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									            ZTE MF30 3G Router: Take You to A Different Wireless World

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Outline: according to an interesting story, this article takes about the advantages and
usage of ZTE MF30

First let’s start with an interesting story:
On Sunday, I was sitting alone at Starbucks, browsing webpage with 7.2Mbps high speed
on my notebook. Music, sunshine, a cup of café, everything looked like perfect, when a
lady nearby approached me and softly asked “can you get online?” After a moment’s
surprise, I said yes. “I thought something wrong on wireless network here, because I can’t
connect my notebook to it” I said that I did not use network here; instead, I used a 3G
hotspot. To her surprise, I took ZTE MF30 3G router from my pocket.

ZTE MF30 is new 3g router with smooth lines and looks like a shell, and it provides Wi-Fi
signals to nearby laptop, PDA, PSP, tablet, camera, etc. ZTE MF30 can support 5 Wi-Fi
enabled users and its virginal batter has a large volume of 1500Mah, so I can enjoy long
standby time with ZTE MF30 3G router, and there are four indicators lights in ZTE MF30’s
OLED screen, power meter, network signal, output transmission, and Wi-Fi signal, so I
can use ZTE MF30 3G router to connect to my notebook easily and quickly even without
user manual.

Originally, I did not expect too much from ZTE MF30 3g router since broadband is almost
everywhere. But I and our term changed our attitudes at ZTE MF30 3G router until some
real experiences. As a reporter, at most times I and our term have to work in other cities
rather than the city we lived, when we interviewed, we need to transmit pictures, videos, or
other materials on the spot. In the past, insert a data card in every computer is the only
solution, but it was inconvenient that it required software installation, test. But since owned
ZTE MF30 3G router, we has greatly improvement on our work efficiency, and just insert a
SIM card into ZTE MF30 at the first time, it can offer Internet accesses to other Wi-Fi
enabled users with any operation, even it works in a pocket or a bag.

When the lady asked me if she could share my ZTE MF30 mobile hotspot because she
had something urgent to deal with, I couldn’t refuse, and told her the key internet of ZTE
MF30 3G router, so she became one member of my wireless network. After logging on the
Internet access, she carried on her work. When she left me, she thanked me a lot for
helping her out of trouble and asked me if I could give her my telephone number, it
seemed that we were good friends, what a surprise experience that ZTE mf30 3g router
brings me!

Actually, I like everything new to me such as ZTE MF30, and I prefer this unexpected
experience, and if you choose it, I believe that you can be taken to a different and
enjoyable wireless world.

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