Program Committee by O9VzCtX


									Program Committee                                                              Chair, Michael Conforti

The mission of the Committee is to plan programs for AAMD’s Annual and Midwinter meetings that are
timely, substantive, and relevant to the broad range of AAMD members. In conjunction with or at the
request of the Board of Trustees, the Committee will set the focus of each meeting and identify program
topics, speakers, and formats, for final approval by the Board. With the support of the AAMD staff, the
Committee Chair and Co-Chairs will oversee the planning and implementation of these programs. The
Committee will draw on the expertise of AAMD members and consult with other AAMD Committees in
developing meeting workshops, program sessions, and panel discussions. The Committee will also
identify program topics that may be of interest or importance for audiences beyond AAMD and propose
these to the Board as possible subjects for white papers or other external communications.

Committee Members:
Kathleen Bartels
William Bodine
Elizabeth Broun
Michael Conforti*
Kevin Consey
Lisa Corrin
James Cuno
Graciela de la Torre
Anne d’Harnoncourt
Robert Fitzpatrick
Michael Govan
Kathy Halbreich
Grant Holcomb
Mitchell D. Kahan
Georgianna M. Lagoria
Philip E. Linhares
Stephen Little
Marc Pachter
Sharon F. Patton
Joan H. Rosenbaum
Thomas Sokolowski
Maarten van de Guchte
Adam Weinberg
Stephanie Wiles
Louis A. Zona

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