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									                              Group Commercial Activity

Advertising executives know how to use persuasive writing in commercials, making the
audience experience a wide variety of emotions.

As a group, discuss what commercials make you laugh? Did they inspire hope, fear, or

List several commercials that your group discussed as memorable. You should give the
product and why this commercial was memorable.

Ex- Sun Drop “Drop it like it’s hot” - Funny to watch people dance in the street.

As a group, you will do several things today including:

      Create a new product that fills one of the 5 needs.
      Give the product a name.
      Write an ad slogan for your product.
      Create a 30 – 60 second commercial script with multiple characters.
      Story board your commercial.
      Practice your pitch and be ready to present your product to the class on Monday
                               Step 1: Choosing a Product

According to Maslow’s hierarchy, what are the 5 levels of need?

Choose one of the 5 needs to create a product for:

What type of product will your company make?
(i.e. sandwiches, makeup, hairspray, security system, etc)

Give your product a name.

Give your company a name.
                                         Step 2: Writing a pitch

Using Monroe’s motivated sequence, construct a commercial pitch for your product.
(See example if you need to)

Attention -Get the attention of your audience using a detailed story, shocking example, dramatic
statistic, quotations, etc.

Need -Show that the problem about which you are speaking exists, that it is significant, and that it won't
go away by itself. Use statistics, examples, etc. Convince your audience that there is a need for action to be

Satisfaction-You need to solve the issue. Provide specific and viable solutions that the government or
communities can implement to solve the problem.

Visualization-Tell the audience what will happen if the solution is implemented or does not take place.
Be visual and detailed.

Action-Tell the audience what action they can take personally to solve the problem. Or what they need to
do to get your product
                      Step 3: Making a script for your commercial

Using your pitch from step 2, create a script for your group’s commercial. All members
of your group will need to participate in this commercial. Not everyone needs to have a
speaking part, but they need to actively be involved in some way they could hold the
product, or a sign, etc. Keep in mind that your commercial needs to be 30-60 seconds
                                     Step 4: Storyboard
Advertisers must storyboard their commercials in order to see how their commercials will
look. A storyboard is similar to a comic strip. You have a picture of what is going on in
the commercial and then you have the dialogue that goes with each caption.
                        Step 4: Storyboard
Continue your storyboard. If you need more panels, grab some extras.
                                    Step 5: Create a Slogan

Most famous commercials have a “catch phrase” to lure customers in to remembering
their product.

Think of 5 catching slogans that you remember from popular commercials.

Ex- Nike “Just Do It”

Create a slogan for your product.
                               Step 6: Product Design

Design your product. Remember that the way a product looks may affect how many
people by your product.
                                      Step 7: Poster

Put together a poster ad for your product. You should use the same paper that we used to
make the Maslow pictures. Your poster should include a picture of your product, the
name of your product, and your slogan. Make sure that the customers know what your
product is used for.

                                     Step 8: Practice

 It is now time to practice your commercial. Your group will have a little tme on Monday
To practice, but you need to start now. If your group would like, you may wear costumes,
create a PowerPoint pitch, have a video, whatever you would like.

Your group will need to either have an example of your product or a picture of your
product to use during the commercial.

i.e. if your product is a soft drink, you may want to bring an empty can or bottle with
your product name on it. If you are doing a cleaner, you may want to bring a spray bottle.

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