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Mrs K Barford                                         DATE:           16 December 2008
Great Burstead & South Green Parish Council           PLEASE ASK FOR: Ray Inns
16 Scrub Rise                                         EMAIL:
CM12 9PG

Dear Mrs Barford
                              PARISH COUNCIL TAX BASE 2009/10

Please find below the table showing the relevant number of Band D equivalents after
allowing for discounts and irrecoverable sums within the Parish in respect of 2009/10.

Band                     A        B      C       D       E       F        G       H        Tax
Number of Band D
                         12      137    564     771     444     289     264      12       2,493

The numbers of properties and discounts have been calculated by the methods prescribed
under statute. A District wide allowance for losses of 0.5% has been included in the figures.

I will be grateful if you can confirm to me in writing the value of any precept set by your Parish
Council, if possible by 24 December 2008.

When setting your precept, please bear in mind that the Band D Council Tax must be exactly
divisible by 9, in whole pounds and pence (with no remainder), so that all other bands,
which are calculated on the Band D are also whole pounds and pence. I appreciate this may
not be possible this year if you had to set your precept before knowing your tax base.

Following final notification of your precept for 2009/10, it is proposed that payment will be
made on the following dates:

50%            3 April 2009
50%            4 September 2009

Yours sincerely

Ray Inns

Ray Inns
Corporate Accountant

                  Head of Financial Strategy and Services – Kieran Carrigan

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