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									              The Lundehund Link
   N e w s l e t t e r o f t h e N o r we g i a n L u nd e h u nd A s s o c i a t i o n o f A m e r i c a , I nc .

                                                                                           July 2006
                           2006 National Specialty
                           California & Northwest Lundiefests
                           New Feature: “Ask the Vet”

                                                                 Following the National Specialty, Sir Francis
    National Specialty Coming!                                   Drake Kennel Club is offering an AKC
                                                                 Sanction-B Puppy/Rare Breed Match. This is a
                                                                 must- do for all attendees. It’s a terrific way to
                                                                 introduce the breed to new judges and to
                                                                 familiarize yourself with AKC rules and
                                                                 regulations. Anyone wishing more information
                                                                 go to for “Rules Applying to Dog
Things are gearing up in San Rafael as we get                    Shows”. The match is scheduled for 5:00 PM
closer to the date of our 2006 National                          with Lundehunds being judged first in order to
Specialty. We have exciting things planned for                   accommodate our Banquet schedule.
September 15th, 16th and 17th and want to make
sure you don’t miss them!                                        On Saturday and Sunday following our National
                                                                 Specialty all FSS registered Lundehunds may
Dr. Mark Neff, Associate Director of the Canine                  participate in both Agility and Rally, two
Genetics Unit, UC Davis will be our keynote                      performance events at the Sir Francis Drake
speaker prior to dinner service at the Awards                    Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show.
Banquet Friday night. Dr. Neff has been
conducting DNA research on the      Norwegian                    If you haven’t already done so, make your
Lundehund since meeting his first group of                       room reservations soon! www.innmarin will
Lundehunds at Cliffhanger Lundiefest 2004.                       take you to the site where it can be done quickly
                                                                 on the internet or phone 1.800.883.5952. You’ll
Sofie Schonheyder, Senior Consultant to the                      soon be receiving your premium list with all
Breeders’ Council of the Norsk Lundehund                         other pertinent information so get ready for one
Klubb, will be in attendance and has graciously                  great weekend in San Rafael, CA!
agreed to judge the puppy match along with
Diane Anderson. She will also address the                        It’s going to be a great weekend in the San
NLAA regarding the breeding guidelines                           Francisco Bay area—don’t miss it!
followed in Norway.
                                                   Just some of the folks & dogs at Lundiefest.
                                                                   Ask the Vet
                                                         By Susan L. Torgerson, D.V.M.

                                                   (With this issue we inaugurate a new feature. Submit
                                                   your Lundie health questions and member-vet-Lundie
     Lundiefest at Cliffhanger                     owner Susan Torgerson will answer them in the next
                                                   issue.        E-mail    questions   to    Susan   at
NLAA, Inc. members Sharon Pederson and   
Frank Bays welcomed 27 Lundehunds and 32
people, some from as far away as Seattle, to       Michelle Ritholz of New York writes: What are
their 8th Annual Lundiefest at Cliffhanger over    the symptoms to look for which might indicate
Memorial Day weekend. The weather was              that a Lundie suffers from Intestinal
beautiful for this fun day on the farm near the    Lymphangiectasia? Is it possible to develop I.L.
Northern California coastline. Everyone brought    at an advanced age? At what age does it
great food for the potluck and Ray Bussey made     typically appear? Since he was a puppy, our
his famous Sangria which is a Lundiefest           Lundie has regularly vomited once a month. Is
tradition.                                         this typical of the breed?

The best part of the day was watching all 27       Dear Michelle: The symptoms of I.L.. can vary
dogs playing together and romping through the      from a Lundie with low protein who looks
grassy wide-open space. Frisking about in the      perfectly healthy to a skin-and-bones dog with
bright sun, they were truly a beautiful sight!     chromic vomiting and diarrhea. Sudden death
Everyone wanted to hold and cuddle the 8-          from a blood clot is not unknown.
week-old puppy, Krakerjax Lite Hessa, brought
by John and Mindy Ebey. There’s absolutely         Signs that owners should look for are: weight
nothing cuter than a Lundie puppy!                 loss (especially muscle loss), lack of appetite,
                                                   persistent vomiting and/or diarrhea, pot belly
Guests got a sneak preview of the wonderful        and swollen legs. By the time your Lundie has
glass trophies that glass artist and club member   a pot belly or swollen legs, he has been sick a
Mindy Ebey is making for the National              long time.
Specialty this fall. They will be new perpetual
trophies and will be truly stunning.               Waiting for symptoms to appear is like listening
                                                   to the ticking of an unexploded time bomb. By
                                                   the time you notice symptoms, it may be too late
                                                   for treatment to be effective.
The best way to catch IL early is to have your
vet take a tiny bit of blood and check the
albumin/globulin protein levels, an easy,
inexpensive test. Doing it every six months is
                                                             A Lundehund in Africa
a small price to pay for peace of mind.
The first episode of I.L. typically appears from    A wealthy man decides to go on safari to Africa
2-6 years of age, but we have seen it as early as   and he takes along his faithful Lundehund. One
6 months and as late as 12-14 years. So, yes, it    day on the veldt the Lundie starts chasing
is possible to develop symptoms at an advanced      butterflies and quickly gets lost. Wandering
age, even if the dog has never had problems         about, he notices a leopard heading rapidly in
before. In fact, you are more likely to get a bad   his direction. The Lundie thinks, “Oh boy, I’m
attack in an aged Lundie than in a young one as     in deep s**t!”
the disease worsens with age.
                                                    Then he notices some bones on the ground
As for the once-a-month vomiting, it is not         nearby and quickly sets about chewing the
uncommon for any healthy dog to vomit now           bones with his back to the cat. Just as the
and then for various reasons. In a Lundehund,       leopard prepares to jump the Lundie loudly
periodic vomiting is almost required.         If,   exclaims, “Man, that was a delicious leopard! I
however, the vomiting becomes more frequent,        wonder if there are any more around here.”
like several times a week or daily, it’s time to
see the vet. Have an annual fecal parasite test     Hearing this, the leopard halts his attack mid-
done by your vet to rule out parasites which can    stride and runs away into the trees.
cause periodic upset stomach.
                                                    Meanwhile a monkey who’s been watching the
If your Lundehund is 12 years old, keep up the
                                                    whole scene from a nearby tree figures he can
good work! You must be doing something
                                                    trade his information for protection from the
right. Sincerely, Dr. Susan.
                                                    leopard. So, off he goes following the big cat.

                                                    The Lundehund sees the monkey scampering off
                                                    and figures something must be up.

                                                    The monkey soon catches up with the leopard,
                                                    spills the beans and strikes a deal for himself
                                                    with the leopard. The cat is furious at being
                                                    made a fool of and races back to put an end to
                                                    the conniving canine.

                                                    The Lundehund sees the leopard coming and
                                                    thinks “What do I do now?” But instead of
                                                    running, the dog sits with his back to the
                                                    attacker pretending he hasn’t seen him. Just as
                                                    the leopard gets close, the Lundie says loudly,
                                                    “Where is that monkey? I can never trust him.
                                                    I sent him off an hour ago to find me another
                                                    leopard, and he’s still not back!”
  Northwest Lundiefest on July 30th

Attention all of you in the Pacific Northwest:
it’s time again for our 12th annual Lundiefest.
Join us for fun and doggie games and contests
on July 30th from 11-4 p.m. or until the
excitement dies down. The event will be held
at Susan Taylor’s Camp Canine Daycare and
Dog Park in Mukilteo, Washington.
In addition to races. there will be a tunnel
course, musical chairs, costume contest, limbo
and jumping contests. Every dog wins a ribbon
for best earfolds, feet, teeth, neck bend, tail,
white collar or other things.
There will also be a short memorial for
Lundehunds that are no longer with us.
Camp Canine has a large open pole barn and
picnic tables, so just bring folding chairs or
blankets to sit on. It’s potluck: last names A-F,
bring dessert; G-P, fruit, salad or appetizers, Q-
Z, sandwiches, finger food or main dish.             .

For directions, more info, contest ideas or to
                                                                     Dog Haiku
help, e-mail Susan at            I lie belly-up
                                                     In the sunshine, happier than
                                                     You will ever be.

                                                     My human is home!
                                                     I am so ecstatic I have
                                                     Made a puddle

                                                     Today I sniffed
                                                     Many dog behinds—I celebrate
                                                     By kissing your face.

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