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					University of Salford
Faculty of Health & Social Care
School of Community, Health Sciences and Social Care

                           STAFF/STUDENT COMMITTEE MINUTES
                       Minutes/Actions of Meeting held on 29th April 2009
PRESENT:         NAME                                    POSITION/STATUS
                 Karen Kniveton                          Senior Lecturer, Chair of SSC
                 Dr Ruth Wright                          Head of School (CHSSC)
                 Julie Jones                             Director of Public Health & Community Studies
                 Rita Haworth                            Associate Director Public Health & Community Studies
                 Jill Murphy                             Staff - CHSSC
                 Margaret Ashurst                        Staff - School Programme Administrator
                 Danai Ngangira                          Student Liaison Representative - Psychology/Criminology Yr 1
                 Julie Davidson                          Student Representative – Social Policy Level 1
                 Jagruiti Parekh                         Student Representative - CMHS
                 Demelza Young                           Student Representative - CMHS
                 Tom Taylor                              ILS Staff
                 Daniel Gillard                          Student Representative – MA Social Work Year 1 (Part Time)
                 Rita Haworth                            Staff – Senior Lecturer

APOLOGIES        Bernard Melling                         Staff – Lecturer
                 Vee Howard-Jones                        Staff – Lecturer
                 Morna Rivers                            Staff – Lecturer
                 David Race                              Staff – Lecturer
                 Angela Olsen                            Staff – Lecturer
                 Dupe Akinrinmade                        Student – BA Social Work Level 2 Full Time
                 Annette Rimmer                          Staff – Lecturer
                 Ruth Dave                               Student – Joint Programme
                 Carole Haines                           Staff – Lecturer
                 Kimberley Neal                          Student Union Liaison Officer

09.04.01        Karen Kniveton (Chair) welcomed all to the final Staff/Student Committee meeting of the 2008-9.
APOLOGIES       Karen Agnew (Secretary) informed the meeting there had been apologies, however she did not have
&               these available and would list them in the minutes.

09.04.02          Karen Kniveton informed the meeting that the minutes from the last meeting on 4/2/09 had been
MINUTES           circulated and confirmed as correct.
09.04.03          Matters arising from the last meeting on 4/2/09 would be dealt with at this meeting and detailed below:
09.03.04 Cash Machine Report                                                      No Actions
There was little that could be done regarding this issue as
the Students Union are tied into a contract until 2010.                           COMPLETE

09.03.05 Timetabling                                                              The University has listened to students
Students had previously raised concerns about timetabling.                        feedback and has put systems in place to
                                                                                  publish timetables earlier for the next
                                                                                  academic year.

                                                                                  Student Representatives from some of
                                                                                  the programmes within the School had
                                                                                  completed petitions with regards to
                                                                                  timetables and it was agreed that these
                                                                                  would be handed to the Schools Liaison
                                                                                  Representative, Danai Ngangira, to
                                                                                  ON GOING Report from TCMA Student Representative                               No further actions

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The assignment hand-in issue was being addressed and it
was confirmed that a schedule would be produced which                          COMPLETE
would accommodate students better and this would be in
place for the next academic year. Report from TCMA Student Representative           Chris Thorp      Head of School has now met with TCMA
Students aired concerns that they were not being up-dated                      students to outline the School’s position.
on the potential closure of the TCM programme.

09.03.07 National Student Survey Report (NSS) – Karen         Karen Kniveton   Karen Kniveton gave a number of
Kniveton                                                                       presentations on the National Student
Kimberley Neal outlined the history of the report on behalf                    Survey
of Karen Kniveton. Results were published in August this
year and were aimed at 3 year or final year student’s                          Karen talked about setting up focus
experiences. Kimberley did not feel that the outcome of                        groups and would to liaise with student
the report gave a representative view of all students.                         representatives.

Sabbatical Officers will be Faculty based and the School’s
officer is Matt Webber. Students Union will be working                         ON GOING
closely with Sabbatical Officers to look at addressing any

Kimberley encouraged Student Representatives to contact
her regarding training.

Karen Kniveton continued on and informed the meeting
that she was working on outcomes towards making
improvements to this report for future. Karen would like to
work with Sabbatical Officers and all information is based
on the student experience.

Karen suggested that focus groups be set up to address
specific issues, and Karen would also like to contact
Student Representatives.

09.03.08 Electronic Assignment submission Pilot               School staff     The School will be working with the
The School took part in a University-wide pilot in Semester                    University Centre to develop electronic
One and the University is currently re-visiting the pilot.                     submission.

                                                                               ON GOING

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09.03.09 1 Year Social Work Reps.                             Karen Agnew    Carry forward to Campus User group/ ILS
Student reps reported general issues around car parking,
catering and IT/Library.                                                     If student representatives can give
                                                                             specifics about the issues, then Karen
Issues regarding copies of books for studies                                 and Danai will be able to take these
                                                                             forward to Campus User Group.

                                                                             ON GOING

09.03.10 Student Initiative Groups                            Kay Hurlston   Dharman attended this meeting and his
It was felt that the E&D co-ordinators should be invited to                  report is under Agenda Item number 7.
the next meeting to look at how student groups were                          Equalities & Diversity.
convened in the past and the best way to take any groups
Examples: -                                                                  ON GOING
Discussion Boards
Dyslexia Group

09.03.11 Community Development Work Programme                 Kay Hurlston   It was agreed that these concerned
(CDW)                                                                        should be raised with Ruth Wright (HOS)
A discussion took place around the closure of the CDW
programme. A number of students present and student                          COMPLETE
emails raised concerns.

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09.04.04      This agenda item is given over to Student Representative Reports from around the table as follows:
STUDENTS:   Student Representative for the MA Social                        No Actions needed
              Work (Part Time)
              Student Representative reported that there
              was good feedback from this cohort of
              students and there were no items to report.   Student Representative for the BA Social                        No Actions needed
              Work (Full time) Level 1
              Student Representative reported that things
              were very quiet at present and that there
              were no major issues to report. Many of the
              social work students were now on their
              placement and away from the teaching
              activities on the campus.   Student Representative for the BSC                Karen         Reported to Campus User Group and this
              Psychology                                        Agnew/Danai   is being addressed by Estates.
              Student Representative reported that the          Ngangira
              room temperatures in Mary Seacole were
              erratic and sometimes too hot or too cold.   Student Representative for the Comp               Karen         Confirmed that hand in times, Intranet, etc.
              Med & Hlth Stds                                   Kniveton      were going to be looked at over the next
              Student Representative reported that                            few months.
              students tried to hand in assignments earlier
              than scheduled but were not allowed to do                       Margaret Ashurst also assured students
              so.                                                             that this issue would be addressed in time
                                                                              for their next academic year.   Student Representative for the BA Social                        As the Programme Leader wasn’t present,
              Work                                                            Karen Kniveton addressed the meeting
              Student Representative was unavailable for                      with student’s issues.
              the meeting and sent reports from the
              cohort as follows:                                              Programme Leader had been informed
                                                                              about these issues but was unable to
              1. Guidance would be beneficial from tutors                     resolve all of them prior to the meeting.
              teaching the adult pathway. There was
              conflict on the marking criteria for the Adults                 1. Jill Murphy brought the criteria for the
              pathway, and extensive criteria for the                         Children & Families to the meeting and
              Children & Families pathway made it difficult                   handed it around for student
              to elaborate on points.                                         representatives present to look at.

              2. Seminar tutors on the Mental Health                          2. Programme Leader to comment
              pathway were not permanent.

              3. Chopping and changing on timetables                          3. Programme Leader to comment
              has made students feel as though they are
              not getting value for money and student
              representative was concerned that students
              may be absent because of this.

              4. Students are being given incorrect                           4. Programme Leader to comment
              information about modules by the seminar
              leader, eg. Told that the assignment for the
              IPP module is a 3000 word essay when this
              is incorrect. Several students in the group
              were unhappy with seminar leader’s ability
              to support students when they were not
              being given the correct up to date
              information on current module.
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Page 5 of 7   STAFF RESPONSES TO STUDENT                                    No Actions
              Rita Haworth thanked the student
              representative for Social Policy for gathering
              information regarding timetabling, and for
              their support throughout the academic year.
09.04.05      NATIONAL STUDENT SURVEY                          Karen        Focus Groups are being held. The
              The School is taking action to “enhance the      Kniveton     purpose is to find out more about the
              student experience”.                                          student experience (what’s hot and what’s
                                                                            not). Anyone wanting to take part in a
                                                                            focus group should contact Jayne
                                                                            Langlands. A report of the findings will be
                                                                            presented at Staff/Student Committee in
                                                                            the new academic year.

                                                                            ON GOING

09.04.06      EQUALITY & DIVERSITY                             Dharman      Dharman to keep students and staff up to
              Dharman Jeyasingham gave background on           Jeysingham   date on what the developments are.
              student support groups.
              These were groups set up in the early                         Dharman has asked to be contacted and
              1990’s who felt they were in a minority                       his email address is:
              situation and needed support. The groups
              were primarily Gay & Lesbian, Black &               
              Asian, Womens, and Mens. However,
              students began to attend these groups less
              and less. The School reviewed the way                         ON GOING
              groups were run and consulted with staff
              and students about their expectations from
              them. It was also expected that there would
              be forums, rather than groups.

              Dharman asked that his email address go
              onto these minutes and also the Newsletter
              for students to contact him regarding
              equality and diversity issues.

              Daniel Gillard (Student Representative –
              MA Social Work Part Time) reported that his
              cohort would welcome any information
              about forming the forums.

              Danai Ngangira (Student Representative –
              Psychology) felt that there were links with
              Black and Asian groups but that the
              boundaries were not set in stone.

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09.04.06   STUDENT NEWSLETTER                                             The Editorial Board agreed that they would
           Daniel Gillard gave feedback from the                          need to meet regularly to develop the
           Editorial Board which had been formed after                    newsletter.
           the last Staff Student Committee.
                                                                          Karen Agnew would be in touch with dates
           The Editorial Board discussed ways in                          for the Board to meet.
           which the Student Newsletter could be more
           informative and interactive with information
           and topics presented in it, ie. alumni, tip of
           the day, updating your CV.

           Rita Haworth commented that there are
           PDP facilitators for the School of which she
           is one of. The PDP facilitators run sessions
           on developing your CV, aimed at 2 years,
           and dates for these sessions were available
           from Rachel Connel.

           The Board also discussed the title of the
           newsletter and whether a more “catchy
           “name could be thought up.

           It was agreed that choosing the name of the
           Newsletter could go out to all students and
           a prize given to the name chosen. Dr Ruth
           Wright agreed that a prize of printer credit
           would be supported by the School.

09.04.07   No further meetings had been scheduled for       Karen Agnew   Karen will inform all student
DATE OF    this academic year.                                            representatives of this information via
NEXT       As soon as the next meeting dates were                         Blackboard.
MEETING    available staff and students would be

           Further dates for meetings of the Editorial
           Board were expected to be circulated soon.

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