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Name of Provider
Sylvan Learning Center - Florence

Local Contact Person                                               Corporate Contact Person
Cindy McAllister                                                   Cindy McAllister

Address                                                            Address
2716 W. Palmetto Street, Suite #3                                  2716 W. Palmetto Street, Suite #3

City         State     Zip Code                                    City         State     Zip Code
Florence     SC        29501                                       Florence     SC        29501

Phone        Fax                                                   Phone        Fax
843-292-0303 843-292-9164                                          843-292-0303 843-292-9164

E-mail                                                             E-mail                                 


Estimated Start Date for Services

Do you make accommodations or modifications for students with disabilities?

Do you individualize your curriculum for special needs students?

Will transportation be provided TO the tutoring program?

Will transportation be provided FROM the tutoring program?


Do you work with multilingual students?

If so, which language(s)?

If "Other" please specify:


Provider Description

In 1000 characters or less, please describe your program. Be sure to include the subjects in which you offer tutoring,
grades served, session length, number of classes (based on hours and PPA), total hours, ratio of student to tutor,
qualifications of instructors, evidence of effectiveness and any other information you think is important. Also, please be
sure to include if you are an online tutor or in-home tutoring provider.

Sylvan utilizes a diagnostic-prescriptive instructional model that allows for customization and personalization of programs in reading
or math. Sylvan gives a California Achievement Test (CAT) for grades K through 8. The test results allow us to make informed
decisions about individual skill gaps and strengths, create individualized plans, and capture baseline data for evaluating progress.
Sylvan uses only certified, trained teachers, with a ratio of 8:1, all programs are 32 hours, 2 hours per session, 2 days per week. A
reading program includes goals where skills are mastered in phonetic and structural analysis, vocabulary and comprehension. For
reading, 81% of our 09/10 students improved by at least one Grade Equivalent, (GE) after 32 hours of instruction. A math program
includes goals dealing with computational fluency, specific computation skills, and problem-solving. In the math program, 84% of our
09/10 students improved more than 1 GE after 32 hours of instruction.

What is the minimum number of students per school you will agree to serve?
Sylvan Learning Center of Florence has a minimum of 1 student per school.
                                                           Days             Hours                  Number    Student:
Session                                                                             Hourly
           Curriculum   Subjects   Grades       Dates       of     Time      per           Seats      of      Tutor
Number                                                                               Rate
                                                           Week             Class                  Classes     Ratio

Small Group

          Beginning                1, 10, 11,
          Reading,                 12, 2, 3, 11/20/2010-   Tu,    3:15pm-
230-1                   Language                                            2       $45.00   500   20        4:1
          Sylvan                   4, 5, 6, 7, 5/29/2011   Th     5:15pm
          Academic                 8, 9, K
                                   1, 10, 11,
          Sylvan Math              12, 2, 3, 11/20/2010-   Tu,    3:15pm-
230-1                   Math                                                2       $45.00   500   20        4:1
          Essentials               4, 5, 6, 7, 5/29/2011   Th     5:15pm
                                   8, 9, K

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