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									                                Hercules! Hercules!

What were the details of Hercules’ birth?

At first he was thought to be the son of _1._____________________, a distinguished
general. But in reality, he was the son of _2.___________________ who had appeared to
the general’s wife _3._____________________ in the form of her husband when the
general was away fighting.

What was Hercules’ first heroic act, which he performed before he was a year old?

_4.____________ , jealous because Hercules was the _5._________________, sent two
_6._________________ into the nursery to kill Hercules and his half-brother, Iphicles.
Hercules strangled both creatures.

Who was Hercules first wife?

Hercules wed Princess _7.___________________________.

Why did Hercules undertake the 12 Labors? Who designed the labors?

The Twelve labors were the deeds by which Hercules cleansed himself of the
_8.__________________ for killing _9._____________________ and their
_10._________________________ during an attack of madness caused by
_11.________________. His cousin, _12._________________ thought that Hercules
incurred no guilt, but Hercules felt guilty. Hercules’ cousin, King
_13.______________________ designed the labors.
Some of Hercules’ other heroic acts include:

 Conquering the giant _14.______________________ He did this

 Fighting with _16.______________________, a river god, in the form of a
_17._____________________ in order that he may marry_18._____________________.

 He freed _19._____________________ and killed the eagle that preyed on him.

 He also wrestled with _20._______________________ to win back the wife of a friend.

How did Hercules die?

Hercules’ second wife _21.__________________________, was told that Hercules, away

on a battle expedition, had fallen in love with a princess _22.__________________. So

she took a _23._______________ and sprinkled it with _24.______________________

from _25.____________________________, whom Hercules had killed. With his dying

breath, Nessus had told Deianira that she should use the blood to recapture Hercules’ love

if his affection should ever wander.   However, the blood was no charm, but

_26._______________. When Hercules put the robe on, it began to

_27._________________________. Yet it could not _28._________________________.

In agony, Hercules ordered his own __29._________________________ built. There he

placed himself on it and had his friend _30.______________________________. The

grieving Deianira _31.__________________________.
                                    Hercules’ Personality

“Intelligence never figured largely in anything he did and was often conspicuously absent…His
intellect was not strong. His emotions were”(Hamilton 167).

“His thinking was limited to devising a way to kill a monster which was threatening to kill him.
Nevertheless he had true greatness. Not because he had complete courage based upon
overwhelming strength…but because, by his sorrow for wrongdoing and his willingness to do
anything to expiate it, he showed greatness of soul” (Hamilton 168).

Answer the following questions using complete sentences. You may answer on this

What do the quotes above say about Hercules’ personality? Use your own words.

After rereading the first paragraph of the chapter, explain the difference Hamilton points
out between Theseus and Hercules. Who honored each hero?

What were some of the rash or foolish things that Hercules did? Name at least 3 from the

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