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									Quick Tips For Cheap Car Rental

Whether at home or abroad; renting a car can be a truly liberating experience. The joys
of having your own set of wheels, whether exploring the wide open spaces of the great
American highways or the romantic splendour of the rocky Alps, can make a holiday
truly special all by itself. .

 First and foremost, it is important to know just what you want from your car. Demands
can vary, from wanting a sporty coup to cruise around in with your partner, or a more
robust SUV for the family and all the luggage that needs to be hauled around. Once
you know what you want, it is often worth looking at websites and agencies online and
checking the selection of vehicles on offer. Some agencies may be able to provide what
you need at a far better rate than others. Or perhaps your own tour operator/airline can
provide a special deal, as part of its package, on car hire. As ever, the mantra of the
wise traveller holds true -book early, book cheap-.

 Bear in mind though that car hire tends to be a seasonal business, so if you are being
truly prudent with your cash then it may be wiser to book after a peak period, such as a
bank holiday, with prices often significantly lower during the off-peak season. It is also
a good idea to use the internet as a reference point, writing down quotes and bookings
as a reference, as often in person, a bit of humour can help cajole an even better

 Once you arrive to collect your car, pay attention to the small print. The amount of
paper work presented before hiring a car can be truly daunting: with an alarming
amount of extras often popping up in the paper work. These can range from the simple
child seat, to fully comprehensive cover, often at a price premium.

 It can be prudent to take out motor insurance separate from what is on offer in the
rental office. All it takes is for a truck to flick a little stone at your windscreen and if not
covered you can be looking at a costly and a spoiled holiday. So look in advance as
insurance companies offer a variety of deals aimed at those renting cars. Plan for
eventualities and avoid falling into the trap of the salesperson's hard sell.

 On returning from a pleasurable time cruising, try to ensure that you return the car with
a full tank as agencies will charge you extra if you don't. Needless to say, they will
charge a significant mark up to the market cost. Try to ensure that the car is returned
on time and if possible try to be a little early when returning a car, as it is perfectly
normal practice for agencies to charge the cost of a late return at a whole days worth of
hire. Finally no matter where you drive, try to enjoy the experience as this will help you
avoid accidents and make your holiday all the more pleasurable.

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