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Community Health Sheffield NHS Trust by UIE012lR


									                   Personalisation Programme Board
                        Tuesday 30 June 2009
Present:       Ian Anderson, Lincolnshire County Council
               Sue Batty, DH East Midlands
               Jill Buchannan-Huck, Lincolnshire County Council
               Jan Clark, Programme Director
               Sally Curtis, Derby City Council
               Gwen Doswell, Nottingham City Council
               Helen Jones, Nottingham City Council
               Cllr Graham Marsh, East Midlands Elected Member
               Paul McKay, Nottinghamshire County Council
               Vicky Todd, Rutland County Council (for Mark Naylor)
               Tracie Rees, Leicester City Council
               Brian Frisby, Northamptonshire County Council (for Liam Mckervey)
               John Waters, in Control

Apologies: Amanda Ashworth, Skills for Care
           Tony Dailide, Leicestershire County Council
           Helen Richmond, East Midlands IEP
           Katey Tywford, Derbyshire County Council
           Sue Wilson, Valuing People Regional Health & PCP Lead

In Attendance:      Vicky Pearson, Programme Support Officer, Minutes
                    Paul Mansfield, Item 09.18
                    Wendy Gross, Item 09.24

09.16. Minutes of the last meeting. Minutes of the meeting held on 19
       May 2009 were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.

09.17. Matters arising from 19 May 2009.

       17.1.     Market Place Tools (09.3). John is still working on
                 proposals for the draft specification of IT requirements. A      John
                 further meeting to be held with a small number of the people
                 who attended the original meeting.
                  John pointed out that he would not be able to have any
                     involvement in final decisions about what the final
                     specification was.

       17.2.     Mietool (09.6.2). 2 training sessions run by EM IEP held on
                 23rd and 25th June. Both well attended and well received. No
                 further sessions will be run, but follow up training available
                 from the EM RIP Support Manager, Heather Parker. Email
                 Heather at:

       17.3.   Regional Leads. Vicky has complied lists of regional leads
               for various workstreams – workforce planning and                  Vicky
               remodelling, CSED, citizen leadership. To gather information
               on carers leads then send out to Board and SDS members.

       17.4.   Website (09.7). Vicky has drafted some initial content for the
               website. Getting the website “live” was delayed by Vicky’s
               involvement in the Co-production Day. It is hoped that it will
               be ready during August.

       17.5.   National RAS Framework (09.9). Martin Cattermole is
               attending the SDS Network on 9 July – Board members and
               RAS Sub Group members have been invited.

       17.6. SDS Sub Groups (09.11).
           Jan and Vicky have attended the RAS sub group and started
             discussions about links between them and the SDS group.
           Attending the DP and Training sub groups in July and
           Request that the DP group start to also look at Personal
             Budgets – John to send Jan some back ground information.            John

       17.7.   RIEP Funding (09.13). Paper send out with agenda with
               information on projects seeking funding – all have been
               approved in principle. None have direct links to the
               Personalisation Board, although there are obvious links. Sue
               to do further work on setting out a summary of all the projects
               – to be shared when completed.

09.18. Carers Strategy. Paul Mansfield was welcomed to the meeting and
       gave an update on the Carers Strategy and highlighted the links
       between Personalisation and Carers.
        Need to remember young carers and carers aged 18 to 25.
        New publication – Putting People First without Putting Carers
          Second – available from Princesses Royal Trust for Carers
          wellbeing,808,PP.html .
        Paul is looking at the implementation of the Carers Strategy
          across the region, currently visiting authorities to see how the
          carers agenda is being addressed and delivered. First “toolkit” to
          be published in October 2009.
        Paul attending the next SDS Network (9 July) to make links
        Setting up a Carers Network in the region. Will look at how the
          Personalisation / SDS link in to it.
        Paul and Jan to meet up to see where their agenda’s might
          overlap and how they can support each other.                           Vicky
        Paul to make links with Amanda Ashworth at Skills for Care.
          Vicky to send Amanda’s email address to Paul.                          Vicky

09.19. Regional Visits. Sue reported back on visits to Croydon and

        Croydon have not yet started working on individual budgets but
           do work very closely with their PCT on all areas of their
        Hertfordshire have done a lot of work on individual budgets and
           happy to share the spreadsheet they have developed to monitor
           individual budgets. Looking at piloting Slivers of Time.

         Jill to send Vicky some information from Lincolnshire on a Carers     Jill
           RAS to be shared with the minutes.
         Sue to write up the visits for sharing with the Board.                Sue
         John send Vicky some information on a criteria for evaluation of a
           RAS to share with the minutes.                                       John

09.20. Right to Control. Office of Disability Issues paper – Right to Control
       – shared with agenda. Requesting local authorities to put themselves
       forward as trailblazers. Some information events are being held in
         Lincolnshire, Leicester City, Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire
           are all interested and attending the information events to gather
           more information. Post mtg note – Derbyshire also attending
           information events

09.21. Project Reports

      21.1. Programme Director. Initial visits to 8 out of 9 authorities
            completed, last scheduled for 2 July. Some clear priority areas
            emerging from the regional PPF progress report and a number
            of workstreams being developed to address these– Jan gave
            some initial feedback on the report. Jan to continue to meet
            regularly with Personalisation Leads and periodically with

      21.2. CSED. Progress report discussed. Garry McKay starts in post
            on 1 July 2009. Going to establish a virtual team of regional
            leads. There is still a disproportionate usage of CSED time
            across the region. Lincolnshire are now starting to use their
            allocation. Northamptonshire have been doing a lot of work
            nationally with CSED. Other programmes in place will continue
            as planned.
              Suggested that further reporting in detail should be done
                through the website when it is live.

         21.3. iMPOWER. Progress report discussed.
                 Some disproportionate usage of iMPOWER time across the
                  region. Some authorities have used all their time, others
                  hardly any. Plans for future usage to be sent to Jan.
                 First Action Learning Set held. Next one, to look at ULO’s,
                  to be booked for early August – information will be out soon.

       21.4. Workforce Remodelling. Progress report noted.
Post meeting note – the tabled progress report was revised following
discussion between the Personalisation Programme Director, Regional Adult
Social Care Performance Manager and Skills for Care. A revised version can
be requested from Vicky Pearson if required.

         21.5. ULO / Co-production. Progress report noted.

09.22.     JIP Feedback. The next JIP Executive is on 20 July so no
           feedback given at this meeting.

09.23.     Feedback from SDS Network. Minutes of last meeting shared.

09.24.     ULO / Co-production. Wendy Gross was welcomed to the meeting

           24.1. ULO Project. Wendy presented an interim report on the
                 ULO Project. Wendy is still waiting for information back from
                 some authorities and it is hard for her to finish her project
                 without that information. Wendy to re-send the
                 questionnaire, including to Personalisation Leads.                 Wendy

           24.2. Regional Development Plan. Draft plan developed for the
                 plan to spend the available funding on offer from DH to get
                 ULOs in place in every authority. Plan needs to be submitted
                 at the end of today. Discussed and comments to be                  Sue
                 incorporated and Sue to submit.

           24.3. Citizen Leaders. Report prepared by Wendy shared and
                 discussed. NB – report NOT to be shared beyond the
                 meeting as still in draft form and not agreed with the Citizen
                 Leaders Group.
                  Need some support – in the form of co-ordination - to
                     continue the Citizen Leader group. Is a dedicated group
                     and would be a shame to lose it.
                  Will need to be discussed in more detail at the next Board
                     (only 3 authorities present for this discussion due to time)
                  Finalised report to be shared around authorities and if
                     possible get a decision before the next meeting.

09.25.     Date of next meeting. The next meeting of the Personalisation
           Programme Board will be on Tuesday 29 September, 10.30am –
           1.00pm, followed by lunch, at the Grantham Museum.

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