Sea view cottages Baga beach by RommelFernandes


									Why choose to go to Goa Baga beach?

Goa Baga beach is an option for those who want to be away from the hustle-bustle found on the other
beaches. Baga beach in Goa looks as if it has come alive out of a painting… majestic white waves rushing
to wipe out the feet imprints left by you on the brown sand while the wind continues to flirt with the
palm trees. Goa's Baga Baga beach is a small but perfect beach located between its two more famous
cousins, Colva on one side and Calangute on the other. It is a Baga Beach good place to enjoy some quiet
moments and dwell in peaceful contemplation with oneself.

Why is Baga beach so special?

The Baga beach is more of a fishing beach with the tourists from across the world trying to get that big

The Baga River flows down from one side offering a pleasant diversion for children and those who love
the water but can't risk the rip currents that swirl round the mouth. Baga Beach. Where the river and
the sea meet, and on the far right bank, Baga Beach, tourists at Baga beach will see a group of black
rocks against which the sea crashes.


Where can I find rooms near Baga beach?

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