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									TX SET 4.0 Workshop - MCT/TX SET 4.0 Event Summary
Event Description: TX SET 4.0        Date: August 10 and 11,           Completed by: Dwight Page
Workshop - MCT/TX SET 4.0            2011
Attendees: Day 1 CenterPoint Energy:
Kathy Scott (CNP), Jennifer Frederick (Direct Energy ), Dwight Page (ERCOT), Gene Cervenka
(ERCOT), Kathryn Thurman (ERCOT), Ed Echols (Oncor), Diana Rehfeldt (TNMP), Chris Rowley
(TXU), Carole Root (AEP), Gricelda Calzada (AEP), Shana Lazarine (TXU), Laura Aldis (Gexa
Energy), Becky Taylor (CNP), Isabel Perez (CNP), Pam Frambes (PES), Christine Hughey (CES),
Jennifer Vigil (CES), Larry Tidman (MXEnergy), Eduardo Tamez (MXEnergy), Elizabeth Fitzwater
(MXEnergy), Kevin Carr (MXEnergy), Rita Morales (TXU), Debra Anderson (Oncor), Ron Kindler
(Oncor), George Bilnoski (CNP), Kyle Patrick (Reliant), Jennifer Chii (Reliant), Janie Duron (Startex),
Michael Sheehan (Startex), Chuck Stanley (Startex), Karen Malkey (CNP), Scott Brusaw (Nirvanasoft),
Robert Somers (Nirvanasoft), Hope Bowie (Hudson), Trey Crowe (Potentia), Alice Charania (Potentia),
Toni Bean (CNP), Corrie Morales (CNP), Terri Smith (CNP), Jill Bell (CNP), Esther Kent (CNP)

Day 1 Web Ex:
Teresa Rodriquez (Stream Energy), Sandra Tindall (ERCOT), Jessica Craig, Dow Lynch (ESG), Chris
Duncan (Nueces)

Day 2 CenterPoint Energy:
Kathy Scott (CNP), Jim Lee (Direct Energy ), Gene Cervenka (ERCOT), Kathryn Thurman (ERCOT),
Ed Echols (Oncor), Diana Rehfeldt (TNMP), Carole Root (AEP), Gricelda Calzada (AEP), Jonathan
Landry (Gexa Energy), Laura Aldis (Gexa Energy), Monica Jones (Reliant Energy) , Rachel Patterson
(Gexa Energy), Becky Taylor (CNP), Jennifer Frederick (Direct Energy), Kyle Patrick (Reliant), James
McElroy (Oncor), Ron Kindler (Oncor), Debra Anderson (Oncor

Day 2 Web Ex:
Rebecca Cole (ISTA), Barbara Goubeaud (ECInfo), Sandra Tindall (ERCOT), John Hudson, Dow
Lynch (ESG), Ted Hailu (ERCOT)

 Antitrust Admonition
ERCOT strictly prohibits market participants and their employees who are participating in ERCOT
activities from using their participation in ERCOT activities as a forum for engaging in practices or
communications that violate the antitrust laws. The ERCOT Board has approved guidelines for
members of ERCOT Committees, subcommittees and working Groups to be reviewed and followed by
each market participant attending ERCOT meetings. If you have not received a copy of these
Guidelines, please send an email to Suzy Clifton at sclifton2@ercot.com to receive a copy.


All presentations and materials submitted by Market Participants or any other Entity to ERCOT staff for
this meeting are received and posted with the acknowledgement that the information will be considered
public in accordance with the ERCOT Websites Content Management Operating Procedure.

Texas Set 4.0 Technical Workshop –Q&A

       This is a time set aside to cover questions from the Market regarding the requirements for Texas
        SET 4.0

Issues and Concerns

       G. Cervenka reviewed the presentation (Q and A Session) and it can be viewed under Key
        Documents on this webpage: http://www.ercot.com/committees/board/tac/rms/mct/

       With an acquisition, ERCOT will not cancel any transactions.

       ERCOT to provide the timeline on the DDL for the updated TDSP ESI ID Extracts at the
        September meeting.

       TXSET 4.0 we will make Emergency Contact information an optional field. New Change Control
        to be submitted.

       Date change will be accepted up until 1 business day prior to SMRD as compared to the current
        functionality of accepted up until 2 business days prior to SMRD.

MCT discussions:

   Discuss/Review NPRR for FASD Calculation
       o Add new definition of AMS Operational Day to be used in calculation

        Group discussed and decided that what was really needed was to define FASD. Creating the
        term AMS Operational Day was not needed. Discussed different holidays between TDSPs and
        ERCOT. Will not incorporate TDSP holidays in ERCOT systems. Settled on tweaking the tariff
        to address the difference in TDSP and ERCOT holidays…..Will define in the tariff how TDSPs
        will handle an ERCOT FASD that is on a TDSP holiday. Chris Rowley to work on wording.

NPRR created with the following updates for FASD

- 15.1.1   Submission of a Switch Request

    The CR shall submit a Switch Request to ERCOT using the 814_01, Switch Request. The Switch Request
    shall include, at a minimum, the five-digit zip code and an ESI ID. Within this transaction, the CR will also
    send information necessary for ERCOT to send a switch confirmation notice to the Customer as required by
    the applicable Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) rules. The First Available Switch Date (FASD) is
    the day received by ERCOT unless received on a Sunday or an ERCOT holiday. If received on a Sunday or
    an ERCOT holiday, the FASD will be calculated as the next day that is not a Sunday or an ERCOT holiday.
   Review RGMRR for Stacking

    G. Cervenka reviewed the document (Stacking Logic and Examples.doc) and it can be viewed
    under Key Documents on this webpage: http://www.ercot.com/committees/board/tac/rms/mct/

   Test Flight for SET 4.0
       o Group talked about training in preparation to TX Set 4.0 and whether it would be mandatory
           in order to test in Flight 0312
       o It was asked who would be sent to the training? TNMP would plan to send business type
       o It was discussed that really only Flight Orientation was needed and not a training.
       o Flight Orientation would be in place of training. It would not be mandatory in the sense of
           physical participation. Fear was that some MPs would not be aware of needing to test if
           “training” was not mandatory. Market ok with not making mandatory since Gene Cervenka
           and Retail Client Services in touch with MPs about reporting and the requirement to test in
           Flight 0312. Implementation weekend details to be part of the session. Include introductory
           of what is changing (1 line example of changes and not to elaborate on requirements)
   Discuss timelines for TDSP submission of files for initial AMS Indicator population
       o ERCOT would like the AMS file before go-live
       o AMS initial file load – ERCOT would prefer to load the file on the weekend of implementation
           in order to be able to display the values on TML/MIS when the systems come back up;
           Oncor believes there is a risk of doing it on the weekend due to other potential issues related
           to the overall implementation.
       o CRs expressed the need to have this on Implementation Weekend so they can receive the
           correct data in their extracts.
       o All finally agreed that IMPLEMENTATION WEEKEND will be when the AMS file is loaded by
       o ERCOT to find out the latest the AMS file can be sent by the TDSPs through MarkeTrak.

   TDSP ESI ID Report

       o Add a new column in the TDSP ESI ID Extract to provide the values of AMSR or AMSM.
       o The TDSP ESI ID Extract is the public report that can be found on ERCOT.com and in the
         Public folder of TML’s Report Explorer and via the following link on MIS:

       o ERCOT will determine the timeline for the new DDL for the TDSP ESI ID and report at the
         next scheduled meeting in Sept.

   Critical Care Designation
        o Discuss making Secondary Contact Information optional
        o Group agreed it should be optional through TX Set 4.0
       o Discuss the possibility that the Secondary Contact may change to Emergency Contact
       o Group was informed the PUCT staff has indicated it is very likely to change to Emergency

Texas Set 4.0 Requirement Review:

   Review changes from Change Controls approved at RMS
      o Discussed/Reviewed TX SET Change Control 2011-787 and 2011-788 – Group
          recommended to submit both for approval to RMS as non-emergency. Those change
          controls can be reviewed at this link:

   Review and answer questions sent to Jennifer Frederick from Rita Morales related to TX SET 4.0

       o Cancels – If I have a switch or MVI pending for Saturday can I send a cancel on On
         Thursday, there must be 1 business day in between.
       o If I need to file a MT for a missing meter read, and I can only request them 5 days after I’m
         missing them, do I count Saturday as a day? If we moved them in on Saturday is that day
         one? Saturday is not a business day and does not count
       o If I need to file a MT for a missing meter read, and I can only file them 5 days after I’m
         missing them, do I count Saturday as a day? If we moved them in on Saturday is that day
         one? Saturday is not a business day and does not count
       o Switch Holds – Do I have to respond to these within the same timeframe on a Saturday? No
       o Cancel with approval? Will the TDSP work these MT on a Saturday? No
       o Cancels – We are moving this to 1 day. Can I cancel a MVI or switch that is scheduled for
         Saturday on Friday? What about a MVO? No, not with a transaction, but you can through
       o Time moving to 7pm: today if I send a MVO at 5:30pm on a weekday with a date wanted
         today, ERCOT will send a IBO reject because they consider this the next day. If I send it at
         4:50 then ERCOT will forward to TDSP and TDSP will move the date to 2 business days.
         With the new rule, is ERCOT changing their time so I can send a transaction before 7 and
         not get an IBO on it? ERCOT will forward the MVO to the TDSP and the TDSP will schedule
         accordingly. ERCOT does not send IBO because you sent it after a specific time.
       o Date changes - Can I send a date change on Thursday for a transaction on Saturday? Yes
         Friday, Saturday, that’s 2 days. Here is what is in the stacking rules: Cancel / date change
         within 2 days of SMRD Consistent with the current market model, ERCOT will reject any
         cancels or date changes received after a pre-determined time in the evening before 2
         business days prior to the scheduled meter read date. All valid date changes and cancels
         for Service Orders that are ‘In Review’ will be accepted by ERCOT and forwarded to the
         TDSP. The window is re-adjusted upon receipt of an 814_13 (accept) from the TDSP.
       o Is the retry time changing to include Saturday? This question not reviewed in the meeting
               Stacking rules: Move-Out Retry In an effort to mitigate the risk of processing a
                Move-Out and a Move-In out of order, when a REP requests a Move-Out date that is
                scheduled to be de-energized at ERCOT or the REP submitting the Move-Out is not
                scheduled to be the REP of Record, ERCOT will hold and retry the Move-Out at a
                regular interval of time for 48 hours (only counting hours on business days, but not
                only business hours.) with the expectation that ERCOT may receive a Move-In from
                the same REP during this time. When ERCOT does the evaluation for “Scheduled to
                be de-energized”, ERCOT will consider any Move-Ins that are ‘In Review’, but will not
                consider any scheduled Move-Outs that appear to be submitted from a REP other
                than the REP of Record scheduled for the scheduled date on the Move-Out.
        o Permit pending days: This question not reviewed in the meeting
              Stacking rules: The protocol expiration period for the ‘Permit Pending’ will be
                extended to 20 business days after the requested date on the Move-In instead of 20
                business days after the date ERCOT processes the 814_28.

   Gene Cervenka - reviewed a proposed RMGRR to incorporate the stacking logic into the Retail
    Market Guide – Group reviewed and updated the proposed RMGRR. In addition to the stacking
    logic, this RMGRR includes changes associated with the implementation of TX SET 4.0 – see key
    document “RMGRR Solution to Stacking” RMGRR will go out for review.
   Diana Rehfeldt (TNMP) reviewed the following transactions and corresponding example tabs.

        650_01 EX. #4 of 5        650_01 EX. #5 of 5        650_02 EX. #5 of 6
        650_02 EX. #6 of 6        814_03 EX. #5 of 8        814_03 EX. #6 of 8
        814_03 EX. #7 of 8        814_03 EX. #8 of 8        814_04 EX. #3 of 6
        814_04 EX. #4 of 6        814_04 EX. #5 of 6        814_04 EX. #6 of 6
        814_05 EX. #5 of 6        814_05 EX. #6 of 6        814_11 EX. #3 of 3
        814_14 EX. #1 of 5        814_14 EX. #2 of 5        814_14 EX. #3 of 5
        814_14 EX. #4 of 5        814_14 EX. #5 of 5        814_20 EX. #8 of 12
        814_20 EX. #9 of 12       814_20 EX. #10 of 12      814_20 EX. #11 of 12
        814_20 EX. #12 of 12      814_22 EX. #2 of 2        814_28 EX. #3 of 4
        814_28 EX. #4 of 4

The document that was reviewed(Updated Examples) can be viewed under Key Documents on
this webpage: http://www.ercot.com/committees/board/tac/rms/mct/

Texas SET Issues:

        Review any new issues
Testing Updates

       Current Flight Update
       Test Scripts for Texas SET 4.0
           o Review any scripts written so far
          o Should Market Participants who know they will not use Acquisition be required to test it?
          o Use extra time to write Test Scripts

Other Business
 Submit any additional items to jennifer.frederick@directenergy.com


Action Item:

Hot topics or ‘At Risk’ Items:

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