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									                                                                                                  CLASSES HELD AT:
                                                                                             4 Carlisle Street, Ethelton.
                                                                                  For Bookings: Ph. (08) 8449 4014
                                                                                                      0430 099 198
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Hello, hello! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break  and survived the school holiday break if you have children and

Copic markers are in stock and the first of the many workshops I have planned are inside this newsletter. I will be starting a
Copic Club, so you can learn lots of techniques, get reduced prices on markers and most of all ... have fun colouring!! See
inside the workshop descriptions for more details or feel free to ask me for a demo.

The Card making workshop is back in this calendar. You will make cards for all occasions so you’ll always have one on hand
when needed! I have had lots of fun searching the web and magazines for fun card techniques for you to learn. Of course,
these techniques carry across into your scrapping as well  so mark it in your diary and make a booking for a fun filled
workshop of card making!

Unfortunately, I have had to increase the cost of the Scrap’n’Roast. You all buy food, so I’m not telling you something you
don’t already know - cost of food, well let’s face it - living, is getting ridiculous! You may not know that the cost of these
evenings cover just the food, nibbles and drinks. I will also have to insist on deposits of $10 from everyone to secure your
place for the evening. Sorry, but I am getting caught too often with cancellations or no-shows and it makes catering a

I’d like to thank you for supporting Made by Mandy Scrapbooking via facebook and my blog. I am still struggling, but I am
trying all that I can to stay open. Please keep on spreading the word, hopefully together we will get more people coming to
workshops and finding out how much fun can be had in my scrap room!

I have been getting good feedback about the new emailer that I am using to get you the weekly updates. So far no-one
seems to have dropped mysteriously off or gotten only the occasional email. I have added in a link to the website if you click
on the dates at the bottom of the email. They will take you to either the contact page where you can send me an message to
book in or to the payment page where you can pay. Thanks to Pam for suggesting this and after a little research I was able to
add it in. If you have any suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear them 

On a more somber note, I need to draw everyone’s attention to a problem I have been experiencing for a while now. I have
outlined Workshop and Booking information in this Newsletter so that you know clearly the conditions of booking workshops
including paying a $10 deposit at the time of booking and a refund policy should a workshop need to be cancelled by you or
me. Many people happily pay deposits while many others attend workshops and pay in full on the day. This has led me to
being somewhat lax by not requesting deposits and unfortunately I have found myself in a very un-business like situation on a
significant number of occasions. To help you understand my problem I would like to outline the process I undergo in order to
conduct my workshops, so please bear with me.
      The cost of my workshops to you is kept to an absolute minimum and there is no in-built margin for profit. Consider the
        time I spend working on each workshop layout and then teaching the workshop…
      Making up kits for some workshops is based on the number of bookings I have, is done in advance and is a very time
        consuming task for me.
      I can only be paid according to the number of people who attend on the day.

      Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -
My problem arises when people have not paid a deposit, do not attend on the day, have not notified me and are not
interested in buying the kit if I have made for them (as you know, not all workshops have kits). Unfortunately, the incidences of
this have been increasing and over time have had an increasingly significant effect on my business. While I understand that
emergencies can and do arise and sometimes we just plain forget, I’m sure you understand my dilemma too.

This has been very difficult to write as I do value and appreciate your support of Made by Mandy Scrapbooking and do not
wish to alienate you, my very special customers, in any way, I do need your help with this matter. While I am reluctant to insist
on deposits, it has to be done to ensure the future of my business and I would appreciate it if you would pay a deposit at the
time of booking. This will assist me in continuing to deliver workshops to you at a minimal cost. For the regulars, it will mean
that you will only pay a deposit once for the weekly workshops and then only for other irregular workshops and/or

To this end I have added a shop page to my website where you can pay workshop deposits, scrap'n'roast deposits,
scrap’n’roast in full and for the Intro to Copic workshop. This is an instant payment to me and I get an email straight away
saying you have paid. I hope this will help if you aren't coming into the shop or passing by. I would prefer that you paid in
person as I get charged a fee for that on-line payment, but if it makes things easier for you, then that’s a good thing!

If you can’t make it to a workshop but still would like to do the page, I am happy to provide a photo with basic instructions for
$10, so that you can do the page at your leisure.

I will soon be starting rehearsals for Forbidden Broadway! It’s
going to be sooooo exciting to be a part of the production team
and the whole process from auditions to the final performance.
Get ready to hear me singing the songs, writing notes to myself or
just giggling as I remember a funny line from the show… When I
have ticket details I will let you know - it will definitely be worth
seeing. If you’re interested in what the show entails, google
Forbidden Broadway and watch some of the you tube clips, they
are just hilarious and will give you an idea of what the show is all
about, plus why I would be giggling to myself!!!

My band has a concert on the 27th May, ABC In Concert. This is
one of two major fundraising concerts we hold each year. If you
would like to come I can pre-buy tickets for you for $10 or they are
$12 at the door. It is being held at the Adelaide West Uniting
Church, Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park at 2pm. Love to
see you there! (No solos out the front from me this time.) As
always, an afternoon of musical enjoyment 

Bit of a long winded spiel this time! Thank you all for your support
and understanding.

See you all soon. Happy Scrapping, Mandy 

   Page maps                  Something a little different in the execution of this page map. We are
     April                    going to be creating our circle by stamping and it looks pretty cool!
                              You will need 6 photos for this layout. One landscape @ 4”x6” and 5
                              @ 3”x3”. You will also need your basic tool kit, inks, stazon ink, paper
           $20                piercer, embroidery needle, small circle punch and your title.

      Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -
Intro to             The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of other things… If you
  copic              have been interested in Copic Markers but have never seen them in
                     action, this is the workshop for you!!! You will get to play, learn
markers              some basic blending techniques and make a card with your coloured
                     image. Workshop includes 3 Ciao markers to begin your collection,
     $40             images printed onto X-press Blending Card (enough to make 6
                     cards), 6 pack of cards, printed paper (for card), Copic hand colour
                     chart (printed on X-press Blending Card) and a small stamp set. You
                     will need to bring your basic tool kit, inks and foam mounting tape.

                     Bookings essential. To be paid in full 7 days before the workshop.
                     **This workshop is being run twice in this calendar, 5th May & 26th

 Painted             I just love the look of diamonds arranged in an argyle pattern, how
Diamonds             about you? This layout contains both cut-out paper diamonds and
                     ones we are going to paint onto the background, combined with
                     border punching and brads. It’s a great combination! Included in the
     $20             workshop is a bottle of paint. You will need 4 photos @ 4”x6”
                     landscape. You will also need your basic tool kit, inks, paint brush,
                     paper piercer, two different border punches and your title (mine is cut
                     from leftover paper).

  Card               We all need cards at sometime or another...birthdays, engagements,
 making              weddings, thankyou’s, just because… If you’d like to always have a
                     card on hand ready for that special occasion, then come along to this
workshop             workshop! We will be making 6 cards, using 3 double sided papers.
                     It will be up to you whether or not you stamp your cards with a
     $25             sentiment, either way you are going to love them! You will need your
                     basic tool kit, inks, foam mounting tape, around the page border
                     punch set, border punches - 3 different ones, stickles (glitter glue),
                     strong adhesive (like Pritt), paper piercer, embroidery needle and if
                     you have them - a hot glue gun and scoreboard.
Page maps            This great page map comes from Sketch Support. They put up
   may               sketches on their site with heaps of layout examples for each one, so
                     you get a good idea of how people have used the sketch. I am also
                     going to show you how cool the copics are for recolouring your
     $26             embellishments!
                     You will need 8 photos. 3 @ 2½x2½”; 2 @ 6x4” landscape; 1 @
                     4x4”; 1 @ 5x3½” landscape; 1@ 2½x3” landscape.
                     You will also need your basic tool kit, inks, around the page border
                     punch (I used the bracket one called Cherish) and your title (I cut
                     mine from leftover papers.

 Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -
  Attack                I had so much fun with this Attack!! Cutting out heaps of triangles
your stash              and putting them together to create the illusion of chevrons (a zigzag
                        pattern) across the page. You will need 3 photos, 2 @ 4x6” landscape
   may -                and 1 @ 5x7” landscape. You will need 2 cardstocks or fairly plain
 Chevrons               papers for your background, 2 sheets of cardstock in different colours
                        for your photo mats, 6 different patterned papers at least 4x12” and
        $10             your title. You will also need your basic tool kit, inks and foam
                        mounting tape.
    Fussy               The term fussy cutting has been in the mags and on-line recently, but
   cutting              the technique has been around forever.         It is the art of cutting
                        intricate patterns from the patterned papers. We are going to have fun
                        cutting out a pattern and make a cardstock border using an old tool I
        $17             found while cleaning up - don’t think I’ll be throwing it out after all!
                        You will need 4 photos @ 4x6” landscape (I trimmed mine slightly so
                        that I had space between them) and 1 photo @ 4x6” that you will cut
                        into a circle. You will need your basic tool kit, inks, circle cutting
                        system, 2 border punches, your title (mine is cut from leftover papers)
                        and a fresh blade in your craft knife!
 Rosettes & I took these photos of the kids over Easter clowning around in the
  bunting   wind with their towels, which of course reminded me of the circus,
                        which in turn is the place to find lots of bunting and rosettes!! You
                        will need 6 photos. 2 @ 4x6” portrait; 2 @ 3x4” portrait (or 1 @
        $20             4x6” landscape); 1 @ 3¼x6” portrait and 1 @ 3¼x2½” landscape.
                        You will also need your basic tool kit, inks and a title (mine is printed
                        on my paper). If you have a cuttlebug and the Tim Holtz rosettes dies
                        (regular and/or mini), you can bring them along so you don’t have to
                        wait 
 Positively             Get out a fresh blade for your craft knife … you’re going to need it!
  negative              Usually we cut something out and throw away the negative - but not
                        this time, we are using both parts with the result being extremely
                        stylish in its simplicity! I am also going to refresh your memories or
        $15             maybe teach you for the first time to make rolled roses from double
                        sided patterned papers.
                        You will need 2 photos @ 4x6” either orientation. You will also need
                        your basic tool kit, craft knife and don’t forget your glasses 

Basic Tool Kit - Trimmer, Spare Trimmer Blades, Ruler, Pencil, Eraser, Adhesive, Scissors,
Craft Knife, Metal Ruler, Adhesive Foam Mounting Tape & Notebook. Other tools that are
very handy - Paper Piercer, Stylus, Mini Stapler, Corner Rounder, Journal Pens, Edge Distresser,
Sandpaper, Tweezers, Bone Folder, Inks and Decorative Scissors.

    Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -
Copic club           You’ve learnt basic blending, now lets get into some more copic fun!
  June -             This month we are going to learn to colour hair, complete with spica
                     highlights  Included in this workshop are 3 Copic markers, Spica pen,
colouring            Multiliner pen and designs printed onto X-Press It Blending card. Bring
   hair              your copic markers from the Intro workshop so you can practise some
                     more basic blending on the printed images dress.
     $38             Remember, if you already have some Copic markers, you can choose
                     whatever you like to compliment your collection.
                     Don’t forget that this is the time to buy, order or lay-by Copic markers
                     with 10% off during the workshop 
                     Bookings essential. To be paid in full 7 days before the workshop.
Alphabet             No, we are not opening a tin of alphabet spaghetti!!! Rather we are
  soup               using up all different alphabet stickers and pieces to make a fantastic
                     background all covered in paint! I have been meaning to do this for
                     ages to use up all my sheets of stickers that don’t make any words
     $19             anymore - you know what I’m talking about! You will need 5 photos. 2
                     @ 4x6” landscape; 1 @ 4x6” portrait; 2 @ 4x4”. You will also need
                     your basic tool kit, inks, paint brush, border punch and if you’ve got
                     some depleted sticker sheets you want to use up because you can’t bring
                     yourself to throw them out - bring them along too 

              14th July 2012
                9am - 3pm
            25% off Storewide
                  plus a
  Wide selection of second hand craft
   items At ridiculously low prices!!!
                                     Come along on a Saturday afternoon & evening for 8 hours of
                                     scrapping fun! Bring your photos & tools then crop the night
                                     away. A roast hot from the Weber & salad will be served for
  Scrap'n'Roast                      dinner. Softies in the fridge and the kettle is always handy for
                                     a cuppa! There are always nibbles on the table ...and yes - you
             $20                     might get some scrapping done!!!
                                     $10 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.
** 4 PM–MIDNIGHT**                   Cancellations made 48 hours before and no-shows are liable to
                                     pay the balance of the evening.
                                     Cost includes dinner, drink & nibbles – a great deal!
                                     **Workshop loyalty card is not signed & no free classes valid for Saturday
                                     Scrap Nights.**

 Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -
  Attack    Lots of odd size rectangles from scraps for this Attack. You will need
your stash  6 photos. 3 @ 4x6” portrait and 3 @ 4x6” landscape - 2 of these will
            be hidden under a flap on the page. You will also need your basic
   June     tool kit, inks, foam mounting tape, a title (mine is cut from a photo)
            and some embellishments. From your stash you will need 2 patterned
    $10     papers for your background and about ½ a sheet of 5 different
            patterned papers, some will need all that and some will be under. Plus
            you will need almost a full sheet of another patterned paper for the
            hidden photo flap.
Glimmermist We haven’t been using our Glimmermist and smooch sprays very
backgrounds much lately, so I thought it was time to create a nice background with
    $27     them and some stencils. Plus we will be using lots and lots of layers
            to create an absolutely gorgeous layout! You will need 4 portrait
            photos 5” high to equal 14” long. My configuration of photos is
            3¼x5”; 3¼x5”; 3½x5” and 4x5”. You will need your basic tool kit,
            inks, edge distresser, glimmermist or smooch spray, foam mounting
            tape and a title.
  Attack               Do you remember the quilting pattern called Grandma’s Garden?
your stash             Lots and lots of hexagons slowly paper pieced, then sewn together to
                       create a quilt… Well I’m not going to make you sew them altogether,
   July                but I am going to make you cut out lots of hexagons from your scrap
Grandma’s              stash to create a wonderful background for your layout!! You will
  Garden               need 5 photos. 2 @ 5x3½” landscape; 2 @ 2¾x2¾”; 1 @ 2¾x5”
                       landscape. You will need 2 papers or cardstock for your background,
       $10             ½ sheet of patterned paper for a photo mat, ½ sheet of double sided
                       patterned paper, lots of scraps to cut hexagons out of (I will have
                       templates for you), 1 full sheet and ½ sheet of cardstock for hexagon
                       mats. You will also need your basic tool kit, inks, a title,
                       embellishments and some bling bits.

Copic club             Okay, we’ve coloured in flowers, hair and dresses now it’s time to
  July -               learn how to colour in skin and remove any bleeding or over marking
                        In this workshop you will get a different image, printed numerous
colouring              times on X-Press It Blending card and we will learn to colour skin.
   skin                You will be able to finish off the image by also colouring the hair and
                       clothes!! Included in this workshop are 5 markers one of which will
       $41             be the colourless blender. I am going to show you some neat tricks to
                       do with this magic number 0!!
                       Bookings are absolutely essential for this workshop as I have to order
                       in enough skin colour combos for everyone. Don’t forget that this is
                       the time to buy, order or lay-by Copic markers with 10% off during the
                       workshop 
                       Bookings essential. To be paid in full 7 days before the workshop.

   Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -
All squared Well, you’re either going to love me or hate me with this layout!!
   away!    I’ve taken a perfectly good sheet of paper, cut it up into squares on
                        the diagonal, distressed and inked each square then stuck them all
                        back together!!! Lots of fun  You will need one 4x6” portrait photo
        $20             for this layout that will be able to be cut down to fit a cute chipboard
                        oval frame where the opening is just a smidge under 4x6”. You will
                        also need your basic tool kit, edge distressor and inks.

 Page maps              Lots of fun with this page map by Stuck on Sketches. The page is
    july                filled with photos and rectangles for you to add as much or as little
                        embellishing as you’d like.
                        You will need 6 photos for this layout. 3 @ 4x6” landscape, 1 @
        $23             4x4” and 2 @ 2x2” (or you could just have 4 landscape photos). You
                        will need your basic tool kit, inks, paper piercer, two different border
                        punches, a title, embroidery needle, journal pen and if you can - your
                        journaling printed out onto white cardstock/paper measuring 2x3”.

General Class and Booking Information
Workshop spaces are limited so bookings are essential! Workshops are popular and often fill up
quickly. I am more than happy to take your booking over the phone but please remember that a
minimum $10 deposit is required to secure your seat.
If you can’t make it to a workshop but still would like to do the page, I am happy to provide a
photo and basic instructions for $10.

Cancellations with less than 24hrs notice will unfortunately forfeit their deposit. If you need to
cancel or change a workshop and have given me more than a FULL 24hrs notice your deposit
can be applied to another workshop or a refund given. 48 Hours notice is required for

Please note: A Full refund is issued if I cancel a class.

Please do not email or facebook me to cancel your spot in a workshop. Ring me on 0430 099
198. This will ensure I know straight away, then I can contact anyone who may be on a waiting
list for that workshop.

Remember your class fee includes all materials except your title and photos.
Materials required to complete your projects are supplied and are included in the cost of the
class…with the exception of your title and any extra embellishments you wish to add and of
course, Attack Your Stash Workshops - where you bring everything!!
You are required to bring your own tool kit. There are a limited number of tools in the
workshop area for workshop use.

    Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -
                    May 2012
    Mon              Tue             Wed             Thu              Fri             Sat               Sun

                1                2               3               4              5                  6
                                 Page Maps       Page Maps                      Intro to Copic
                                 $20             $20                            Markers
                                 12.30-          9.30-                          $40
                                 2.30pm          1.30am                         1.00-3.30pm
                                                                                4pm - midnight

7               8                9               10              11             12                 13
Painted                          Painted         Painted                        Card Making
Diamonds                         Diamonds        Diamonds                       Workshop
$20                              $20             $20                            $25
7-9pm                            12.30-          9.30-                          10am-12pm
                                 2.30pm          11.30am

14              15               16              17              18             19                 20
Page Maps                        Page Maps       Page Maps
$26                              $26             $26
7-9pm                            12.30-          9.30-
                                 2.30pm          11.30am

21              22               23              24              25             26                 27
Attack Your                      Attack Your     Attack Your                    Intro to Copic
Stash -                          Stash -         Stash -                        Markers
Chevrons!                        Chevrons!       Chevrons!                      $40
$10                              $10             $10                            1.00-3.30pm
7-9pm                            12.30-          9.30-                          Scrap’n’Roast
                                 2.30pm          11.30am                        $20
                                                                                4pm - midnight

28              29               30              31
Fussy Cutting                    Fussy Cutting   Fussy Cutting
$17                              $17             $17
7-9pm                            12.30-          9.30-
                                 2.30pm          11.30am

    Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -
              June 2012
    Mon              Tue             Wed             Thu              Fri               Sat              Sun

                                                                 1               2                  3

4               5                6               7               8               9                  10
Rosettes &                       Rosettes &      Rosettes &
Bunting!                         Bunting!        Bunting!
$20                              $20             $20
7-9pm                            12.30-          9.30-
                                 2.30pm          11.30am

11              12               13              14              15              16                 17
Queen’s                          Positively      Positively                      Copic Marker
Birthday                         Negative!       Negative!                       Club - Hair
                                 $15             $15                             $38
NO                               12.30-          9.30-                           1.00-3.30pm
WORKSHOP                         2.30pm          11.30am                         Scrap’n’Roast
                                                                                 4pm - midnight

18              19               20              21              22              23                 24
Alphabet Soup                    Alphabet        Alphabet
$19                              Soup            Soup
7-9pm                            $19             $19
                                 12.30-          9.30-
                                 2.30pm          11.30am

25              26               27              28           29                 30
Attack Your                      Attack Your     Attack Your
Stash                            Stash           Stash
$10                              $10             $10
7-9pm                            12.30-2.30pm    9.30-11.30am

    Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -
              July 2012
    Mon              Tue              Wed             Thu             Fri              Sat              Sun


2               3                4               5            6                  7             8
Glimmermist                      Glimmermist     Glimmermist                     Scrap’n’Roast
Backgrounds                      Backgrounds     Backgrounds                     $20
$27                              $27             $27                             4pm -
7-9pm                            12.30-2.30pm    9.30-11.30am                    midnight

9               10               11              12              13              14                15

16              17               18              19              20              21                22
Attack Your                      Attack Your     Attack Your
Stash -                          Stash-          Stash-
Grandma’s                        Grandma’s       Grandma’s
Garden                           Garden          Garden
$10                              $10             $10

23              24               25              26           27                 28 Copic       29
All Squared                      All Squared     All Squared                     Marker Club -
Away!                            Away!           Away!                           Skin $41
$20                              $20             $20                             1.00-3.30pm
7-9pm                            12.30-2.30pm    9.30-11.30am                    Scrap’n’Roast
                                                                                 4pm - midnight

30              31
Page Maps

    Phone - (08) 8449 4014 / 0430 099 198 ~~ ~~ Email -

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