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The beauty of Baga beach in Goa can be seen when the majestic waves roar to greet you as you walk on
the beach. Baga beach in Goa is another Goan beach that passes off as a 'not-so crowded beach.' If
anyone wants to be away from the hustle-bustle found on the other beaches in Goa, then Baga beach
comes as a welcome respite. Apart from being less crowded, Baga beach is extremely beautiful. The
Baga beach in Goa is more of a fishing beach. The Baga River flows down one side of it offering a
pleasant diversion for children and those who love the water but can't risk the rip currents that swirl
round the mouth. Where the river and the sea meet, and on the far right bank, tourists at Baga beach in
Goa will see a group of black rocks against which the sea crashes.


If you are planning to use flights to Goa, then the nearest airport is at Dabolim, which is 29 km away
from Panaji. Panaji is just half an hour's drive away from Baga. The nearest railway station is at Karmali
11 km away from Panaji. Panaji is just half an hour's drive away from Calangute.

Baga beach in Goa is about ten minutes from Mapusa, and thirty minutes from the state capital, Panaji.
There are frequent buses to Panaji and Mapusa from Baga and Calangute. Most buses from Panaji
terminate at Calangute and a few trudge further on up to Baga. Mapusa is around 8 km away from Baga.


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