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					Unit Muster Sheets:

The RSU is the facilitator between IMA members and MOBCOM

   o Once UMS is received the administrator at the RSU will Date Stamp document on
   o The admin clerk will then verify mustering official’s signature and extension.
   o The admin clerk will then sign off UMS in the verifying signature section.
   o Before giving the UMS to the OPS Sponsor for signature, admin should go onto
     MCTFS to verify whether the IMA member has not exceeded the type of drill
     he/she is requesting for.
   o The Admin will also verify that the IMA was not already paid or was on orders
     for the date being claimed.
   o The screen that are used to verify the number of credited drills is the RT04 screen
     for previous drills it will be S981 and for active duty time it will be S982 and
     D600 screen.
   o The UMS is then placed into the signature folder and signed by the OPS Sponsor
     (CO or XO will sign only)
   o The signed sheets are scanned and sent to MOBCOM’s customer service center
     for processing via MOBCOM CSC website or email csc@cdc.usmc.mil
   o The muster sheets are placed in tickler folder with copy of CSC incident page for
   o From the date received MOBCOM CSC has 5-7 business days to process muster
   o If incident is not received or updated on the request within 5-7 business days, the
     admin has to notify the customer service center at 1 (800) 255-5082. Following
     that the incident will be researched and the Customer Service Representatives will
     provide a response with what action is being taken for its completion or they may
     escalate the incident to their supervisors.
   o Once the Customer Service Center has completed all actions the incident will be
     marked as complete.
   o This means the incident has been processed and has been reported on Unit Diary.
     Payment for drills should post within 2-3 business days to the individual’s direct
     deposit account.
   o Once drills have posted in MCTFS, the drill sheets are filled and kept for Three

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