Multimedia Project : Seatbelt Safety PSA Rubric by HC12042523236


									              Multimedia Project : Seatbelt Safety PSA Rubric

  CATEGORY       4                     3                       2                       1
Oral             Interesting, well-    Relatively              Delivery not        Delivery not smootho
Presentation     rehearsed with        interesting,            smooth, but able to and audience
                 smooth delivery       rehearsed with a        hold audience       attention lost.
                 that holds audience   fairly smooth           attention most of
                 attention.            delivery that usually   the time.
                                       holds audience
Originality      Product shows a       Product shows           Uses other              Uses other
                 large amount of       some original           people's ideas          people's ideas, but
                 original thought.     thought. Work           (giving them            does not give them
                 Ideas are creative    shows new ideas         credit), but there is   credit.
                 and inventive.        and insights.           little evidence of
                                                               original thinking.

Attractiveness   Makes excellent       Makes good use of       Makes use of font,      Use of font, color,
                 use of font, color,   font, color,            color, graphics,        graphics, effects
                 graphics, effects,    graphics, effects,      effects, etc. but       etc. but these often
                 etc. to enhance the   etc. to enhance to      occasionally these      distract from the
                 presentation.         presentation.           detract from the        presentaion
                                                               presentation            content.
Content          Covers topic in-      Includes essential      Includes essential      Content is minimal
                 depth with details    knowledge about         information about       OR there are
                 and examples.         the topic. Subject      the topic but there     several factual
                 Subject knowledge     knowledge appears       are 1-2 factual         errors.
                 is excellent.         to be good.             errors.

Requirements     All requirements      All requirements        One requirement    More than one
                 are met and           are met.                was not completely requirement was
                 exceeded.                                     met.               not completely met.

Impact           This project would This project would         This project may        This project would
                 encourage students make students to           encourage               not enjcourage
                 to use a seatbelt. think about using a        students think          students to use a
                                    seatbelt.                  about using a           seatbelt.
MMaking A Poster : Seatbelt Safety

      CATEGORY     4                       3                         2                        1
    Graphics -     Several of the          One or two of the         The graphics are     No graphics made by
    Originality    graphics used on the    graphics used on the      made by the student, the student are
                   poster reflect a        poster reflect student    but are based on the included.
                   exceptional degree      creativity in their       designs or ideas of
                   of student creativity   creation and/or           others.
                   in their creation       display.
                   and/or display.

    Graphics -     All graphics are        All graphics are          All graphics relate to   Graphics do not
    Relevance      related to the topic    related to the topic      the topic. Most          relate to the topic OR
                   and make it easier to   and most make it          borrowed graphics        several borrowed
                   understand. All         easier to understand.     have a source            graphics do not have
                   borrowed graphics       All borrowed              citation.                a source citation.
                   have a source           graphics have a
                   citation.               source citation.

    Labels         All items of            Almost all items of       Several items of         Labels are too small
                   importance on the       importance on the         importance on the        to view OR no
                   poster are clearly      poster are clearly        poster are clearly       important items were
                   labeled with labels     labeled with labels       labeled with labels      labeled.
                   that can be read        that can be read          that can be read
                   from at least 3 ft.     from at least 3 ft.       from at least 3 ft.
                   away.                   away.                     away.

    Knowledge      Student can             Student can               Student can              Student appears to
    Gained         accurately answer all   accurately answer         accurately answer        have insufficient
                   questions related to    most questions            about 75% of             knowledge about the
                   facts in the poster     related to facts in the   questions related to     facts or processes
                   and processes used      poster and                facts in the poster      used in the poster.
                   to create the poster.   processes used to         and processes used
                                           create the poster.        to create the poster.

    Mechanics      Capitalization and      There is 1 error in       There are 2 errors in There are more than
                   punctuation are         capitalization or         capitalization or     2 errors in
                   correct throughout      punctuation.              punctuation.          capitalization or
                   the poster.                                                             punctuation.

    Use of Class   Used time well          Used time well            Used some of the         Did not use class
    Time           during each class       during each class         time well during each    time to focus on the
                   period. Focused on      period. Usually           class period. There      project OR often
                   getting the project     focused on getting        was some focus on        distracted others.
                   done. Never             the project done and      getting the project
                   distracted others.      never distracted          done but
                                           others.                   occasionally
                                                                     distracted others.
                       Persuasive Essay : Seatbelts

  CATEGORY    4-                      3-                       2-                       1-
Reasoning     Uses insightful ideas   Uses general deas        Uses simple ideas        Uses simple ideas
              that are clearly and    that are related to      that are somewhat        that are
              coherently related to   purpose and each         related to purpose.      inconsistently related
              purpose of task and     other.                                            to purpose or each
              each other.                                                               other.

Structure     Introduction            Introduction states      Introduction states      Introduction states
              effectively states      purpose. Body uses       purpose with some        purpose. Body uses
              purpose. Body uses      several reasons to       clarity. Body uses       few ideas to support
              several reasons to      support position.        some reasons to          position. Reasons
              support position.       Reasons are              support position.        are partially
              Each reason is          generally explained.     Reasons are              explained or difficult
              thoroughly explained    Conclusion               explained with some      to understand.
              using an insightful     summarizes most          clarity. Conclusion      Conclusion does not
              and logical example.    ideas.                   lists ideas and          summarize ideas and
              Conclusion                                       purpose or               purpose or
              effectively                                      sumarizes ideas with     sumarizes with
              summarizes ideas                                 some clarity.            limited clarity.
              and purpose.
Conventions   Practically no errors   Few minor errors in      Some errors in           Several major errors
              in spelling.            spelling. Practically    spelling. Few errors     in spelling. Several
              Practically no errors   no errors in             in grammar. Some         errors in grammar.
              in grammar.             grammar. Few minor       errors in punctuation.   Several major errors
              Practically no errors   errors in punctuation.                            in punctuation.
              in punctuation.
                     Story Writing : Fasten Your Seatbelts

    CATEGORY           4                       3                       2                        1
Focus on Assigned The entire story is       Most of the story is       Some of the story is     No attempt has
Topic             related to the            related to the             related to the           been made to relate
                       assigned topic and assigned topic. The          assigned topic, but      the story to the
                       allows the reader to story wanders off at       a reader does not        assigned topic.
                       understand much      one point, but the         learn much about
                       more about the       reader can still           the topic.
                       topic.               learn something
                                            about the topic.
Organization           The story is very       The story is pretty     The story is a little    Ideas and scenes
                       well organized. One     well organized. One     hard to follow. The      seem to be
                       idea or scene           idea or scene may       transitions are          randomly arranged.
                       follows another in a    seem out of place.      sometimes not
                       logical sequence        Clear transitions are   clear.
                       with clear              used.

Problem/Conflict       It is very easy for     It is fairly easy for   It is fairly easy for    It is not clear what
                       the reader to           the reader to           the reader to            problem the main
                       understand the          understand the          understand the           characters face.
                       problem the main        problem the main        problem the main
                       characters face and     characters face and     characters face but
                       why it is a problem.    why it is a problem.    it is not clear why it
                                                                       is a problem.

Solution/Resolution The solution to the        The solution to the     The solution to the      No solution is
                       character's problem     character's problem     character's problem      attempted or it is
                       is easy to              is easy to              is a little hard to      impossible to
                       understand, and is      understand, and is      understand.              understand.
                       logical. There are      somewhat logical.
                       no loose ends.

Characters             The main                The main                The main                 It is hard to tell who
                       characters are          characters are          characters are           the main characters
                       named and clearly       named and               named. The reader        are.
                       described in text as    described. Most         knows very little
                       well as pictures.       readers would have      about the
                       Most readers could      some idea of what       characters.
                       describe the            the characters
                       characters              looked like.
Setting                Many vivid,             Some vivid,             The reader can           The reader has
                       descriptive words       descriptive words       figure out when and      trouble figuring out
                       are used to tell        are used to tell the    where the story took     when and where
                       when and where          audience when and       place, but the           the story took place.
                       the story took place.   where the story         author didn't supply
                                               took place.             much detail.
Spelling and   There are no          There is one           There are 2-3          The final draft has
Punctuation    spelling or           spelling or            spelling and           more than 3
               punctuation errors    punctuation error in   punctuation errors     spelling and
               in the final draft.   the final draft.       in the final draft.    punctuation errors.
               Character and
               place names that
               the author invented
               are spelled
Creativity     The story contains    The story contains     The story contains a   There is little
               many creative         a few creative         few creative details   evidence of
               details and/or        details and/or         and/or descriptions,   creativity in the
               descriptions that     descriptions that      but they distract      story. The author
               contribute to the     contribute to the      from the story. The    does not seem to
               reader's enjoyment.   reader's enjoyment.    author has tried to    have used much
               The author has        The author has         use his imagination.   imagination.
               really used his       used his
               imagination.          imagination.
                                 Seatbelt Safety Podcast

  CATEGORY         20 pts.                   15 pts.                 10pts.                   5 pts.
Group Work         The group functioned      The group functioned    The group functioned     Some members of
                   exceptionally well. All   pretty well. Most       fairly well but was      the group were often
                   members listened to,      members listened to,    dominated by one or      off task AND/OR
                   shared with and           shared with and         two members. The         were overtly
                   supported the efforts     supported the efforts   group (all members)      disrespectful to
                   of others. The group      of others. The group    was almost always        others in the group
                   (all members) was         (all members) was       on task!                 AND/OR were
                   almost always on          almost always on                                 typically disregarded
                   task!                     task!                                            by other group
Introduction       Catchy and clever         Describes the topic     Somewhat engaging        Irrelevant or
                   introduction.             and engages the         (covers well-known       inappropriate topic
                   Provides relevant         audience as the         topic), and provides     that minimally
                   information and           introduction            a vague purpose.         engages listener.
                   establishes a clear       proceeds.                                        Does not include an
                   purpose engaging                                                           introduction or the
                   the listener                                                               purpose is vague
                   immediately.                                                               and unclear.
Support for     Relevant, telling,       Supporting details          Supporting details       Supporting details
Topic (Content) quality details give     and information are         and information are      and information are
                   the reader important relevant, but one key        relevant, but several    typically unclear or
                   information that goes issue or portion of         key issues or            not related to the
                   beyond the obvious the storyline is               portions of the          topic. Students
                   or predictable.       unsupported.                storyline are            include fewer than 2
                   Students include 4 or Students include at         unsupported.             high-quality
                   more high-quality     least 3 high-quality        Students include at      examples or pieces
                   examples or pieces examples or pieces             least 2 high-quality     of data to support
                   of data to support    of data to support          examples or pieces       their argument.
                   their argument.       their argument.             of data to support
                                                                     their argument.
Speaks Clearly     Speaks clearly and        Speaks clearly and      Speaks clearly and       Does NOT speak
                   distinctly all of the     distinctly all of the   distinctly most of the   clearly and distinctly
                   time and                  time but                time and                 most of the time
                   mispronounces no          mispronounces 1 or      mispronounces no         AND/OR
                   words.                    more words.             words.                   mispronounces more
                                                                                              than 1 word.

Music              Music or sound            Music or sound          Music or sound           Music or sound
                   effects greatly           effects mostly          effects do enhance       effects do not
                   enhance the               enhance the             the production of the    enhance the
                   production of the         production of the       podcast. Some            production of the
                   podcast. No               podcast. No             copyrighted material     podcast, and much
                   copyrighted material      copyrighted material    is used.                 copyrighted material
                   is used.                  is used.                                         is used.
                   6+1 Trait Writing Model : Bus Safety

    CATEGORY        4 (Ideas - 8)         3 (Ideas - 6)         2 (Ideas - 4)         1 (Ideas - 2)
Ideas               Student provided 3    Student provided 3    Student provided at   Student did not
                    sensible facts that   facts from the bus    least 2 sensible      finish assignment
                    he/she learned        safety presentation   facts that he/she     or did not have
                    from the bus safety   that mostly made      learned from the      facts that made
                    presentation.         sense.                bus safety            sense.

Topic Sentence      Included the          Included most of      Included some of      Did not include the
                    completed topic       the topic sentence    the topic sentence    topic sentence
                    sentence that was     that was modeled      that was modeled      modeled on the
                    modeled on the        on the board.         on the board.         board.

Grammar/Mechanics Student has no          Student has no        Student has no        Student has 5 or
                    grammatical/          more than 2           more than 4           more grammatical/
                    mechanical errors     grammatical/          grammatical/          mechanical errors
                    in the final copy.    mechanical errors     mechanical errors     in the final copy.
                                          in the final copy.    in the final copy.

Handwritng          Handwriting is neat Handwriting is neat Handwriting is            Handwriting is
                    and legible with    and legible.        legible.                  messy and difficult
                    good attention to                                                 to read.
                    letter formation.
                                Bicycle Safety

  CATEGORY         proficient    advanced        basic   below basic
overall class

knowledge of
traffic sign

demonstration of
hand signals

question and


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