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									                         Holyport CE (A) Primary School and Foundation Unit

                                                                                                          20th July 2010
Dear Parents/Carers
                                                   NEWSLETTER 27
Well this is it-the last Newsletter of the academic year, I always wonder where the time has gone even though at the
time previous weeks have seemed endless. It cannot be said that we have been winding down. Since the release of
the reports, Year 6 have had an excellent trip to Bray Lake and were so wet from the water in the lake that they didn’t
notice the odd bit of rain! The Upper Juniors have enthralled us with UJ10-a journey through time, lots of lines to learn
a well as dances and songs-a truly exciting event-well done to them all and the staff for their hard work and the array
of props that were made. We have also had a glitzy disco for the children to dance away the hours to, with thanks to
the HSA and parents.
A recent event that deserves a mention was the recent Science Day, where excited children were seen to be making
volcanoes and other activities created simply from household ingredients. The day was organised effectively by Miss
Ross, with thanks to her. We are trying to raise the profile of science and to this end the HSA have kindly provided us
with £1000.00 of science equipment, which ranges from skeletons to microphones and digital videos. The children are
already using these with great excitement. As a school we appreciate this support in enhancing our curriculum

Thank you to all the hard working members of the HSA for the wonderful work they have done this year in supporting
the school.

Breakfast Club
Due to a change is staffing we are looking to recruit additional adults to help us run the Breakfast Club. The hours are
7.45 to 8.45am. Further details including salary can be obtained from Mrs. Hargreaves. The number of children
attending tends to average around a dozen.

Y2 Tag Rugby
Well done to the 9 children from Year 2 who competed with tenacity at Lowbrook School on Thursday last week, to
come away in second place, no mean feat! They were Torrin Bailey, Amy Philips, Ella King, Harvey Pope, Ben Wilson,
Ellis Dowden, George Weddell, Kodai Fujita and Liam Evans. Also thank you to Mrs. Real Lage, Patrick Hull & Kieran
North for coming along to coach and support the younger children.

School Fund
We celebrated our children’s achievements on 19 July and purchased medals and trophies from the school fund to
present to children who had made notable achievements this year.

Dates for 2010/11
Please note that 2 INSET days have changed in order to comply with requirements of other local schools that
we are networked with. Apologies if you have made arrangements already. I attach term dates for the whole
of next academic year showing these changes.

Report on Governors’ Meeting
The governors had their last meeting of the school year on Wednesday 8 July.
We were very pleased to welcome Mrs Gill Van Der Rest as a newly elected staff governor.
At this meeting, in place of the usual presentation by a staff subject leader, the governors were delighted to receive a
presentation by Year 6 pupils on “Why Holyport is Special to Us”. This presentation was done with an enthusiasm and
professionalism which reflects very well on pupils and teachers.
We have recently carried out a survey of parents’ and pupils’ attitudes to the school, and governors reviewed the
results. These showed that pupil well-being, academic progress and school staff are generally well regarded, but there
are some concerns about mixed-year classes, facilities and communications.
A number of things are happening in response to this. From September 2010 there will be fewer mixed-year groups.
As a result of several emerging problems related to our 40 year old buildings, and a possible need to accommodate
more children, there will be a governors’ committee to concentrate exclusively on premises. There will also be a short
term programme to improve the condition of the toilets. From September 2010 there will be an option to receive school
communication by e-mail. Governors also intend to set up a working group on communications.
RBWM has had some problems finding places for all pupils in September 2010/January 2011. This problem is
expected to continue in future years and the borough is therefore considering increasing the capacity of some primary
schools, including a possible increase in Holyport’s intake from 45 to 60 per year.
Ben Wright, RBWM education planning officer, explained this proposal to the governors, who agreed that we should
participate in a feasibility study and consultation process which will take place this autumn.
Discussion on Mrs Huckle’s head teacher’s report focussed very much on the work which is being done to raise
teaching and learning standards to excellent, which is a main objective for the school.
There was also some discussion on “Academy” status. It was recognised that most primary schools are too small to
afford all the necessary services unless they become part of a cluster of schools, but we must keep abreast of this
issue in case local authority services start to disappear leaving us without support.
Finally we said goodbye and very many thanks to two long serving governors, Jennie Falconer and Dudley Targett,
who are retiring, and to Sarah Hurrell, who is moving to Oxfordshire.

July Golden Table Recipients:
Well done to the following children for displaying excellent understanding of the Golden Rules:
Dahl            Thomas Evans               Stevenson       Haamid Bhatti           Morpurgo         James King
Swindells       Ben Cory                   C.S. Lewis      Meera Nivas             King Smith       Elliot Jones
Inkpen          Geiovannie Sealy           Ahlberg         Emmy Watson
Milne           Thabani Pilime-Mpandiwa

Uniform reminders
As you may be stocking up your uniform supply during the holidays, here is a reminder of the requirements
     Grey trousers or shorts
     White polo shirt
     School sweatshirt
     Grey socks
     Black shoes or sandals (Velcro fastening please)

        Grey skirt or grey pinafore or grey trousers
        White polo shirt
        School sweatshirt or cardigan
        White socks
        Black or grey tights
        Yellow check or stripe dress (summer uniform)
        Black shoes or sandals (Velcro fastening please)

Finally we say goodbye to all the year 6 children who are moving on to a selection of secondary schools, we wish
then the very bees & hope that they take all the wisdom and knowledge that they have learnt here at Holyport and
continue to thrive in their new schools. We are also waving good bye to a few families 3 of whom are making new lives
overseas, good luck in your new ventures!
As we end the year, we say good bye to Miss Potts from Foundation stage and we wish her well in Meadowbank
School, also Mrs Wratten who is leaving the school Office to Work at Furze Platt Infants, we wish her well and also
Miss Burbridge who has left to pursue a teaching career. Sadly Miss Burbridge left us early due to an unfortunate
accident which put her in hospital for many weeks, she is now slowly on the road to recovery and we wish her full
health as soon as possible and good luck as a teacher of the future.
In conclusion, it only remains for me to wish all our families a safe and happy summer holiday and we look forward to
seeing you again on September 6 .

Yours sincerely
Ruth Huckle

                                                       Term 6
Wednesday 21 July                       Year 6 Leaver’s Party                                     2.00pm
Friday 23 July                          Year 6 Leaver’s Celebration Assembly                      9:15am

                                        End of Term                                               2.00pm
                                        Summer Holiday
Wednesday 1 –Friday 3rd                 INSET DAYS – SCHOOL CLOSED
Monday 6 September Term 1               Children return to school

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