Anatek Pocket Series Products by ZyM7NnzX


									                                 Anatek Pocket Series Products

Pocket Pedal is an indispensable controller for the performing musician. With the addition of any
volume pedal and footswitch, keyboard 8 guitar-synth players can send MIDI volume, modulation,
and sustain controls on all 16 MIDI channels at the same time. For owners of muiti-effects
processors, Pocket Pedal" provides a convenient and cost effective way of providing dynamic control
over effects parameters. Pocket Pedal" is a handy controller for automated mixdowns - converting
any resistive input into MIDI Controller messages for VCAs. Connect a photocell to Pocket Pedal"
and control MIDI parameters with a light source. What's more, MIDI retro-fitters can install Pocket
Pedal into a guitar, home piano or organ to send pitch-bend modulation or MIDI Volume messages.

Pocket Transpose is a performance-oriented transposer that supports separate transpose intervals
for each MIDI channel. Although many keyboards have a transpose function, it's usually too
cumbersome for live use. Pocket Transpose makes transposing easy. Intervals can be set while
playing, and the user can select the normal or the transposed setting from a footswitch. Guitar
synth players can use the Pocket Transpose to set intervals on 6 separate channels, or use it to
transpose all strings by a certain amount. Pocket Transpose provides en easy way to try different
arrangements without altering sequencer data. The user can even set Pocket Transpose so that the
drum machine channel remains intact.

Power Pack provides power to Pocket Products in instances where other manufacturers have
neglected to meet MIDI specifications or in any instance where power is unavailable. Power Pack
alleviates these problems without costly modifications to other manufacturer's equipment. Power
Pack can be placed anywhere in the MIDI chain and accepts power from a standard AC adapter
(user supplied). It provides additional power when more than 4 Pocket Products are used in a row
or allows Pocket Pedal and Pocket Filter to retain their channel settings when the master device is
turned off. What's more, Power Pack can be used to boost the MIDI signal and extend the maximum
distance between two devices.

Pocket Record is a very compact single-track MIDI recorder. It records 15,000 events on all 16
MIDI Channels including System Exclusive data. Pocket Record can be used as a single-track MIDI
notepad, or slaved from a master sequencer. Take Pocket Record on the road and leave your
computer system at home! Pocket Record is an excellent accompaniment tool - piano students can
even use it to record "MIDI Homework”. Pocket Record handles up to 30k bytes of System Exclusive
data which eliminates the need for expensive memory cards for patch data from synthesizers and
multi-effects processors. Pocket Record retains its memory for 4 hours without power or batteries
and an optional battery plug retains the data indefinitely for the life of the battery.

Pocket THRU is an essential building block for any MIDI set-up and an excellent companion
product for all Pocket Products. Pocket THRU provides 3 buffered outputs from a single MIDI input.
Use Pocket THRU to minimize MIDI delays, or expand the outputs of Pocket Merger Pocket THRU
also allows Pocket Filter to be placed anywhere in the MIDI chain when using it to channelize older
synths. Up to 4 Pocket THRUs can be combined to provide a total of 9 outputs.

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