Multidisciplinary Unit by 751FP9J


									                                                  THEME: Caterpillars and Butterflies
                           GOAL: The purpose of this unit is to enhance the comprehension of The Very
                                 Hungry Caterpillar and to learn the stages of the life cycle of the butterfly.
       GRADE LEVEL: 2nd Grade                LENGTH OF UNIT: About 2 weeks
               OBJECTIVES:                                     ACTIVITIES;                     SUBJECT:       STANDARD:
                                             I will introduce the unit by reading THE         Language Arts
1. The students will predict what will       VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR by Eric
happen to the caterpillar after he eats his Carle to the class.
way through the book.
2. The students will recall by retelling     After reading THE VERY HUNGRY                                    2nd Grade Reading
the story and what the caterpillar ate.      CATERPILLAR, students will recall what           Language Arts   Standard#2
3. The students will interpret               the caterpillar ate. We will practice                            2nd Grade Reading
information in text to confirm or reject     sequencing by putting the items the                              Standard #10
their initial predictions.                   caterpillar ate in the right order. This will be                 2nd Grade Listening
4. The students will explain major           recorded on the board. I will then retell the                    Standard #12
elements in text to form an understanding story using a sock puppet caterpillar and fruit
of the story.                                made of construction paper that has been
                                             laminated and holes cut out of the middle.
5. The students will create and              The students will read The Very Hungry           Language Arts     2nd Grade Speaking
participate in oral and dramatic activities. Caterpillar on a PowerPoint Presentation                                 Standard #2
6. The students will use knowledge of        and send to a Kindergarten class to see.                            2 Grade Reading
sentence structure and of punctuation                                                                                 Standard #6
when reading.                                The students will e-mail the Kindergarten                            ISTE Standard #4
7. The students will use technology to       class and ask them to reply with what the
share work with others.                      caterpillar ate in the correct sequence.

                                        To introduce the topic of caterpillars, the          Science          2nd Grade Nature of
8. The students will draw and label the students will brainstorm all the information                        Science Standard #3,#6,
four stages of the butterfly.           they know about caterpillars-                                               and #9
9. The students will complete a K-W-L        - What do they look like?                                      2nd Grade Life Science
chart.                                       - What do they do?                                                   Standard #7
                                         -What are they called?
                                        -Where do they live?
                                        -What do they eat?

                                         To introduce the life cycle of the butterfly, I
                                         will first collect milkweeds with caterpillar       Science
                                         eggs on them. These will be put into jars
                                         with screens on the. The children can watch
                                         the eggs hatch and the caterpillars grow. The
                                         caterpillars will make a chrysalis and then in
                                         10-14 days there will be monarch butterflies.
10. The students will gather               The students will take digital pictures of the      Technology     ISTE Standard #3, #4,
information and communicate with           different stages of the butterfly and e-mail                            #5, and #6
others using telecommunications.           them to the Kindergarten class.

11. (Kindergarten students will retell an The Kindergarten class will put the pictures          Reading       (Kindergarten Reading
experience in logical sequence)           in the correct sequence and e-mail them               Science           Standard #9)

12. The students will be able to           I will prepare five different kinds of fruit for
demonstrate their ability to identify an   the students to touch and taste. I will cut the    Language Arts
adjective and a noun.                      fruit into small pieces and give each child a
                                           small paper plate with a piece of each kind of
                                           fruit on it. We will make a chart by dividing
                                           a large piece of paper into five columns and
                                           drawing one of the kinds of fruits at the top
                                           of each column. The students will then taste
                                           one kind of fruit at a time and use adjectives
                                           to describe it. I will write their responses in
                                           the corresponding column. I will add to the
                                           chart as we taste each fruit.

13. The students will use technology to    Students will make one Powerpoint page that         Technology       2nd Grade Writing
share work with others.                    will say “On (day of the week),(name of the                            Standard #17
14. The students will use appropriate      student) ate(number)(food name). These                               2nd Grade Writing
vocabulary and descriptive words in        pages will be put together on a Powerpoint                              Standard #3
written work.                              book for the students to read electronically.                      ISTE Standard #1 and

15. The students will measure             The students will make a paper caterpillar              Math            2nd Grade Math
classroom items using a paper caterpillar and decide if their desk is 3 caterpillars long                     Standard-Measurement
as their unit of measure.                 etc.                                                                       #6, #7, #8
16. The students will graph their           After tasting the fruit (above), students will       Math           2nd Grade Math
favorite fruits and compare with the        graph their favorite fruit.                                      Standard –Statistics #1
other students.
17. The students will represent data sets
in more than one way.
18. The students will describe the role     The students will visit the Eric Carle Web        Technology       2nd Grade Reading
and contribution of authors and             Site at (                    Language Arts         Standard #2
illustrators to printed materials                                                                            ISTE Standard #1 and
                                          Monarch Watch                                       Technology
19. The students will use the Internet to (                 Science
research the butterfly.                   Butterfly Zone                                     Language Arts     2nd Grade Reading
20. The students will identify resources (                                        Standard #16
which provide factual information.        Give Me A Home Where the Butterflies                                 ISTE Standard #4
                                          Monarchs & Migration
                                          Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Designing
21. The students will graph different     Gardens for Butterflies
kinds of butterflies.                     (
22. The students will represent data sets ml)                                                    Math
in more than one way.                                                                                           2nd Grade Math
                                                                                                             Standard Statistics # 1

23. The students will tell the              Students will study the differences between a        Math            2nd Grade Math
differences between a moth and a            moth and a butterfly using a Venn Diagram.          Science      Standard Statistics # 1
butterfly.                                                                                                   2nd Grade Life Science
                                                                                                                   Standard #2
24. The students will count, add, and     Students will form caterpillar chains by             Math           2nd Grade Math
subtract.                                 standing in two lines. They will count the                       Standard –Algebra #1
25. The students will estimate sums       arms, the legs, etc. Caterpillars can be added                   Number Sense #7, #10
and/or differences of two whole           together and then the legs added, the arms,
numbers and find the answer using the     etc. Subtraction problems can be made by
appropriate method.                       taking off parts (students) of the caterpillar
26. The students will model problem       one at a time.
situations in a variety of ways.
27. The students will recognize words     I will involve the students in language          Language Arts
they see in print.                        development by making word cards for the             Math           2nd Grade Math
28. The students will associate the       days of the week, the number words, color                          Standard –Number
written word name with the numeral.       words, and the fruits in the story. Word                                Sense #2
                                          cards can then be used for retelling as they
                                          become familiar with the story.
29. The students will write their own     Students will use a book shaped like a           Language Arts     2nd Grade Writing
version of THE VERY HUNGRY                caterpillar to write their own version of THE                    Standard #1, #3, #4, #5
CATERPILLAR.                              VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR.
30. The students will distinguish
between complete and incomplete           I will pass out a “computer generated” piece
sentences.                                of paper saying “If I was THE VERY
31. The students will use appropriate     HUNGRY CATERPILLAR, I would
vocabulary and descriptive words in       eat____________. Students will fill in the
written work.                             blank and glue their page to a colorful circle
32. The students will use correct         which will be made into a caterpillar and
spelling of frequently used words in      hung on the wall.
final copies.
33. The students will use the writing
process to generate various forms of
34. The students will associate written   Students will make caterpillars out of egg           Math            2nd Grade Math
words with numerals.                      cartons. After making the caterpillars they          Art         Standard-Number Sense
                                          can put them in learning center with                                       #2
                                          corresponding butterflies. The number of
                                          humps on the caterpillar can be matched to a
                                          paper butterfly with the matching number
                                          written on it.
35. The students will follow directions.    Students will make butterflies by coloring                  Art
36. The students will learn names of        coffee filters with washable markers. They
colors- bright vs. dull.                    will spray the filters with water after coloring
37. The students will learn the effect of   so the colors run together. A clothespin will
water on washable markers. (water           be used for the body.
38. The students will gain an                              Butterfly, Butterfly                        Music
appreciation for music as they sing                        (Twinkle, Twinkle)
songs to reinforce what they have                     Butterfly, butterfly fly away,
learned about the caterpillar and the               You were a caterpillar yesterday.
                                                   Butterfly, butterfly you never stay,
                                                        Ever flying to a new day.
                                                      Butterfly, butterfly fly away,
                                                    You were a caterpillar yesterday.
                                              (written by Darlene L. Welp – Portland OR)

                                                               Fly, Fly Butterfly
                                                               (Skip To My Lou)
                                                    Fly, fly, butterfly, fly, fly, butterfly
                                                Fly, fly butterfly, fly up in the sky so high.
                                              Flitter, flitter butterfly, flitter, flitter butterfly
                                            Flitter, flitter butterfly, flitter up and fly up in the
                                                      Oh my butterfly, oh my butterfly
                                               Oh my butterfly, do you always fly so high?
                                                           (written by Jean Warren)
            The Little Caterpillar
             (Itsy, Bitsy Spider)
The little caterpillar crawled up into a tree,
   Spun his cocoon and slept so quietly,
  All through the winter he didn’t make a
He dreamt of his life when he’d be flying all
While he was sleeping the snow did gently
  Winter came and went, then he heard the
                  robin’s call,
    “Come on Mr. Butterfly, out of your
 Spread your wings and fly for me, while I
                sing my tune.”
 (written by Barbara Robinson-Huntington
                  Beach, CA)

          Butterfly’s Life Cycle
           (Up on the Housetop)
                                          First comes the butterfly and lays its eggs,
                                         Out comes the caterpillar with its many legs
                                              Oh see the caterpillar spin and spin,
                                                A little chrysalis to sleep in.
                                                  Oh, oh, oh, look and see,
                                                  Oh, oh, oh, look and see,
                                               Out of the chrysalis, my oh, my,
                                                Out comes a pretty butterfly
                                                       (Judy Nickerson)

                                                    I’m A Little Caterpillar
                                                     (I’m A Little Teapot)
                                          I’m a little caterpillar, yellow, white, and
                                           You can hardly tell my front from back
                                         First I eat my milkweed, then I form a “J”.
                                             Then my old skin just peels away.
                                         Now I’m in my chrysalis; I hang around all
                                           Out, I pop, dry my wings and fly away!
                                                       (author unknown)

ASSESSMENT: I will use a variety of assessment methods in this unit. They will include a checklist, teacher observation,
student observation, rubrics, fill in the blanks, reflections in journals, dramatizations, discussions, role playing and exhibits.

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