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					       Date: 4/25/2012-6:55 PM                                             ISO 20022 Payment Initiation Standards                                                                      Page: 1 of 3
Date:           14-Nov-07                                                             External Codes
Version         v13c          Discussion Draft                                            - Intro -
Subject         ISO 20022 Payment Initiation Standards - External Code Lists
Authors         !SO 20022 Payment SEG Members including:
                              Susan Colles - BOA
                              Robert Blair - JPMC
                              Pascal Spittler - IKEA
                              Chantal VanEs - SWIFT

Introduction                   This document provides the initial draft values for 3 code series identified for use in the ISO 20022
                               payment initation related standards. These code series are optionally required by the formats, but have
                               been defined as external to the formats to separate maintenance of the schema from maintenance of
                               the codes.

Related Schemas                ISO 20022 payment initiation standards including:
                               - Corporate to bank credit transfer
                               - Bank to bank credit transfer
                               - Corporate to bank direct debit
                               - Bank to bank direct debit
                               - Bank to bank customer credit transfer
                               - Related status and "R" messages

External Code Series           3 code series have been identified in the Oct 2006 release of the standards as external: All 3 are
                               relevant to both DD and CT standards

                               - Clearing System Member ID         -<FinInstnId><ClrSysMmbId><ClrId>                                     A list of national sort code series (e.g. BLZ, BSB, etc.). Refers to
                                                                                                                                         sort code families (national bank ID's) NOT individual bank
                               - Purpose Code                      -<PmtInf><CrdtTrfTxInf><Purp><Cd>                                     A list of codes used to identify the business purpose of a
                                                                                                                                         payment. Different from instrument codes which influence terms
                                                                                                                                         of the payment. Note that purpose appears twice in each
                                                                                                                                         payment schema (originating and receiving purpose). Purpose
                                                                                                                                         codes have been globalized to use the same purpose identifier
                                                                                                                                         regardless of the geography of the payment.

                               - Local Instrument Code            -<PmtTpInf><LocalInstrument><Proprietary>                              A list of the codes used by payment systems to identify individual
                                                                                                                                         instruments within the system. Values shown are those in use by
                                                                                                                                         the in-country payment system.

Maintenance Proposal           To be proposed to SC7. Interim informal disitribution (but not maintenance).

Related Documents              Payment Instrument Identification for Credit & Debit Transfers, v0.5, 10 Oct 05                           Egner, Colles, Schwartz, Verroneau

       Doc: dea00fc5-957b-4cbd-b056-3489a091f738.xls - Intro
Date: 4/25/2012-6:55 PM                                                   PaySEG External Codes                                                  Page: 2 of 3
                                                                              - Rev History -

     Revision History

            20-Jul-06   Updated w input from Owen Philps, Susan Valentine, Stuart Newman, Vinnie Desantis
            7-Aug-06    Updated for comments from Pascal, Chantal, Vinnie.
           10-Aug-06    Jaap Bakker - NL Local Instrument Codes
           28-Aug-06    Craig Ross- Canadian ACH Local Instrument Codes
            1-Sep-06    Richard Jones - UK sort code
            8-Sep-06    Joachim Geisler - Austrian Purpose Codes
           17-May-07    MIG Authors - Added structure for generic creation of clearing system IDs
           31-May-07    MIG Authors - Removed structure for generic creation of clearing system member IDs
           20-Jun-07    Jaap Bakker - DE/NL comments
                        Draft "globalized" purpose codes.
             4-Sep-07   v13 incorporating Aug 20 comments from VanEs,
             6-Sep-07   v13a including comments for character set.
            20-Sep-07   v13a/b. Various corrections. Delete PAYR (dup), add Stig codes, Mark request for FPS rescinded and not reflected here.
                         Gina Russo Fedwire cmts reflected.
           14-Nov-07    v13c minor revisions ("Equens").

Doc: dea00fc5-957b-4cbd-b056-3489a091f738.xls-Rev History
             Date: 4/25/2012-6:55 PM                                                ISO 20022 Payment Initiation Standards                           Page: 3 of 3
                                                                                            - 1-ClrgSysMemID -
                                                                                                   Clearing System Member

                                                                                             Payment        Bank Identifier
                                                                                             System         ([charactertype]
           Country         Clearing Code Long Name                                           Prefix         {length})            Example
       1   Australia       Australian Bank State Branch Code (BSB)                           AUBSB          [0-9]{6,6}           AUBSB123456
       2   Austria         Austrian Bankleitzahl                                             ATBLZ          [0-9]{5,5}           ATBLZ12345
       3   Canada          Canadian Payments Association Payment Routing Number              CACPA          [0-9]{9,9}           CACPA123456789
       4   China           CNAPS Identifier                                                  CNAPS          [0-9]{12,12}         CNAPS123456789012

    5      Germany         German Bankleitzahl                                               DEBLZ          [0-9]{8,8}           DEBLZ12345678
    6      Greece          Helenic Bank Identification Code                                  GRBIC          [0-9]{7,7}           GRHIC1234567
    7      Hong Kong       Hong Kong Bank Code                                               HKNCC          [0-9]{3,3}           HKNCC123
    8      India           Indian Financial System Code                                      INFSC          [a-zA-Z0-9]{11,11}   INFSC123AZ456789
    9      Ireland         Irish National Clearing Code                                      IENCC          [0-9]{6,6}           IENCC123456
   10      Italy           Italian Domestic Identification Code                              ITNCC          [0-9]{10,10}         ITNCC1234567890
   11      Japan           Japan Zengin Clearing Code                                        JPZGN          [0-9]{7,7}           JPZGN1234567
   12      New Zealand     New Zealand National Clearing Code                                NZNCC          [0-9]{6,6}           NZNCC123456
   13      Poland          Polish National Clearing Code                                     PLKNR          [0-9]{8,8}           PLKNR12345678
   14      Portugal        Portuguese National Clearing Code                                 PTNCC          [0-9]{8,8}           PTNCC12345678
   15      Russia          Russian Central Bank Identification Code                          RUCBC          [0-9]{9,9}           RUCBC123456789
   16      Singapore       IBG Sort Code                                                     SGIBG          [0-9]{7,7}           SGIBG1234567
                                                                                                            or [0-9]{3,4}
   17      South Africa    South African National Clearing Code                              ZANCC          [0-9]{6,6}           ZANCC123456
   18      Spain           Spanish Domestic Interbanking Code                                ESNCC          [0-9]{8,9}           ESNCC12345678
   19      Switzerland     Swiss Clearing Code (BC Code)                                     CHBCC          [0-9]{3,5}           CHBCC12345
   20      Switzerland     Swiss Clearing Code (SIC Code)                                    CHSIC          [0-9]{6,6}           CHSIC123456
   21      Taiwan          Financial Institution Code                                        TWNCC          [0-9]{7,7}           TWNCC1234567
   22      UK              UK Domestic Sort Code                                             GBDSC          [0-9]{6,6}           GBDSC123456
   23      US              CHIPS Participant Identifier                                      USPID          [0-9]{4,4}           USPID1234
   24      US              United States Routing Number (Fedwire, NACHA)                     USABA          [0-9]{9,9}           USABA123456789
Note       Value is used to identify Bank ID schemes unique to an individual payment system.
           SWIFT BIC does not appear on this list as it is separately addressed in the standard.
           The value "XXXXX" may be used by bilateral agreement to specify any of the above, where:
           1 - the originator cannot produce the clearing system member identification code, but
           2 - both originator and receiver understand what clearing system the payment instruction refers to.
           Allowed character set for Payment System Prefix = roman alphabet.

             Doc: dea00fc5-957b-4cbd-b056-3489a091f738.xls-1-ClrgSysMemID

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