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					                            SVTC EdTech Meeting
                      November 30, 2007 at 10:00 am –WVPT

   1. Welcome Amy Gubler welcomed 20 members

Albemarle – Daren Collins                  Rockbridge - Paul Leonard
Augusta – John Matherly                    Rockingham - Joe Hill
Charlottesville – Paula Dickinson          Shennadoah – Tim Taylor
BRCC – Susan Crosby                        Staunton - Meneta Deaton
EdTech Manager – Kelly Lineweaver          WVPT - John Neumann
Frederick – Rod Carnill                    WVPT – Charlotte Sappington
Harrisonburg – Karen Campbell              Warren - Melody Sheppard
Highland – Gwen Cauley                     Waynesboro – Kay Lera
Orange – Peggi Knight                      Waynesboro – Rosemary Wagoner
Rappahannock -Amy Gubler                   Winchester – Micker Madden

   2. Approval of October minutes – approved as submitted

   3. Treasurer’s report – Karen Campbell presented current report

   4. EdTech Grant Update – Kelly Lineweaver
         a. NTTI – applications have been approved and will be sent out soon
         b. Quotas for each division have been set based on student enrollment
         c. Level one $500 award – Flip Camera will be added. All other levels
         d. December 7 - deadline for laptop lab
         e. Jan. 11, 2008 – deadline for NETS*T Intent to Complete Form.
         f. Charlotte announced that UnitedStreaming will hold to a 10% increase
            over previous year pricing. This represents a deep discount over
            UnitedStreaming’s list prices. Discussion ensued regarding streaming
            options for future years.
         g. ATTAIN Grant Subcommitee met last Monday to brainstorm needs
            assessment for the consortium. Richard Ingram (JMU) will begin to
            analyze NETS*T data to identify trends and measurable outcomes that
            may be helpful for the ATTAIN proposal.
         h. Charlotte discussed with Lan Neugent that NETS*T certified teachers
            comprise 5% of our total teacher population. He will be attending the
            April 25, 2008 SVTC meeting to hear about the impact that this grant
            program has on schools.

   5. WVPT update – John Neumann –
        a. 43 proposals to present technology sessions have been received to date.
        b. If you have any short videos that address impact of technology (teacher
           and student perspective) that you are willing to share for use at NTTI,
           please submit them to John
       c. Day 3 of NTTI will again have ITRTs. ITRTs will be asked to plan the
          format and content of this.
       d. An email will be sent out next week to media specialists and ITRTs to
          determine the number of teachers that are using UnitedStreaming vs.
          traditional instructional videos.

6. Visual Thesaurus – Kelly Lineweaver - Pilot will need to taken over by grant.
   Focus on ESOL- If interested, ESOL teachers will have free assess to this site
   next semester to develop one to three lesson ideas and reflection. Teachers may
   need to meet to collaborate on activities. If interested, contact Kelly.

7. Report from Tim Taylor (Shenandoah County) ITRT’s in middle school – shared
   findings on his query regarding ITRTs in the middle school. A discussion ensued
   regarding the complexity of identifying skills and traits that are required to be
   successful in this role.

8. Safari Montage – Tim Taylor – Safari Montage is a digital delivery system based
   on file sharing superb videos over a schools LAN that competes with

9. Round Table Discussion Topic
      a. Gwen Cauley (Highland County) shared the site - is an
         on-line vocabulary building tool – geared towards high school
      b. Tim Taylor announced that his division in considering unblocking
         YouTube for teachers.
      c. Meneta Deaton asked queried group regarding on-line course offerings.
         The group reported that moodle and Blackboard are in use in some
      d. Joe Hill (Rockingham) lead a discussion on exempt vs. non-exempt
         employee status and ramifications.
      e. Next meeting January 25, 2007. Meeting will be at WVPT. It will be a
         separate meeting.

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