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  SPECIAL                                                                                                      APRIL 2012
                Monroe Township Public Schools, Williamstown, New Jersey
                          MONROE TOWNSHIP PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Dear Monroe Township Taxpayer:
On March 29, 2012, the Monroe Township Board of Education approved a budget of $90 million dollars that would minimally
increase taxes for homeowners. The proposed tax levy is projected to be a 1.78% (2.45 cents per $100 of assessment) increase
over last year’s levy. It would increase taxes for the owner of a home assessed at the township average of $223,676.00, $54.80
per year, $4.57 per month or 0.15 cents per day. The proposed budget includes a projected state aid increase from a year ago of
$2,358,133.00 and a decrease of $1,184,454.00 in federal funds, a net increase in aid of $1,173,679.00.
This budget, if approved by the voters on April 17, 2012, will enable our district to maintain all existing programs. It addresses
much needed staff, anticipated out of district placements as a result of changing enrollment and/or revised academic setting re-
quirements and withdrawal from Capital Reserve for needed facilities projects.
The proposed 2012-2013 budget also provides for the following:
 The purchase of new Language Arts/Literacy textbooks for grades K-12 as needed for several years.
 Needed facility repairs of the highest priority, i.e. replacing seriously corroded and failed domestic hot water generators,
    resolving storm water piping issues at Williamstown High School, replacing a section of the roof at Williamstown Middle School
    and other needed repairs throughout the district.
Maintaining Our School System-Despite major budget cuts over the past few years, Monroe Township Public Schools will strive to
maintain the high quality of education to all our children.
 We have created a service rich learning environment in first and second grade classes in each of our four elementary schools.
    These classes are instructed by a General Education, BSI, and Special Needs teacher for reading, writing, and math.
 We are anticipating that the service rich environment will move to the third and fifth grades during the next school year.
 We have also provided teacher training in Wilson Fundations, which is included in the kindergarten classes.
 Next year we anticipate increasing the Wilson Fundations instruction in all kindergarten, first, and Elementary service rich
Raising Standards and Expanding Opportunities-We believe all children can learn. Our expectations for all students are high. By
providing differentiated strategies to our students, we expect all children to succeed.
 The district has brought onboard a Wilson consultant to support teachers in the Wilson Instructional Model.
 Also, in BSI and Special Needs we have instituted an IPAD initiative to facilitate instruction for our most needy students.
 Teachers have selected apps to use during the next school year to facilitate education. A complete Language Arts Literacy
    K12 text series is being investigated for purchase next year.
Our budget complies with the statutory requirement that all employees receiving health benefits contribute 1.5% of their base salary
toward their insurance premium. It also complies with the mandatory 2% tax levy increase cap.
As Superintendent of Schools, I am proud of the outstanding job our Board, administrative team, faculty, and all staff did in
preparing the district’s budget for the 2012-2013 school year.
Also as Superintendent, I would like to credit Interim Business Administrator/Board Secretary, Earl J. Vassallo for providing
outstanding fiscal leadership into the development of this frugal budget in today’s difficult economic climate. Monroe Township is
blessed with Earl’s knowledge and skills in providing our taxpayers and students with a budget that keeps our programs and
services intact. I would also like to commend the Board of Education for their many hours of service and dedication in maintaining
the quality of instruction and services to the students at Monroe Township. We are most fortunate that this budget enables us to
avoid any staff lay-offs for the 2012-2013 school year.
Please remember to vote on Tuesday, April 17! Election polling locations are open from 2:00 PM until 9:00 PM.
Charles M. Earling, Superintendent of Schools
856-629-6400, Ext 1005
                 General Fund Budget 2012-2013
                     Where It Comes From

              $115,037   $4,699,236
                                  $500,000       Fund Balance

                                                 Withdrawl for Capital
                                                 Other Local Revenue
                                                 State Aid

                                                 Federal Aid

                 General Fund Budget 2012-2013
                         Where It Goes
                                                 Instructional Programs
             $1,029,283 $28,268                  $33,386,651


                                                 Instructional Support
         $13,282,703                             Services
                                  $33,386,651    $6,221,546
                                                 Plant Services
     $9,197,017                                  Transportation


                                                 Capital Outlay
                  $9,837,652                     $1,029,283
                                   $4,306,715    Charter Schools

                                        What Does This Mean to the Taxpayer?

RESOLVED, that there                           General Fund
should be raised for the
General Fund $42,914,688                Tax 2011-2012                              $42,163,598
for the ensuing school year,            Tax 2012-2013                              $42,914,688
___________________________             Increase                                   $    751,090
            YES      ►( )               ÷ Rateables                                $    286,090
                                        Cents/$100                                     2.6¢
            NO       ►( )
                                               Debit Service
                                        Tax 2011-2012                              $ 4,003,492
                    Did You             Tax 2012-2013                              $ 3,959,314
                    Know?               Decrease                                   $    - 44,178
                                        ÷ Rateables                                $    286,090
According to the New Jersey
School Report Card published            Cents/$100                                     - 0.15¢
by the State Department of
Education, our District’s total                                            General Fund          2.6¢/$100
cost per pupil has been below           Total Proposed Increase
the State average in each of the                                           Debt               -0.15¢/100
last eleven years.
                                                                           General Fund          $26.00
Although the current school year
                                        Tax Increase per $100,000          Debt                  $ -1.50
is still underway, it is estimated
that Monroe Township once                                                  Total                 $24.50
again will be below the State
average in administrative costs         Average Tax Increase (based on average
in the 2012/2013 school year            assessed home value of $223,676)

          Charles M. Earling,
      Superintendent of Schools
       856-629-6400, Ext. 1005
         James M. Henderson,
     Interim Director of Secondary
           School Education
        856-629-6400, Ext. 1007                      FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE
           Earl J. Vassallo,
                                                 MONROE TOWNSHIP PUBLIC SCHOOLS,
 Interim Business Administrator/Board    Visit our web site:
        856-629-6400, Ext. 1004

     MTPS – SHARED SERVICES                                               Share in our Pride
   Using WSCA & GSA contracts for technology                          The Monroe Township Public
   Using Pittsgrove Consortium for Xerox paper                        schools are recognized locally,
                                                          regionally and nationally as outstanding. In
   Purchasing bulk salt through Township of Monroe
                                                          fact, in recent years our district has received:
   Township of Monroe purchasing paper through us
   Purchasing gas through UGI                                          Holly Glen Elementary
   Purchasing electric through ACES                       2005—2006 NJ Governor’s School of Excellence Award
   Using Ed Data Consortium for technology and            2007 Honorable Mention, NJ School of Character
    maintenance                                                             Radix Elementary
   Joint Purchasing through Middlesex County              2006 and 2007 NJ State School of Character
                                                           2006 National School of Character Finalist
    Regional Consortium for athletic reconditioning
                                                           2007 National School of Character
   Transportation Jointures                               2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Character Education Partnership
                                                                                   Promising Practice Awards
                                                                         Whitehall Elementary
                                                           2000—2001 National Blue Ribbon Award
                                                                     (First School in Gloucester County)
                VOTE!                                                Williamstown High School
                                                           2005 Language Arts Literacy Ranked #1 - NJHSPA
        April 17, 2012                                     2006 Mathematics - Ranked #2 - NJHSPA
                                                           2008 Engineering - Robotics - 1st Place State Champs
      2:00 PM—9:00 PM                                            (Static Radio Control Transportation)
                                                           2009 Engineering Design - 1st Place National Champs
                                                                  (Technology Student Association)
Monroe Township Polling Locations                              Conference Champs in Football, Boys Basketball,
                                                                Girls Basketballs, Cross Country, District Wrestling,
     Holly Glen School (Polling Location #1)                    Girls Softball.    .
               All Purpose Room                                State Champs in Girls Volleyball and Girls Softball
                                                               State Champs in Marching Band
     Radix Elementary (Polling Location #2)                2010 State & National Champion Marching Band
               All Purpose Room
                                                                      Williamstown Middle School
      Whitehall School (Polling Location #3)                  State Mock Trial Champs
                All Purpose Room                              Participants in NASA MARS Exploration
Williamstown Middle School (Polling Location #4)
                 5/6 Cafeteria
      Oak Knoll School (Polling Location #5)
                                                                     Share Our Success
                                                           This budget vote will guarantee the continuation of a
                                                           number of successful existing programs including:
                                                                   13 Advanced Placement Offerings
                    YOUR VOTE COUNTS!                              SAT Preparation Courses
                                                                   Pre-AP Related Level Program
                      For Our Children                             Middle Level Arts Program
                       For Our Schools                             Art Programs
                     For Our Community                             Special Education Services
                                                                   Guidance Services
                                                                   Numerous Athletic and Extracurricular Activities


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