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									Calangute Beach, Goa

A 45 minute bus ride up to the coast from the city of Panjim bring one to Calangute, Goa's busiest and
most commercialized resort, and the flagship of the state government's bid for a bigger slice of India's
package-tourist pie. This peaceful fishing village was a favourite hideout of the hippies in the 70's and
80's. Today, Calangute beach symbolise Goa's reputation as a haven for beach and coastal splendour

Shopping At Calangute Beach

The road from the town to the beach is lined with Kashmiri-run handicraft boutiques and Tibetan stalls
selling Himalayan curios and jewellery. The quality of the goods - mainly Rajasthani, Gujarati and
Karnatakan textiles - is generally high. Haggle hard and don't be afraid to walk away from a heavy sales
pitch - the same stuff crops up every Wednesday at Anjuna's flea market.

Leisure Activities At Calangute Beach

The beach itself is nothing special, with steeply shelving sand, but is more than large enough to
accommodate the huge numbers of high-season visitors.

Head fifteen minutes or so south of the main beachfront area, towards the rows of old wooden boats
moored below the dunes. In this virtually hawker-free zone, one' will only come across teams of villagers
hauling in hand nets at high tide or fishermen fixing their tack under bamboo sun shakes.

Water Sports At Calangute

Calangute also makes a perfect beach site if you want to indulge in some water sports activities.
Parasailing, water skiing and wind surfing at the Calangute beach starts in the afternoon when the wind
is blowing just in the right direction and it goes on till sunset.

Eating Out Joints & Restaurants

Calangute's bars and restaurants are mainly grouped around the entrance to the beach and along the
Baga road. As with most Goan resorts, the accent is firmly on tempting seafood, though many places
also serve vegetarian dishes. Western breakfasts also feature prominently at some of the restaurants in

Nightlife & Entertainment At Calangute

Calangute's nightlife is surprisingly tamed and provide a nice break from the wild parties at Anjuna. All
but a handful of the bars wind up by 10.00 pm. One notable exception is Tito's at the Baga end of the
beach, which stays open until after midnight in the off-season and into the small hours in late December
and January.

The other places that consistently stay open through the night at Calangute are a couple of hippy hang-
outs in the woods to the south of the beach road. Pete's Bar, a perennial favourite next door to Angela
P. Fernandes, is generally the liveliest, offering affordable drinks, backgammon sets and relentless
reggae. Further afield, Bob's Inn, between Calangute and Candolim beaches, is another popular bar.

Attractions Around Calangute Beach

Kerkar Art Gallery: Located at close proximity is the Kerkar Art Gallery, displaying the paintings and
sculptures of various talented, upcoming artists of Goa. The gallery also hosts a night of Indian music
and dance, once every week.

Church Of St. Alex: As the vast tourist traffic on the CHOGM road reaches the village site of Calangute,
the Church of St Alex greets the visitors with its two towers and a magnificent dome gracing the façade.
The inside of the church is a display of the line and beauty of its architectural style and attractive altars.


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