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A few things to think about while you’re getting ready for motorcycle season. First, validate that you have an insurance policy in place and second, make sure that your motorcycle is also working in order.

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									              Auto Insurance Mississauga: Motorcycle Season Has Arrived

Ah yes, the thrill of the open road. There’s nothing quite like a crisp Spring day, a pack of
leather-clad, motorcyclists out for a ride and the power of the engines rumbling along
the highway. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, it’s incredibly
important that you have an insurance policy in place and that your motorcycle is in good
working order.

Here are few points to keep in mind before you head off on your bike:
• Auto Insurance Mississauga: The first step toward insuring your motorcycle is
determining the insurance necessary for your specific model. Also, riders with a clean
riding record, mature riders and those who successfully complete a motorcycle-training
course may receive better rates. Speak with your broker for assistance in selecting the
appropriate insurance policy for your specific need. It’s worth mentioning that the road
coverage insurance premium for motorcycles is charged in full during the riding season.

In addition to your standard motorcycle insurance, many carriers offer additional
coverage for:
    • Riding apparel
    • Accessories
    • Coverage for expenses incurred if the motorcycle is deemed unfit for operation
    while on vacation
    • Coverage for transportation replacement in the event of loss or damage to the
    insured motorcycle because of admissible claim

It seems motorcycles are constantly competing with other vehicles for adequate space
on the road. While it’s easy to blame motorists when things go awry, it’s the
responsibility of every rider to be alert, be aware of his or her surroundings, and adjust
their driving behaviour accordingly.

Adequate protection is paramount for motorcycle riders. Wearing a helmet, proper
jacket, pants and boots can make a difference between life and death, if involved in a
crash. Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of brain injury by 85 per cent. Riders must
drive defensively, and those travelling in a group should always ride in staggered
formation as opposed to side by side. Watch out for left turning vehicles at
intersections. Getting hit by an oncoming vehicle is the most common type of crash.

On the flip side, other motorist should remember to treat motorcycles like any other
vehicle on the road. Motorcycles still require the entire width of their lane; in fact, a
good rider is constantly changing positions in the lane in order to increase their ability to
see and be seen by motorists around him or her. It’s an excellent practice, and it’s
widely encouraged.

The best way to prepare for a safe ride is to ensure that you’ve been trained properly
from the get-go. Gearing Up, Canada’s National Motorcycle Training Program developed
and managed by Canada Safety Council, teaches students the skills for safe motorcycle
riding. Riders enrolled in this program are taught basic skills such as, balancing the
motorcycle, correct use of brakes, proper procedures for starting, clutch control and
riding at slow speeds. It’s very helpful and it’s the law.

Car Insurance Mississauga: Many insurance plans recognize the value of Gearing Up by
offering insurance discounts to riders who successfully complete the rider-training

Have a pleasant ride!

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