Auto Insurance Toronto: Organizing Your Garage

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					                  Auto Insurance Toronto: Organizing Your Garage

Organizing your garage can be a challenge. You’ve got tools and equipment of all
shapes and sizes. You’ve got delicates, flammables, and all kinds of odds and ends
that require both long-term storage and frequent accessibility.

Auto Insurance Toronto: When it comes to properly storing car tires, there are a few
things to consider. Temperature and humidity can affect the properties of rubber and
the final service life of a tire so it’s important that the temperature of the storage
area not exceed 77 ºC, or drop below 32 ºC. Tires must not be stored in an area
where they are exposed to rain, splashes or any other moisture such as condensation
caused by humidity. Tires must be protected from light and ozone, so keep them
away from direct sunlight, intense artificial light, fluorescent or mercury vapour
lamps, high voltage equipment, motors or anything else that could generate sparks or
silent electric discharges. Store them freely without any stress or pressure that could
cause deformation (and never drop a tire from more than five feet, which could
cause a kinked bead). Avoid contact with solvents, oils or greases.

Proper tool storage is also important – not just to maintain the condition of your
tools, but to allow for easier access and prevent accidents if you’ve got curious kids
around. To prevent nicks or scratches it helps to lay your tools overtop of a soft
surface like a blanket or a piece of carpet. Gently moisten the carpet with light
machine oil to keep moisture from rusting your tools. The next step in protecting
your tools from moisture is to use a dehumidifier. Tools often include a lot of smaller
items that can get lost or damaged if not stored properly. Install a magnetic strip in
your tool area, so you can organize all of them in one place while keeping them
separate from each other. As for electrical tools, these can be tempting for little
hands to play with. Keep them out of reach, or better yet – thread a key ring through
the hole of the plug so they can’t plug it in.

Storing flammable liquids can be dangerous if not done properly. Start by
determining a well-ventilated area separate from the house – it should be free of any
electrical equipment, open flames or other sources of ignition. Also keep any
flammables out of the heat of the summer sun to prevent evaporation. To prevent
children from finding the material, it’s best to keep any flammables locked up, and
never store them in a container that resembles a food container. If you do have to
choose a container to store flammable liquid, be sure that it’s one made of
compatible plastic.

If you’re a cyclist, you may need to get creative with your garage space. There are
several different types of free-standing bike racks such as bicycle poles, gravity bike
stands, wall leaning stands and folding floor bike stands that let you hold up to six
bikes at a time. If you’re looking for more space efficiency, wall-mounted racks can be
stored vertically or horizontally. Vertical storage allows bikes to be hung either by the
back or front wheel, and can involve just one simple hook, either on the wall or the
ceiling. Horizontal storage varies from wall-hung frames that can be folded out of the
way when not being used to racks with fixed arms that can hold up to four cycles.
And while horizontal storage may be easier to access, vertical storage saves up to 35-
45% more floor space. It’s also important to take care when storing your helmet. Too
much exposure to light or heat can degrade the materials a helmet is made of, which
could compromise its effectiveness and, in turn, your safety.

Car Insurance Toronto: When organizing your garage, you also want to keep it clean
and sanitary. Improper storage of garbage or green bins can result in unpleasant
odors and attract unwanted visitors. Avoid placing the bins in direct sunlight as this
will cause the containers to heat up and decomposition to begin. Try not to store
your bins near decks, stairs, railings or fences. These areas give animals a better
chance to knock them over and make a mess. You can also use a bungee cord to hold
down the lid. Or if pests are still a problem, you might want to look into what
humane trapping methods are available. To minimize odour of your garbage and
green bins, wash them out regularly with warm water and either baking soda, vinegar
or mild detergent.

Garages often get overlooked when the rest of the house gets organized. But the
reality is that it’s one of the most important areas to keep clean and functional. A
tidier garage is safer for everyone, and it might even inspire you to spend more time
in there.

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Description: Organizing tools and equipment in your garage of all shapes and sizes can be a very difficult chore! Check out some tips below on how you can organize your garage.