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					Motor Insurance Rate Quotes

Different factors affect your car insurance premium> this is based on the risk for a
certain population. Therefore you will pay higher premium if a person is associated with
the higher risk. If you know what factors affect your car insurance, you will get a better
chance of getting cheap motor insurance.

Age-young drivers under the age of 25 has a higher risk of being involved in an
accident compared to experienced drivers above this age group.

Gender-women drivers are tend to be safer than men

 Geography-Your geographical location makes a difference when it comes to motor
insurance rate. People living in areas with little or no traffic are likely to get cheap
motor insurance than those living in congested cities since location with a lot of traffic
are prone to have more accidents. Some areas also have a higher auto insurance rate
of car thefts, which can result in a higher auto insurance premium.

Type of Vehicle-sports car a very expensive to insure

Driving Violation-If you have multiple moving violations on your MVR (speeding tickets,
DWI, reckless driving, etc.), expect that your car insurance premium will not be cheap

Driving Experience


Safety Device features- this can save you on your motor insurance rate

 What I recommend though is for you to shop around and compare vehicle insurance
quotes from many car insurance companies. A lot of auto insurance websites now
place all the top auto insurance providers on one website so it would be easier for
consumers to compare car insurance quotes and get the best deal. Automobile
insurance companies base their car insurance on their auto insurance claims
experiences. One insurance provider may see your geographical location as a higher
risk while some carrier may not. Some insurance carrier may charge more due to your
work, other company may not. That is why it is best to shop around and review which
auto insurance carrier best suits your needs.

Description: Whether youre buying clothing or shopping for car insurance, you always want to get the best value for your money. So, whats the secret to finding reliable, affordable car insurance? Shop around for the best deal. Get several car insurance quotes from different insurance companies before you buy or renew your policy. Insurance companies vary, so you could get a better deal somewhere else. Dont be afraid to switch. You can switch insurance companies whenever you want, even if its in the middle of your car insurance policy term. If you find a better rate, switch and save. There are three types of Car Insurance: Third party, which covers your legal liability if you damage someone elses physical property (walls, vehicles, gates etc.) due to a driving accident. Third party, Fire and Theft offers third party cover and adds on two useful pieces of cover - fire damage to and theft of your car, including damage caused by a theft or attempted theft. A fully comprehensive policy includes Third Party, Fire and Theft and in addition will pay for damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident. There are many extras, too, for example it will also give you cover when you drive other people's cars - useful if you borrow someone's car and their insurance does not cover you