Arab Republic of Egypt.
 In case of providing any additional services to the customer, it will be added by terms & prices agreed by both parties through a service change
    request, and this request/requests are considered a part of the original agreement.
 Any modifications/additions to the service provided must be requested through LINKdotNET customer service or branches or website. And such
    modifications/additions will not be effective without LINKdotNET confirmation.
 LINKdotNET will charge customer according to service prices in this agreement, however LINKdotNET may change prices upon its sole discretion
    and apply them immediately.
 LINKdotNET service fees are due by monthly invoices; customer cannot pay for the service used per day.
 LINKdotNET is not responsible for using the international bandwidth in a different way other than stated in this agreement, including but not
    limited to, using the line for voice traffic, political activates or any illegal activity.
 LINKdotNET shall not be liable for any damages that result from the use of, misuse of, or the inability to use, the Services provided.
 LINKdotNET will do its best effort in providing the service, but it does not guarantee that the service will be free of errors. Service might stop
    temporarily due to unforeseen outages; speed of connection might be lower than optimum due to internet congestion, server or router speeds,
    protocol overheads, and other factors that cannot be controlled by LINKdotNET.
 This Agreement shall be renewed automatically for another period if no Party has given a 30 days notice of termination to the other party by
    registered mail prior to the end of the contractual period.
 The customer is obliged to use the service offered to him through LINKdotNET for personal or business use at the address mentioned in the
    application, and that he is not allowed to redistribute/resell/share the service with others for free or for charges, other wise LINKdotNET will have
    the rights to take all required legal actions.
 In case of buying a router from LINKdotNET, customer has the right to return it or replace it within 14 days from the router purchase date (not the
    service activation date), on the condition that customer present the original purchase invoice/receipt and that the router is in the same condition it
    was delivered to customer in.
 LINKdotNET may assign or delegate its rights and/or obligations or any part under this agreement to a third party. Customer shall not assign or
    delegate his/her rights and/or obligations under this agreement without the prior written consent of LINKdotNET.
Installation duration
 LINKdotNET activates the service within an average of 9 working days from the day of signing the service agreement and receiving payment. This
    duration can be less or more.
 LINKdotNET commits to install LINKDSL service provided that there are no constraints on the telephone line, including but not limited to:
      • The line is (Fiber – Wireless – Pairgain….etc)                • The line is registered in the ISDN service
      • There is an unpaid Phone invoice on this line                 • The line is registered as Phone Service Center
      • The line is registered with ADSL service with another provider
      • There is either no information available for the line at Telecom Egypt or the available information is not correct
Fair usage policy
 LINKdotNET may restrict the speed available to the customer in case his/her traffic consumption has been identified by the monitoring systems as
    misuse. The policy is designed to ensure that the service received by the vast majority of customers is not negatively impacted by a very small
    minority of them who may misuse it. The customer’s traffic consumption will be identified as misuse whenever it is much higher than the
    worldwide known standards for consumer residential broadband services.
 The customer has the right to suspend the service temporarily for a period of a minimum of one month and a maximum of two months during the
    year. Noting that the temporary suspension service is free of charge and does not include any expenses.
 LINKdotNET has the right to suspend the service temporarily if any invoice is not paid on/before due date.
 The Customer has the right to cancel the service after resolving all the due payments and return all rented equipments in the same condition it was
    delivered to customer in. Cancelation should be with a Formal notification to LINKdotNET either by sending a Fax or by visiting any of our branches
    and Filling a cancellation Form. Noting that cancelation orders will be ready after an average of 14 working days from fulfilling the above.
Force Majeure
 LINKdotNET shall not be liable for delay or default on any of its obligations mentioned in this Agreement if such delay or default is resulted from
    Force Majeure or unforeseen reasons or circumstances beyond control or expectations of LINKdotNET.
 Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall subject to the jurisdiction of North Giza Courts.

I have read & agree on the above terms and conditions
                                  Customer signature: ________________________________________
                             ‫‪Terms And Conditions‬‬

                                                                                   ‫1. شروط التركيب‬
      ‫‪ ‬لينك دوت نت تلتزم بتركيب خدمة ‪ LINKDSL‬ما لم يكن هناك عائق لدي الشركة لتركيب‬
                      ‫الخدمة علي خط التليفون المتعاقد عليه, على سبيل المثال و ليس الحصر:‬
                    ‫‪ ‬أن يكون نوع الخط (‪، )Fiber – Wireless – Pairgain….etc‬‬
      ‫‪ ‬أن ال توجد بيانات حسابية أو فنية علي هذا الخط أو بيانات خطأ للخط موضوع التعاقد،‬
                                             ‫‪ ‬أن يكون الخط مشترك في خاصية ‪،ISDN‬‬
                                                  ‫‪ ‬أن يكون الخط مسجل كمركز خدمة،‬
                                    ‫‪ ‬أن تكون هناك فاتورة مستحقة الدفع علي هذا الخط ،‬
                           ‫‪ ‬أن يكون الخط مشترك في خدمة الـ ‪ ADSL‬من شركة أخرى.‬
                                                                                    ‫2. إيقاف الخدمة‬
    ‫من حق العميل إيقاف الخدمة مؤقتا لفترة بحد ادني شهر و حد أقصى شهرين خالل العام علما ُ‬        ‫‪‬‬
                                  ‫بأن خدمة اإليقاف المؤقت مجانية و ال تشمل أي مصروفات.‬
‫‪ ‬من حق العميل إيقاف الخدمة نهائيا بعد سداد كافة المستحقات وإعادة كل األجهزة المؤجرة‬
‫بمشتمالتها ف ي الحالة التي كانت عليه عند االستالم إلخالء طرفه، وذلك بإخطار كتابي رسمي‬
‫للشركة عن طريق الفاكس أو بزيارة أحد فروعنا. وتقوم الشركة بتسليم رقم اإللغاء للخدمة ورد‬
‫أي مستحقات مالية للعميل إن وجدت وذلك بعد 14 يوم عمل في المتوسط من تاريخ إخالء‬
                     ‫الطرف و طلب اإللغاء الرسمي. وذلك خالل فروع ‪ LINKdotNET‬فقط.‬
                                                            ‫3. شروط التعديل في قسيمة االشتراك:‬
‫في حاله اى تعديل في استمارة التعاقد أو طلب تغير الخدمة من جهتكم، برجاء العلم أن هذا يمكن‬        ‫‪‬‬
 ‫أن يتم فقط من خالل االتصال بمركز خدمة العمالء 11134 أو من خالل موقعنا على االنترنت‬
‫‪‬‬   ‫‪Kindly note that any modification or service change request in this‬‬
    ‫‪contracting application can be done only through calling our customer‬‬
    ‫’‪service center ‘16333’ or through our website ‘‬‬

                                       ‫أقر بأنني قرأت ووافقت على شروط وأحكام الخدمة المبينة أعاله.‬

                  ‫توقيع العميل: ___________________________________‬
                                           Terms And Conditions
         Document date: 26 April, 2012

         Contract serial#:



  Current account speed:      N/A

LINKdotNET and Type customer name among the trial offer applied on this contract have agreed on:
Adding The following marked with ‘YES’

FREE 1 port router (speed 512kbps unlimited):                                            Yes        No
FREE wireless / 4 port router (speeds 1mbps unlimited and above only):                   Yes        No

       Only when benefiting from a FREE router, I hereby commit to use my subscription for a period more than
        1 year, and if I should cancel my subscription before one year, I shall bear a fee of 199LE.

       Only when benefiting from a FREE router, I also commit not to downgrade my account speed during the
        first year from activation date

     ‫فقط في حالة الحصول على الراوتر المجاني، ألتزم باستخدام اشتراكي في الخدمة لمدة تتعدى العام الواحد، في حالة إلغاء الخدمة قبل‬    
                                                                                  .‫مرور العام يتعين على العميل دفع مبلغ 111 جنية‬

                        .‫أيضا في حالة الحصول على الراوتر المجاني ألتزم بعدم تخفيض سرعة االشتراك لمدة عام من تاريخ التشغيل‬          

Customer signature:                                                  LINKdotNET representative’s signature:

___________________________________                                  ___________________________________

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