Women Helping Women Win

					            "Women Helping Women Win"
                               Networking Event
                     August 8th: 6:30-8:30
Women Helping Women Win
What is it?
A free networking event for women who own their own business or represent a business.

When is it?
Monday, August 8th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Refreshments will be provided your Mary Kay Consultants.

How does it work?
Only 30 women are invited to the event where they get to do a one-minute commercial to
promote their business to an audience of other women business owners and potential
customers. Promotional material can be exchanged during the networking time. Only one
business per category is allowed at the event.

What are the criteria to participate?
   1. You are a woman who owns her own business or represents a business.
   2. You are available on the date.
   3. You donate an item for the raffle at the event.
   4. You introduce me to 3-5 of the sharpest women you know to be in my
      professional portfolio. I will take before and after pictures of all of you for the
      portfolio. For you, I will include your business cards with your picture. I share my
      portfolio of the after pictures at my appointments. This way there is a personal
      connection between my clients and my network of professional business women.
   5. Portfolio appointment must be held prior to the networking event.

This event is sponsored by Mary Kay to help women grow their businesses.

Location: Lisa Pardee’s Home
N3121 Deer Haven Ct, Peshtigo, WI 54157

Directions from Marinette: Take the first Peshtigo exit from hwy 41, take a right at the
bottom of the ramp towards Peshtigo. As you round the bend, take a right on the first
road. This is Schacht Rd. About a mile down Schacht Rd, take a left onto Pheasant
Farm Rd. There is a large house with a huge garage on the corner. About a mile down,
take a right onto Deer Haven Ct. Our house is the first house on the left.

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