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									Baga Beach

This small beach about 2 km (1 mile) North of Calangute in the Bardez district is a lively place known for
its hopping "shack life." The many popular food and drink joints are headlined by St. Anthony's for
seafood and Tito's Bar for night time revelry. The beach drops steeply to the shoreline, where fishing
canoes make use of the easy boat-launching conditions to provide rides, often to the Wednesday
market at Anjuna Beach just around the bend (the ride to Anjuna takes 15 minutes by sea, but
significantly longer by road). A few hundred meters down the beach to the south of the entrance are
more-open, less-crowded areas where you can spread out your towel and sunbathe. The beach gets its
name from the Baga River, whose mouth is at the beach's northern end.


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