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					Benaulim Beach

Location: Near the Colva beach towards the south of Goa

Highlights: Private nightlife, water sports, variety of eating joints

How to Reach: Benaulim beach can be reached easily by either hiring a cab or taking an auto from any
place nearby. It is an extension of the Colva beach and can be reached easily.

The history of the Benaulim beach of Goa has an interesting legend behind it. It is said that the land of
Goa was formed when the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu known as Parashuram shot an arrow in the
sea and it receded to reveal the land of Goa. The place where the arrow fell is known as "Banali" in
Sanskrit which was later corrupted by the Portuguese to Benaulim. That is how the Benaulim beach of
India received its name. A welcome change from the other commercialized beaches, the Benaulim beach
of Goa is a less hyped yet beautiful beach.

The rapid inflow of tourists has turned this once fishing and rice farming village into a popular beach
that commands a decent inflow of tourists every year. The Benaulim beach, which hardly made its way
to the list of an average backpacker ten years back, has today gained much reputation and fame of being
a happening beach in Goa. The Benaulim beach is now famous for its water sports and lavish resorts. A
peaceful place, this beach is one of those few beaches that provide unspoilt beauty away from the
maddening crowds.

The beach provides a natural landscape and makes the surroundings absolutely photogenic. The tall
swaying palm trees, the blue ocean, the golden sands, the wooden boats scattered at strategic places,
all make this beach a scene out of Paradise. Occasionally you may find hawkers, fruit sellers, wandering
masseurs, roaming on the beach. The Benaulim beach is also popular because people can easily go
swimming here as the water is free of jellyfish and other hazards.

Benaulim beach boasts of some of the best eateries. The fresh sea food, cooked in the exotic Goan style
and served with a warm smile is unbeatable. Besides restaurants and cafes, you can find some high end
resorts and hotels that get booked the minute the tourist season sets in. So book your rooms in advance
if you want to enjoy the Benaulim beach without any hassles and tensions.


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