Thelma And Louise by zMqf080H


									              Cast And Crew
Director =        Ridley Scott
Writer =          Callie Khouri
Susan Sarandon =         Louise
Geena Davis =            Thelma
Harvey Keital =          Hal
Michael Madsen =         Jimmy
Christopher Mcdonald =   Darryl
Brad Pitt =              J.D.
Timothy Carhart =        Harlan
Lucinda Jenney =         Lena (The Waitress)
                    Brief Summary
    This is an important movie which was
aimed at blue-collar women who like most
women feel victimized by their society and
their men at home. The very successful Ridley
Scott is the director of the film who does an
excellent job honing in on the idea that women
can be just as rebellious as men can! On paper
this movie is considered to be represented as a
chick flick, but as you watch the movie the viewer
will think more and more otherwise and its just so
much more than that. This movie works well with
feminist groups because the movie not only just
funny but also sad. It expresses the yearning to
be free of restraints in society while bashing men
in a not so serious way. The men that are targeted
in this film are very much deserving of what they got
handed to them. There is something very obvious about
each man in this movie who gets picked apart and the
viewer will likely agree with what is happening during the course of the movie.
             Summary Continued….
     Susan Sarandon plays Louise a 35 year old
waitress in the State of Arkansas. She carries a firm
attitude and some emotional baggage that is revealed
at some point in the movie. Geena Davis plays Thelma,
who is a push over house-wife but with intentions on
being free from controlling men. Both these actresses
do a remarkable job on staying within their character from
beginning to end. After the first few scenes in the movie
go by and we get a clear understanding of the main
characters positions on life, we flip over to a bar scene.
The girls decide to go out and get away from their Hubby’s
for the night to enjoy a night to themselves. Thelma dances
with a bar regular during the coarse of the night while Louise
watches from a distance carelessly. Eventually the guy who
was dancing with Thelma takes her out to the back of the bar
and attempts to rape her in the parking lot. Not too long after
the scuffle does Louise find out where Thelma had gone off too.
She wastes no time in sicking the man off of her friend, grabs a
shotgun and blows him away! In panick the two jumped in Louise’s
 drop top convertible and leave the scene of the crime. They end up
      Summary Continued….
getting wired some money and driving west clear across the country
in search of Mexico where they would then be safe from the law.
During their adventure to their promise land they encounter even
more trouble along their way.
Overall I think this film did an excellent job of successfully breaking
American tradition by introducing two lead female actresses in a
road movie. It harps on almost everything women struggle with
concerning men and societies stereotypes about them. Although
there are parts in the movie that seem predictable, I still feel that
through out the entirety of the film it keeps your eyes glued to the
screen waiting for what is to happen next. Out of all the women’s
issues in the world today I think this movie does an outstanding job
covering just about everything. The critics seem to agree with me
and also felt strongly about the quality of this movie.
                       Movie Quotes
Tagline:         Somebody told them to get a life, so they did!

Max:     “ If she calls, just be gentle, you know? Like you're really happy to hear
from her. Like you miss her. Women love that shit. “

Thelma: “ You said you 'n' me was gonna get out of town and for once just really
let our hair down. Well darlin', look out 'cause my hair is comin' down! “

Louise: “ Where do you get off behaving that way with women you don't even
know, huh? How'd you feel if someone did that to your mother or your sister or
your wife? “

Thelma: “ Good morning everybody, this is a robbery. Now if nobody loses
their head, nobody will lose their head. Now Simon says everybody lay down on
the floor, except you sir. You'll have a story to tell your friends, or a tag on your toe,
it's your decision, now you take this bag and empty the cash register into it. “
                     Critics Corner
“ What sets Thelma & Louise aside from the great central tradition of the road
   picture is that the heroes are women this time. “

Robert Ebert

“ Still compelling and inspiring after all these years. “

Empire Magazine

“ Thelma & Louise may look like just another girl-buddy road picture. But in
   director Ridley Scott's hands, it's propulsively more. “

The Washington Post

“   Their adventures, while tinged with the fatalism that attends any crime
    spree, have the thrilling, life-affirming energy for which the best road movies
    are remembered. “

The New York Times
        Award Winning Movie
• Best Written Screenplay ( Won Oscar )

• Best Actress In A Leading Role ( Nominated Oscar )
  Both Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis

• Best Cinematography ( Nominated Oscar )

• Best Director ( Nominated Oscar )

• Best Film Editing ( Nominated Oscar )
           Film Grades
• 5 out of 5 stars

• Entertainment Value = A-

• Historical Accuracy = C

• Relevance to Women's Rights = B+



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