Numeracy Day Three iBoard Activities

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					                                                              Numeracy – Years 1
                                                              and 2 (ages 5 and 7)
                                                              Day 3 of 5
       School Closure Learning Programme
                                                              Time = 30 minutes

First activity
Go to
htm?id=4281&view=maths&name=Fill and add the digits
to the clock face. You could look at a clock in your house
to help you.

Throughout the day try and notice when the minute hand
is pointing at 12. Think about what you are doing at
these times e.g. at 12 O’Clock you might be getting
ready for lunch. Write down or draw a picture of what
you are doing at various times of the day, eg. 9am, 12pm
and 6pm. If you need some ideas look here:

Second activity
The next activity is a snap game. Go to this site and
choose a sheet of clocks (use generate random
worksheets menu on the right). Select print and make
sure that you print out 2 sheets. Cut up the sheets and
use the clocks to play snap.

Third activity
Go to this stop clock: .
htm?id=3652&view=maths&name=Stop . See how many
times you can hop in ten seconds. How many star jumps
can you do in 30 seconds? How many times can you say
“Power ranger” in 10 seconds? Give yourself and your
brothers and sisters more challenges.

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