Moshe Kai by trihans


									Moshe Kai, the Super ABG Hard Working Smart
Jakarta,indonesia-Generally, the new 14-year-old boy sitting in junior high. But at the age of
14, Moshe Kai Cavalin steal even getting a bachelor's degree from the University of
California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Excellent!
Moshe was born on Valentine's Day 1998. He started college at age 8 years when other
children still in elementary school. Diploma degree from East Los Angeles Community
College obtained when Moshe was 11 years old. Performance Index (IP)-was also a perfect
4.0. Well, now he is poised to be an undergraduate majoring in Mathematics.
Although super smart, but Moshe did not want to be called as a genius. Because the most
important thing for him is hard work.
"All you have to know is no need to actually be a genius. You just have to work hard and
finish it," said Moshe who has 3 of citizenship, the United States (U.S.), China and Brazil.
After the degree, this teen wants to pursue studies. Some universities are so his aim is
Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or the University of Nevada, Las
Vegas to take mathematics, astrophysics, and theoretical physics. Another alternative is to
take business at Harvard. Moshe also dreamed licensed pilot. A teenager with lots of dreams!
Although genius, his life is not just out with piles of books. Moshe likes to practice martial
arts. He was even an Olympic dream could come during this martial although he has often
played in the competition of self-defense. His fondness for martial arts makes Moshe also
like to watch kung fu movies from China. His favorite actor is Jet Li, Bruce Lee and Jackie
Moshe also enjoys playing piano, soccer, chess, and swimming. So what he did not like?
Hmm .. apparently he does not like playing video games. The reason, the game did not
provide a benefit to mankind. He also did not really like watching television. Moshe limit the
time to watch 'magic box' is only four hours a week.
Apparently the teenager who speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, and Mandarin is
not stingy in sharing success tips. He shares success tips by publishing a book about 100
pages thick. 'We Can Do' is the title of his book. It took four years for Moses to finish the
book. Understandably he is quite busy with various activities.
'We Can Do' is written in English for the American market. As for the Asian market, Moshe
wrote in Mandarin. Lessons gained from the book do not put all your eggs in one basket.
Based on how Moshe, you should take a few eggs and then place it in a basket and do not
interfere with other baskets. Focus!
In the book, Moshe suggested that the best things to do while there is still time. This does not
mean one has to learn all day. Many things can be done in the times that we have. Someone
who is serious about his hobby can be successful. Moshe is a hobby for example self-defense,
has lots of trophies of the sport.
If you do have a particular hobby, put your heart and mind in it. Make the best investment in
your spare time. Keep in mind you, "We can". Nothing will be impossible if you're struggling
to make it happen.

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