Sample Research Paper Thesis Statement by UIE012lR


									                                     Thesis Statement

       As you are reading Funny in Farsi, you should be interacting with the text and reacting
to the author’s message(s) in order to formulate a thesis statement for your research paper.
You may agree or disagree with the author’s main points as you determine the main topic of
your research. Firoozeh Dumas has addressed American popular culture issues in a variety
of ways. Your challenge in this research paper is to focus your research on one argument
the author has made and, through your research, prove or disprove the correctness of the
author’s claims. The first step in the whole process is to produce a thesis statement to guide
your research.

      The section entitled “Supporting a Thesis” on pages 104-105 in A Pocket Style Manual
by Diana Hacker will help you get started with your thesis statement. The sample thesis
statements in the manual all have a few things in common: a declarative statement, an
imperative statement, and assumptions.

      Declarative statement
             This statement introduces the general topic of discussion by supplying a brief
             introduction to the subject of the research paper.
      Imperative statement
             This statement makes the claim of the research paper and ultimately becomes
             the argument of the thesis statement.
      Assumptions
             This statement suggests outcomes that arise as a result of the claim made in
             the thesis statement.

      Possible topics to guide your research
             A good research paper will investigate all possible facets of a topic. Below are
             several general areas that most researchers investigate as a means to support
             the different components of their arguments.
                  Sociology – society, interaction, community
                  Psychology – norms, morals, values
                  Government – laws, enforcement, consequences
                  Politics – politicians, legislation, elections
                  Economics – finances, economy, money
                  Media – advertisements, programs, publishers
                  People – models, stars, role models
                  News – local, national, international

                                 Sample Thesis Statement

Mims, Joan, and Elizabeth Nollen. “Introduction for Students.” Mirror on America: Short
      Essays and Images from Popular Culture. Eds. Joan Mims and Elizabeth Nollen.
      Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2006. xv-xvii.
      Declarative Statement
       Popular culture consists of a society’s objects, people, events, and places; it reflects
       that society’s values and preferences. All citizens in a society will readily recognize at
       least some of the components of that society’s popular culture.

      Imperative Statement
       It is very important for Americans to study and become intimately familiar with the
       components of this country’s popular culture.

      Assumptions
       Becoming aware of the people, symbols, and icons of this country will enlighten each
       American citizen and allow him or her to become a more engaged, active, and aware

Thesis statement

        American popular culture, the objects, people, events, and places that reflect this
country’s values and preferences, is readily apparent to all Americans in one way or another.
It is very important for Americans to study and become intimately familiar with the
components of this country’s popular culture in order to become enlightened, engaged,
active, and aware Americans.

      Possible research topics
          o Sociology – cultures, societies, trends
          o Psychology – norms, values, preferences
          o Economics – advertisements, products, trademarks, logos
          o Entertainment – movie stars, models, messages
          o News – newsmakers and their effects on society
          o Politics – politicians and their effects on society
          o Law – laws and legislation

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